Dear Summer || I Love You


I keep hearing the F word being thrown around all over the place. Fall…. People are pining away for the leaves to turn color, to sip on some hot cider and for chilly blanket loving nights. I have to admit, that for the first time in a long time, I feel like Seattle got a real dose of summer this year. We had months of basking in the warm ball in the sky we don’t often see and I won’t been sad this time around when fall really does arrive. {Some years, I feel robbed. Like I went from spring to fall and summer was about two weeks of bliss that slipped away.} But, I’m just not ready YET.

WHAT am I going to do with a toddler when we can’t just throw on some shoes in a cranky moment and take a slow walk around the neighborhood? I really, truly have no idea. Last fall and winter, she was so young that we spent our days indoors or running from the car to the shelter of a mall just to stretch our legs. Not going to cut it this year. Help!

So, for now, we are trying to squeeze in all the outdoor summer activities we can while they are available to us. We’ve been to aquarium, we hit the ‘beach’ about once a week, take walks through as many parks as we can find and have slowed our neighborhood strolls to a leisurely pace. Yesterday, I watched as my shadow made it down the sidewalk with a little hand-holding shadow next to it. It was one of those moments that you know won’t happen in any other season. Maybe never again since momma hand-holding doesn’t seem to be ‘in’ for the older kids these day. I’m just soakin’ it in!

Dear Summer. You are my favorite. Don’t leave yet.

Enjoy! Melissa

Aquirum2 Aquarium1 Aquirum3

Tot Concert

Casper Concert1

Remember the band, ‘The Presidents of the United States of America’? They sang, ‘Lump‘ and ‘Peaches‘ {good luck getting ‘moving to the country, gonna’ eat a lot of peaches’ out of your head now.}. Well, anyway, they were from Seattle and their lead singer is now Casper Babypants. And, I don’t know if it’s just around here, but he has a pretty crazy toddler filled following.

We went to one of his concerts last week and you would have been shocked to see hundreds of moms singing, ‘my flea has dogs’ like it was a number one smash hit. They knew every word I tell you. EVERY word.

But, besides the maybe a little crazy mom action, it was incredibly cute to see new dancers bop up and down to the music. Apparently there is something to this child’s music thing. And, I couldn’t get myself to purchase a CD {really, do I WANT to know all the words ‘cricket the king’ by heart?} but I think I’m coming around now. Guess we are at the age where I submit to cartoons instead of the tragic news in the morning and Cricket the King instead of the occasional rap session in the car.

So, bring it on Casper. I can hurt and eardrum or two with the best of em’.

Enjoy! Melissa

CasperConcert4 CasperConcert3 Casper Concert2


Date Day


Just a note to self; selfies do not work with a large lens on your camera. But solid try on our parts! Instead of our usual late evening/ dinner date, we took off for the afternoon this past weekend. Maybe my new favorite date time. I know it’s not a romantic, candle burning night time setting but we got to enjoy the day together and still had some QT with M at dinner and before bed. Best of both worlds really! Is this what having a nanny would be like? Where do I find one of those. Joking. Kinda’.

DateDay1 DateDay8 DateDay2

|| I mean really guys. That picture is from a major freeway. Ky was driving and I snapped a few shots out the window. I couldn’t help but think that we are lucky to have these views. Some people would drive hundreds of miles or hike up mountains to see the things I can see from my freeway. Plus, just look at that stadium. The game could have brought you to tears it was so boring but the people watching was top notch. You probably don’t care but I’m going to tell you about the ‘young lady’ sitting one row in front of us. Not only did we comment on the way she draped her legs over the seat in front of her while wearing a dress and removing her shoes {keep in mind, this is a baseball game, not a Vegas pool} but she proceeded to ‘hint’ at the gentlemen who were a good 30 years her senior in the seats next to her to buy her a beer. Such subtly in her hinting too. ‘Hey, I’m going to get a beer. Want one?’ ‘No Thanks’ Girl doesn’t move as her hint was clearly not caught. Try again. ‘What kind of beer is that you are drinking? Looks good.’ This time, caught, hook line and sinker. Said gentleman buys her a beer and not five minuets later off she went to never return to that seat. But, like I said, the people watching was awesome.

DateDay4 DateDay5 DateDay7

|| Again, selfies do not work. But, whatever, I was in date day goofy blissdom.

Enjoy! Melissa

Summer Play


In these dog days of summer, we are spending every moment we can outside. Generally it goes like this; eat, play outside, nap, eat, play outside, nap, play outside, eat, bed. Pretty exciting stuff huh?

At this point, we know every dip and pebble in our neighborhood parks. Today, M spent a good 30 minutes rearranging the gravel in the park to be more of her liking. Apparently the fact that gravel was not included in the grass was a huge problem. So, she got to work picking up piles and carrying small pebble by pebble to their new home. She was just so focused and determined on her tedious work! I’m thinking city planner is in her future job description.

Heres the thing. I just really don’t mind this laid back schedule and I’m beginning to wonder what we are going to do in the winter. What did we do before we could so casually spend our days outside? It’s kinda’ great that I don’t remember.

I also love that M points out the back door and says, “yes, yes” with her little crooked finger outstretched. She’s deep in the heart of communication skills building right now so if you pass us on our walk don’t be surprised if we are pointing at your nose, meowing at you because that’s what a cat says or yelling ‘dowwwg’ when a pup passes by. Just call us the crazy train!

Enjoy! Melissa

Out2 Out3 Out4 Out5 Out6

Weekend Snapshot || Round 5

Home1 Home3 Home5 Home2 Home6 Home4

Still working on that collage wall. I bought this awesome print on PS I Adore You and couldn’t be happier with it. || Also for that wall, I have been going through old pictures to have some framed. Just 14 months ago my baby fit on our forearms. P.S. This was right before she pooped all down me during this photo session. Ahhh the memories caught on camera. || I wore dots today. If Kate can pull it off, then I shall wear it too. Oh and lets talk about how mad we should all be at her. Who looks that great, walks in heels and has not a strand of hair out of place 24 hours after birth? Super woman I tell ya’ || Why I think these candles make a suitable bouquet, I have no idea but there they lie all grouped together like they belong. || This guy gets a hair cut tomorrow. You can’t tell but he’s thanking me between pants under that heavy coat of fur. Sorry bud, should have made the appointment sooner. || And the pièce de résistance is this potted plant that was dead, dead, dead just a few weeks ago and is now flourishing. Lets just say that for once, this black thumb turned green. Miracles can happen folks!

Enjoy! Melissa


Working On It

arboretum mini sessions-108

I’ve been a total slacker at posting all the projects I’ve been working on lately. Sorry ’bout that! But, I have a good excuse. {I think} The projects are coming S.L.O.W.L.Y! With all this sunshine and summer play, I’ve been making snail like progress on anything that involves being inside the house. I can’t be the only one who has done this can I?

I was all gung ho on replacing some old lady painting I had hanging in my living room with a collage wall. Lets just talk about how this is going. I made about 100 trips to Hobby Lobby picking out frames, tried to arrange them on the wall myself then had to consult my aunt who took one look and told me to rearrange {smart lady!}, had my hubby hang them, drug my family out for some professional pictures {more on this later} and well…..the frames are still on the wall,hanging empty. Sad and filled with stock pictures of some other ‘families’. I like to tell all my house guests that the pictures are my cousins.

Anyway, I am really not hoping in any way that the sunshine makes a disappearance so the collage as well as the rest of my partial accomplishments will have to wait for a little while. Oh Well! For now, feast your eyes out on one the pictures from our shoot. Great right? Wish someone would get these things in a frame!

Enjoy! Melissa

Ahoy Matey


Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone how beautiful the PNW is in the summer. Really people, these are the months we live for around here. In February, I dream of these sun soaked days and remind myself that when they show up and I’ll never want leave. So, shhhh….let everyone else think that it ‘rains all the time’ here and keep the PNW the little secret that it is. And little will everyone know that it does get warm here and when it does, you get to do shockingly beautiful activities to beat it.

Our friends Bryan and Natalie  invited us out for M’s first time on the water. And, I was so excited because if her parents won the lotto, we would choose always to live on the water and would dine on cheese and crackers on our boat every evening. {A girls gotta’ dream right?} I’m thinking M must have the same dream because she was totally comfortable on the water from the moment she stepped onto the boat. She didn’t fuss when the ‘seas’ got rough, didn’t even mind her bulky life jacket and throughly enjoyed the cheese and crackers part {lets just say she is of the double dipper sorts}.

Enjoy! Melissa

Boating7 Boating9 Boating3 Boating5 Boating6 Boating4


Garage Sale1

Wow oh Wow! Welcome to July! Summer is officially blasting down on the good ol’ Northwest {Not Kim and Kayne’s kid…the lush green area of the US that I call home}!  And here’s the thing. I wait and wait for summer and sun to finally arrive all year. I tell myself that these three {maybe four} months are the reason why we all fight through the rest of the year around here. That if all year was this beautiful, everyone would move here and the little secret that this place can be great would be ruined. Then, BAM it arrives, and I am not so gently reminded that NOBODY has air conditioning.

We all told ourselves that that expense wasn’t worth it for the small amount of time we would actually use it for the year.  Not true. And blah, blah we all got cheap. Next house, AC will be installed. That’s right, we are going to pony up. So I’m just telling you and writing it down so I can’t go back. So that I remember that my house was a cool 80 plus all weekend. And that I don’t forget that the only AC unit we have now lives in M’s room. So, she’s cool. I’m not.

And honestly, it’s a bit warm but for some reason I  just love it. It’s my favorite time of year. I’m such a fan of the heat, sun and sweaty greatness. Amazing things happen when the sun calls everyone outside. On Saturday, my neighborhood had a multi-family garage sale. We thought, eh’ we’ll throw some stuff out and see how it goes. Little did I know that garage sale folk are relentless. They will talk you down from three dollars to two, they will beat down your door an hour before the sale starts and they will circle the block after the sale ends to take the perfectly good, working BBQ you had listed for 10 dollars for free.

It was amazing to watch the people in my ‘hood browse by each others garages and introduce ourselves to people we have lived next to for three years and never officially met. We bonded over the heat, our yards in much need of water and our suburban lives. I’m not doing a good job of describing just how cool it was to finally bond with these people and then to take a walk late last night and be able to wave and have a quick chat with my fellow heat wave garage sale survivors. Amazing that it just took throwing our crap out on our lawns to bring us together.

Enjoy! Melissa

Garage Sale2 Garage Sale7 Garage Sale4 Garage Sale5

Behind The Scenes || Burbank


Just to prove to you that I wasn’t on this vacation alone, here are a few more shots from our trip. {Then I promise not to bombard you with sunny Cali any more} As Ky was working away at his brothers house while we played for most of the weekend, we only spent a few hours a day with him. But, for the first time in history, I was kind of glad when our hotel room wasn’t ready when arrived. It gave us a couple of hours with nothing but time to burn together and we made the best of it.

First things first, we set the map to In-n-Out Burger. But, once we pulled into the parking lot I realized it was only 11 AM. Lets be serious, an inappropriate time for fast food burgers. So after much debate in the parking lot about how disgusting we were willing to be, we decided that we appreciate slightly less greasy food before noon and passed. Big Mistake! Huge! We never ended up back at In-n-Out and I may have a shed a tear or two as our flight back to Seattle took off and I realized this. Noooooooo!

However, we were able to make a few other unhealthy food choices together as well as check out some Universal City Walk tourist goodness for effect over the next few days.

Done and Done! We are home now where it’s slightly less sunny {but promises to be starting next week} and have recovered from our weekend at fat camp {or the opposite of fat camp where I eat everything fatty}.

Enjoy! Melissa