in my neighborhood || favorite coffee shops


By default, being from the Pacific Northwest makes me a coffee lover. My first real job was in the mall coffee shop, my second was at Starbucks and now I couldn’t live without my Nespresso and local coffee haunts. No matter where I go, my order is always the same. double tall mocha. I made it my first day at that first real job and have clung to it since. 14 years of double tall mochas later and I’m not sure if I’m pathetic or a true expert in the category.

Anyway, I will go out of my way to snag my favorite vice from any of these coffee shops. If you also happen to be a mocha (or just coffee) fan, I wholeheartedly recommend you try them out.

1. Espresso Vivace : The Best! They are a little too serious about the true Italian espresso vibe for me in Vivace but it absolutely works for them. If you don’t get fancy with your drink order, this is THE PLACE!

2. Urban Coffee Lounge: A new favorite of mine. They serve Stumptown Coffee and do it oh-so-well. The tall comes standard as a double (a true way to my heart) and the Totem Lake location has a small kids corner which makes it an A++ for me.

3. Deru Market: I love Deru for so many things (hellloooo best turkey sandwich eva’) and the coffee is one of them. Although practically the price of gold ($6 for a drink), it’s served in bowl that fits right in my little hands and is sweetened just enough with house made chocolate. Can’t ask for much more.

4. Mercury Coffee Co.: This is my go-to drive thru. My only tip here is to order half the chocolate. Then. Enjoy!

5. Whole Foods Market: I juuuuussst started picking up coffee here. We moved right down the road from Whole Paycheck Foods and although reallllllyyyyy slow, the coffee is great! If you can wait, it’s totally worth grabbing a mocha to help keep your sanity while you grocery shop.

If you have any other local recommendations, I would LOVE to hear them!

Photo By Lora Grady Photography

in my neighborhood || London Plane

FullSizeRenderWhen you see a place enough on your Insta feed, your expectations are high.high.high. London Plane has been showing up all over Seattle social media lately and the tall white walls, flowers for purchase plus unique food scream ‘photograph me’ so yep’, I get it. We finally found time to brunch there this weekend and I was blown away. I have to admit that I’ve never been into the whole avocado toast thing but I was totally in love with LP’s version.  But, my favorite thing was the cold brew coffee. They brew it in house with bunch of unexpected spices. Kind of makes it a coffee/tea combo.

It was really fun to have a date with Kyle where we could actually enjoy a few daylight hours together. We could see a life sized chess match going on across the street and a bus of tourists dropped off right in front of our window while we ate.  And, on a really random note, the staff wore these amazing chambray aprons. I think I might just need one…..

IMG_3860 FullSizeRender (1)


feed me || cafe rio

DSC_1745It’s always funny when I go to a new restaurant, love it, want to rave it about it….then realize it’s a chain. It’s everywhere and most likely, I’m last in line to have learned of the greatness. That’s the case with Cafe Rio. They just opened a location near my house and I thought it was a local restaurant until a friend from Salt Lake raved about it. Think Chipotle, except more options and maybe a bit more flavorful. Anyway, the line is out the door at any meal time but it moves fast so we’ve snuck in a few times recently. Yesterday, I couldn’t leave without the biggest mint limeade there ever was. What was I thinking with this thing that was bigger then my head? Commence embarrassing photo….

Enjoy! Melissa



feed me || the commons

The Commons 4

When the owners of my favorite restaurant decided to open a new cafe right down the road from me, I was thrilled. The Commons opened months ago now and the closest I’ve gotten to eating there has been listening to Ky brag about how good the mochas he’s been grabbing there on his way to work are. This weekend, we finally got the chance to see what their brunch was all about and, lemme’ tell you, it did not disappoint. The casual, open space was perfect for my family (although, I can’t wait to go back and sit at the bar diner style) and the food was breakfast perfection. I mean….just look! You’re eyes will drool.

Enjoy! Melissa

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