10 things


This week was just one of those normal weeks. Parks, Tantrums, Toddler School, Coffee Dates, Nap Times, Non-Napping Nap times, Repeat. Sometimes….weeks are just weeks. At one point, I thought I was going to have to start actually exercising or something crazy like that just for something new to happen. Clearly that didn’t go down so I’m stuck here thinking of the most random things…..

1. My favorite thing to do on the weekend is wake up early, complete a task and go back to bed. Pre-M this was an almost every Saturday thing. Wake. Breakfast. Sleep. Anyone else on this?

2. A few years ago, I needed a solid uninterrupted hour to get ready for the day. I surprised myself this week by going from shower to car in 20 minutes. Times are a changing.

3. Pepsi is my soda of choice. I was so happy to read that I’m no longer the only one!

4. I rotate store obsessions like no other but right now, it’s all heart eyes for Madewell.

5. When we moved into our new abode my hair was suddenly a grease pit. Honestly, it was just so gross and wet to the touch and NOTHING I did changed that. This shampoo rocked my hair world and now I hoard at least one spare under my bathroom cabinet at all times.

6. Will a houseplant ever survive around me?Heeellllpppp!

7. My friend Lacie and I met on a blind mom date. Yup! Two of our mutual friends set us up with some well thought out Facebook messages. A Nordstrom Cafe meet up with two three month olds and the rest is history….

8. My favorite food group is and always will be chocolate. Mixed with something salty and boom…I’m a happy camper.

9. I never wear eyeshadow. On a rare night out it finds it’s way to my face. Otherwise, no thanks. And on the same note, can we talk about false lashes? I just can’t. My eyelids feel heavy and I look like my eyes are drooping when I wear them. What’s the trick here?

10. In high school I wore a Harvard sweatshirt around like a boss. I was certain my B average would award me Harvard entrance.  Hummm…..

8 thoughts on “10 things

  1. 7. BFFL.
    10. Jer wears a Harvard shirt around like he went there and loves nothing more than when people notice it and give him an impressed nod of the head.

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