spring wallpaper freebie



Since all I seem to do is spring clean my house these days, I created some wallpaper to spruce up my iphone as well. I thought I would share in case your tech is also in the market for a new look.

Just click on the links below to download, save image as photo then set as wallpaper on your iphone.

Click to Download: Wreaths

Click to Download: Glasses

Click to Download: Stay Cool 

I had a blast creating these so look forward to more tech freebies coming soon!

my favorite printable valentines

Val PicMonkey Collage

It’s our first official school valentines week!

Last year for valentines we used a cute balloon printable that I found online. It was so much easier then the store bought cards and ended up being a huge hit with our friends and family.

So this year, I went rummaging through Pinterest again to find a printable that would be school worthy. Since we are doing our best to stay away from all things candy, I found some fun options that we could include a little gift with instead. I rounded up a few of my favorites in case you are looking for some fun candy free ideas this valentines as well.

1. Rae’s heart day freebie

2. Allison’s noodle necklace valentine

3. Play-Doh cards

4. Awesome sauce, apple sauce valentine

5. Lip balm tags


prints & pops 3 || be great

todogreat.jpg“To do great right do a little wrong.” I mean, who can’t relate to this? Hanging this made me feel a bit mischievous and I have a little laugh every time I pass by it. For me, it’s a tiny truth in the world of parenting. Just a little reminder that even if everything isn’t exactly ‘by the book’, it’s ok.

Maybe it speaks to something different for you? I would love to hear what that is. Work? Family? Not getting regular oil changes on your car? (you rebel you!)


Click HERE to download this print for free.

Enjoy! Melissa

prints & pops 2 || all around

PWTheGreenGrassSorry for the delayed post this morning. Both M and I have caught a wicked spring bug and can’t breath through our congested heads or stop squinting from headaches forcing our eyes closed. A little dramatic, I know but as someone who rarely gets sick, when I do I reserve the right to act like a baby. Also, since I have little experience with colds, I tend to always do the wrong thing with medicine. Like last night, for example, I took a Sudafed on an empty stomach and spent the next few hours unaware that my head had cleared because I was focused on my new found stomach issues. Way to go me.

As lovely as that all is, the couch time has allowed me to spend a little time working on those graphics I promised you. I know I said it was a #freefridaydownload but I’m breaking the rules this week and it’s a #freethursdaydownload. I’m hoping that this little ditty reminds of you that spring and Easter are right at our doorsteps. Plus, I’m positive you can’t get that song out of your head now.

Click here to download this print for free.

Enjoy! Melissa

prints & pops 1 || pretty things

PrettyThings.jpgMy only regret from four glorious college years is that I didn’t take any graphic design classes. After a little growing up, I have realized that all of my passions would have benefited so much from just a few hours in a classroom learning things like Photoshop and Illustrator. The goal now is to someday be able to take one of those expensive workshops that tease me with their beautiful images on my news feed. But, until then, I have been trying to learn a little on my own and I thought it would be fun to share some of my designs. So, welcome to the first #freefridaydownload.

Click here to download this print for free.

Like I said,  I’m just learning. So,if you have any graphic knowledge you want to send my way, I would love to hear it.

Enjoy! Melissa

Downloadable prints are for personal use only. Please email me if you would like to use it for any other purpose.