10 things


This week was just one of those normal weeks. Parks, Tantrums, Toddler School, Coffee Dates, Nap Times, Non-Napping Nap times, Repeat. Sometimes….weeks are just weeks. At one point, I thought I was going to have to start actually exercising or something crazy like that just for something new to happen. Clearly that didn’t go down so I’m stuck here thinking of the most random things…..

1. My favorite thing to do on the weekend is wake up early, complete a task and go back to bed. Pre-M this was an almost every Saturday thing. Wake. Breakfast. Sleep. Anyone else on this?

2. A few years ago, I needed a solid uninterrupted hour to get ready for the day. I surprised myself this week by going from shower to car in 20 minutes. Times are a changing.

3. Pepsi is my soda of choice. I was so happy to read that I’m no longer the only one!

4. I rotate store obsessions like no other but right now, it’s all heart eyes for Madewell.

5. When we moved into our new abode my hair was suddenly a grease pit. Honestly, it was just so gross and wet to the touch and NOTHING I did changed that. This shampoo rocked my hair world and now I hoard at least one spare under my bathroom cabinet at all times.

6. Will a houseplant ever survive around me?Heeellllpppp!

7. My friend Lacie and I met on a blind mom date. Yup! Two of our mutual friends set us up with some well thought out Facebook messages. A Nordstrom Cafe meet up with two three month olds and the rest is history….

8. My favorite food group is and always will be chocolate. Mixed with something salty and boom…I’m a happy camper.

9. I never wear eyeshadow. On a rare night out it finds it’s way to my face. Otherwise, no thanks. And on the same note, can we talk about false lashes? I just can’t. My eyelids feel heavy and I look like my eyes are drooping when I wear them. What’s the trick here?

10. In high school I wore a Harvard sweatshirt around like a boss. I was certain my B average would award me Harvard entrance.  Hummm…..

how we superbowled


Waiting for the game to start was kind of like scheduling Christmas for exactly 3:30 and telling an entire city to wait. You could feel the nervous energy everywhere. In my house, at the mall, in the grocery store. It just felt like everyone was aimlessly squandering the hours away until game time. We were all overly prepped and ready to cheer on our team and all we could do was WAIT.

The game went as planned, the end…not so much. So, anyway, this picture was taken BEFORE the game….during the waiting when we didn’t know what else to do with ourselves but document the excitement and make food.


Now it’s time to go drown our sorrows in coffee and pastries with our friends. Here’s to next year 12’s!

this old house


errr or not really old at all. We purchased our first home five days before our wedding. At the time, it was a patch of dirt in what would eventually be a 100ish home neighborhood. As first time home buyers, we had the perfect opportunity with this gem. We didn’t build from scratch ourselves but instead had our hand held buy the builder and picked all the finishes, floor plan and wall colors from a few options. We lived in this space for five years, made two job changes, brought a dog baby home to it and later our real baby made a home there.

And then, it was time to go.

It took a while but once I finally accepted that I was doing the adult thing by moving (the Seattle area market was crazy this summer) and the for-sale sign went up, it was suddenly easy to let go. I would return home after a potential buyer showing and my house would smell like someone else. Like when you step into an elevator after an exceptionally potent man has just left.  People had been poking around, viewing all my belongings and judging my decorating choices (I’ve seen enough home shows to know they ALWAYS comment on the paint color. amIright?). I was disconnected almost immediately. As we packed, I happily watched furniture walk out the door to new homes and car fulls of stuff go to GoodWill.

It wasn’t until we had everything out and I was deep cleaning that my emotions finally took me down. Actually, it was M’s room that got me. And stupidly enough, it was a tiny coffee stain that literally brought me to my knees. On the shelf next to her changing table, there was a tiny ring from my coffee cup practically burt into the wood. Instantly, the routine I had for almost two years flooded over me. Wake, Shower, Coffee, Get Baby, Place Coffee on Shelf, Change Baby. I just laid on the floor and finally let myself feel the change.

The thing is, it was like pulling off a bandaid. We have taken our new place from house to home in a matter of four months and are still charging ahead. I haven’t looked back once or really even thought about the house we sold. I am certain that the same powerful feelings will imbed themselves in these new walls, that there will be coffee rings to cry over when we leave this place and that I never NEVER want to see that brown shag carpet again (WHAT was I thinking?).



06 07 14

Side note: I know people move ALL the time and I’ve talked about this a few too many times already. Last one. Promise.

Builder: Pulte Homes

Design Direction: Laurie Schwartz

when spring comes to january


When the headlines are full of blizzards, juno and the word feet mixed with the word snow, I almost hate to talk about the weather. But, the weather. We pay our dues in the Northwest with enough gloom to make us notorious for it so when the sun shines in January, you talk about it. It’s been 60 here the last few days. 60 in January is some sort of miracle. And we did what any good Pacific Northwest dwellers do when the big ball of light shines. We got outside.

I’ve “hiked” (you can hardly call what we did hiking. it was glorified mountain walking) Evans Creek Preserve a few times in the summer but it was almost better in the winter. Very Twighlight-esc with moss stretching across every surface and tiny traces of wildlife at your feet. It was really a January morning at it’s finest.

**Remind me to look back at this when I’m complaining about the spring that hasn’t yet arrived in April.

IMG_3530 IMG_3560 (1) IMG_3577 IMG_3550 IMG_3575 IMG_3570 IMG_3555



Friday Fun

Climbing M

Lately, M has decided that she should climb everything. EVERYTHING.

Not to worry, she gets a stern talking to about this table standing every time it happens. It is, by far, the discussion I have most in the day. But this one was just too funny. What’s going on here? “Mom, I’m packing my tiny suitcase and leaving unless you let me dangerously stand on this table”……..

Enjoy! Melissa

Randomness || Round 3

Pullman1 Pullman2 IMG_3313 Pullman4

Lately…well, just so much and yet not so much has been happening at the same time. The weather is changing, M’s nap schedule is changing and there is really just all out confusion. And, to top it off, I just haven’t felt like being the lady with the camera these days. Kind of a problem when you are also the lady who writes a blog. So, what we’ve been doing….

We’ve been making play dates in the mornings. As someone who hasn’t left the house much before noon for the past year, this is weird. I actually have to get up at a decent hour, shower and maybe (just maybe, if I’m really feeling into it that day) wash my hair.A treat for all I’m sure.

We took M on a five hour road trip (turned 6.5 hour trip with all her stops) to the other side of the state. We cheered on our WSU Cougs in their home opener football game. Man that was fun. I even got to spend a little time in my favorite bar in the whole world, drinking classy things like Coors Light and eating amazingly gross things like corn dogs and fries. The Best! Also, M loved the people watching. And, can I just say, that I would like to think I was classier in college then some of the ladies I saw walking around. Am I old or is a XL shirt that you cut and tied to your body as a dress just not acceptable anywhere?

Oh and I ordered M’s Halloween costume yesterday. She’ll just be the cutest damn lamb on the planet, I know it. Now if I can only teach her to say ‘trick or treat’ so she can collect the candy that I’m going to eat. Halloween really made a dramatic turn once a child was in the picture. So full circle. You start by innocently collecting candy, then come the years of the small ‘costumes’ crafted from who knows what and now we are back to candy collecting.

So, now you know.

Enjoy! Melissa

M’s Rash Guard/ Shirt: Campus Pride Sportswear

Dear Summer || I Love You


I keep hearing the F word being thrown around all over the place. Fall…. People are pining away for the leaves to turn color, to sip on some hot cider and for chilly blanket loving nights. I have to admit, that for the first time in a long time, I feel like Seattle got a real dose of summer this year. We had months of basking in the warm ball in the sky we don’t often see and I won’t been sad this time around when fall really does arrive. {Some years, I feel robbed. Like I went from spring to fall and summer was about two weeks of bliss that slipped away.} But, I’m just not ready YET.

WHAT am I going to do with a toddler when we can’t just throw on some shoes in a cranky moment and take a slow walk around the neighborhood? I really, truly have no idea. Last fall and winter, she was so young that we spent our days indoors or running from the car to the shelter of a mall just to stretch our legs. Not going to cut it this year. Help!

So, for now, we are trying to squeeze in all the outdoor summer activities we can while they are available to us. We’ve been to aquarium, we hit the ‘beach’ about once a week, take walks through as many parks as we can find and have slowed our neighborhood strolls to a leisurely pace. Yesterday, I watched as my shadow made it down the sidewalk with a little hand-holding shadow next to it. It was one of those moments that you know won’t happen in any other season. Maybe never again since momma hand-holding doesn’t seem to be ‘in’ for the older kids these day. I’m just soakin’ it in!

Dear Summer. You are my favorite. Don’t leave yet.

Enjoy! Melissa

Aquirum2 Aquarium1 Aquirum3

Just Saying: My Own Style

Lipe_18 Lipe_07 Lipe_19 Lipe_08






When I was younger I spent so much time trying to fit in. {And by younger, I mean within the last 10 years.} All through college I was so worried about my wardrobe. I bought sparkly tight fitting tops, tube tops and all sorts of other atrocious clothing items to be with the in crowd. And really, until recently {more recently then I would like to admit} I continued to do this. All it got me was a bunch of horrible looking photos, some pretty heinous hair cuts and a constant clothing budget on the rise.

But, the older I get, the more I find that I have made a niche of my own in the style department. I don’t mean that millions of people are clamoring to wear what I’m wearing but that I’m happy with what I’m wearing. It’s not fancy and it’s not super hip butI have my own style, it suits my body and I’m happy to feel comfortable in my own unique place in the world.

Oh’ and the point here is that my birthday is this month. I’m swiftly on my way to being older then I ever really thought about being but with age, I have found growth and have established myself as an individual.  So, bring it on birthday. I’ll be ready for you. {I think}

 “Why change? Everyone has his own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it.” 

― Audrey Hepburn

Enjoy! Melissa


What’s On M’s Plate || Breakfast Sandwich


Yea. Haven’t seen this in a while have ya’? Well, it’s because I sometimes feel so unqualified to show or tell you about things that come out of my kitchen. I am no master chef. In fact, before M came around, I was more of a ‘whatever comes out of box’ {and I might even burn that} type of cook. But, for her, I try to maintain a well balanced diet and even put the pots and pans to use on a daily basis now. So, whatever, I’m going to show you what this girl munches on because I spend a ton of time making it and damn it, I tried!

|| Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich||

Half a Wheat Sandwich Thin

One Egg

One Slice of Cheese

One Slice of Tomato {hiding under the egg}

A few Avocado Slices {again, under the egg}

One Vegetarian Morning Star Sausage

*Served cut into small pieces with a small dish of blueberries on the side.

Enjoy! Melissa

Summer Play


In these dog days of summer, we are spending every moment we can outside. Generally it goes like this; eat, play outside, nap, eat, play outside, nap, play outside, eat, bed. Pretty exciting stuff huh?

At this point, we know every dip and pebble in our neighborhood parks. Today, M spent a good 30 minutes rearranging the gravel in the park to be more of her liking. Apparently the fact that gravel was not included in the grass was a huge problem. So, she got to work picking up piles and carrying small pebble by pebble to their new home. She was just so focused and determined on her tedious work! I’m thinking city planner is in her future job description.

Heres the thing. I just really don’t mind this laid back schedule and I’m beginning to wonder what we are going to do in the winter. What did we do before we could so casually spend our days outside? It’s kinda’ great that I don’t remember.

I also love that M points out the back door and says, “yes, yes” with her little crooked finger outstretched. She’s deep in the heart of communication skills building right now so if you pass us on our walk don’t be surprised if we are pointing at your nose, meowing at you because that’s what a cat says or yelling ‘dowwwg’ when a pup passes by. Just call us the crazy train!

Enjoy! Melissa

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