Summer Play


In these dog days of summer, we are spending every moment we can outside. Generally it goes like this; eat, play outside, nap, eat, play outside, nap, play outside, eat, bed. Pretty exciting stuff huh?

At this point, we know every dip and pebble in our neighborhood parks. Today, M spent a good 30 minutes rearranging the gravel in the park to be more of her liking. Apparently the fact that gravel was not included in the grass was a huge problem. So, she got to work picking up piles and carrying small pebble by pebble to their new home. She was just so focused and determined on her tedious work! I’m thinking city planner is in her future job description.

Heres the thing. I just really don’t mind this laid back schedule and I’m beginning to wonder what we are going to do in the winter. What did we do before we could so casually spend our days outside? It’s kinda’ great that I don’t remember.

I also love that M points out the back door and says, “yes, yes” with her little crooked finger outstretched. She’s deep in the heart of communication skills building right now so if you pass us on our walk don’t be surprised if we are pointing at your nose, meowing at you because that’s what a cat says or yelling ‘dowwwg’ when a pup passes by. Just call us the crazy train!

Enjoy! Melissa

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