a [ridiculously] easy spring centerpiece

grass4We all know I love a good table decoration so with company on the way for Easter I wanted to throw together a new centerpiece. While I was running around buying all sorts of tulips, eggs and quiche making goods for brunch, I snagged some wheat grass at Whole Foods. It took about 10 minutes to throw a little centerpiece together and total cost was $5 so you know I had to share…..

grass1 grass2 grass3

What To Do : 

1. Grab any bowl or basket.

2. Line with wax paper.

3. Pull wheat grass apart as you push it down on the wax paper.

For the holiday, we laid a couple of our decorated eggs in the grass. Since we don’t need those smelling up the place, they’ve already bit the dust and Cuties have taken their place. Gotta’ love how easy that is!



spring wallpaper freebie



Since all I seem to do is spring clean my house these days, I created some wallpaper to spruce up my iphone as well. I thought I would share in case your tech is also in the market for a new look.

Just click on the links below to download, save image as photo then set as wallpaper on your iphone.

Click to Download: Wreaths

Click to Download: Glasses

Click to Download: Stay Cool 

I had a blast creating these so look forward to more tech freebies coming soon!

on baking eggs

Image-1 (1)

During this week that seems to be all things eggs, I stumbled on what might be the greatest egg dying tip in the history of egg dying tips.

bake them.

I’ve seen this on Pinterest before but hadn’t needed a full dozen hard boiled eggs until suddenly it was Easter week. It worked so well I thought I would leave you with this tiny tip on a Wednesday.

All you do is…

Place eggs in muffin tin

Bake 325 for 30 min

Let cool

We had just one cracked egg in the two dozen I baked yesterday and just for testing purposes, we ate that one. Delicious! Turns out, it would also be a great method for egg salad or keeping hard boiled eggs on hand for snacking. Just so easy.

slow cooker pulled pork

Image-1Last week I was determined to break out of the dreaded dinner rotation we’ve found ourselves in. I stumbled on a recipe for slow cooker pulled pork that called to me for summer bbq season and decided to try it out while the rains were still pouring down on us. Turns out, I forgot to buy the seasoning packet my recipe called for so I ended up winging it with a rub. We loved it and have been having the pork in various versions for lunch all week.

What You Need 

1/3 Cup Cider Vinegar

1/2 Cup Brown Sugar

1/2 Cup Ketchup

3 lb Boneless Pork Shoulder

1 Tbsp. Paprika

1 Tbsp. Mustard Powder

2 Garlic Cloves, Pressed

2 Tbsp. Sea Salt Salt

Dash Pepper

1 Tbsp. Chili Powder

What You Do

1. Combine paprika, mustard powder, garlic cloves, sea salt, pepper and chili powder to make a rub. Rub over pork shoulder and let marinate for an hour.

3. Mix brown sugar, ketchup and cider vinegar in bowl.

4. Place marinated pork shoulder in slow cooker. Add brown sugar mix over top.

5. Cook on low for 8 hours. Shred pork using a fork before serving.

One more thing…… We use slow cooker liners because there is nothing worse then trying to lug around that heavy pot to clean it. I still give it a little rinse but these make it SO much easier.

10 things


This week was just one of those normal weeks. Parks, Tantrums, Toddler School, Coffee Dates, Nap Times, Non-Napping Nap times, Repeat. Sometimes….weeks are just weeks. At one point, I thought I was going to have to start actually exercising or something crazy like that just for something new to happen. Clearly that didn’t go down so I’m stuck here thinking of the most random things…..

1. My favorite thing to do on the weekend is wake up early, complete a task and go back to bed. Pre-M this was an almost every Saturday thing. Wake. Breakfast. Sleep. Anyone else on this?

2. A few years ago, I needed a solid uninterrupted hour to get ready for the day. I surprised myself this week by going from shower to car in 20 minutes. Times are a changing.

3. Pepsi is my soda of choice. I was so happy to read that I’m no longer the only one!

4. I rotate store obsessions like no other but right now, it’s all heart eyes for Madewell.

5. When we moved into our new abode my hair was suddenly a grease pit. Honestly, it was just so gross and wet to the touch and NOTHING I did changed that. This shampoo rocked my hair world and now I hoard at least one spare under my bathroom cabinet at all times.

6. Will a houseplant ever survive around me?Heeellllpppp!

7. My friend Lacie and I met on a blind mom date. Yup! Two of our mutual friends set us up with some well thought out Facebook messages. A Nordstrom Cafe meet up with two three month olds and the rest is history….

8. My favorite food group is and always will be chocolate. Mixed with something salty and boom…I’m a happy camper.

9. I never wear eyeshadow. On a rare night out it finds it’s way to my face. Otherwise, no thanks. And on the same note, can we talk about false lashes? I just can’t. My eyelids feel heavy and I look like my eyes are drooping when I wear them. What’s the trick here?

10. In high school I wore a Harvard sweatshirt around like a boss. I was certain my B average would award me Harvard entrance.  Hummm…..

filling her basket


I have been in hot debate with myself over what the Easter bunny should drop at our house this year. Holiday’s tend to spin way out of control if I don’t put myself in check pretty quickly. I had to remind myself that our basket is pretty small and in years past, it’s been a little too plentiful. I even started annoying my friends with far too many texts about what their bunny brings. The consensus seems to be that our littles are still a little too little for candy and yet, it’s just not an option to totally skimp and miss out on excited faces come Easter morning. Here’s what I came up with for our basket. Hoping it might help your bunny sort out his issues too.

1. Annies Fruit Snacks – We’ll call this candy.

2. Bunny Socks – A little Easter for your toes. Yes!

3. Extra Yarn – I have had this book on M’s Wish List for a while. How cute are the black and white photos with the colorful yarn?

4. Retro Shades – Everyone needs new shades come Spring.

5. Bath Bomb – We are obsessed with Bath Bombs. This one is currently hiding in my closet waiting for Easter and I’m not sure I’ll be able to give it up. My closet smells SO good!

6. Plui Cloud – This was one of those items I annoyed my girls with texts about. I wasn’t sure if M was too old for this but I’ve been assured it’s a bath time favorite.

7. Wooden Half Dozen Eggs – M loves to help cook and her favorite task is cracking the eggs so I can’t wait to see these in action in her play kitchen.

what & wear : austin


Kyle and I are taking our first multi-day no kids allowed trip together next month. It’s been soooooo long since we’ve gone somewhere new and almost three full years since we’ve spent more then one night kidless together. To say we are excited is an understatement.

When we started dreaming up a little long weekend trip, we had a few boxes to tick before deciding on a location. First, we wanted it to be generally warm. Second, a bucket list destination. And lastly, not so far away that travel would occupy all our time.

Check. Check. Check. Austin here we come.

Anyway, I always love travel recommendations so I wanted to see if anyone had some ideas for the what’s and wear’s of Austin.

WHAT should we do? Eating? Must See’s? Shopping? Coffee? Send it ALL to me!

And, obviously, I need to know what to WEAR? I’m thinking lots of walking so comfy shoes? Dresses? Joggers?


Image Via

updating the walls


I have been working on updating some of the prints in our house and it’s been so much harder then I thought it would be. Not for a lack of art but because there are so many amazing artists out there. As I keep searching, I thought I would share a few of my top contenders.

1. Compass – There’s something about a good arrow print. This would be so strong in my living room.

2. Seattle Space Needle Flare – Gotta’ rep the home town!

3. Family Canvas –  I love that this is totally customizable.

4.You’re The Best And The Mostest – Just too good for a kids room.

5.For Like Ever – I know this print is everywhere but for good reason. This would kill in our bedroom.

6. Stay Humble St – Once we have a desk area, this is the first thing going up.

7.Tapestry 5 – Something about this just calls to me. If only that rug were real.

There are just so many good options! My first priority is a fairly large print in my living room but I haven’t committed to a color scheme. Here’s to a lazy weekend with time to make decisions!

st. pat’s apparel + rainy day making

st pat shirt1

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! By this time, I hope you have found the proper place to enjoy a green beer and some corned beef and cabbage. Because corned beef. It’s only good once a year.

I have been slacking on the creative mom front lately (see last post where I whined uncontrollably about being sick) and St. Patrick’s Day snuck up on us. So, in last minute fashion, I grabbed some puffy paint and a $4 tee from Ben Franklin (yes, they still exist). It doubled as a great rainy day activity and our St. Pat’s apparel.

There’s clearly no rules here. Puffy paint until your heart’s content and wear.

Obviously, I helped M a bit. I traced the shamrock and listed about 1,000 phrases for her before she was insisted ‘hello‘ was the message she would like her shirt to send. I was worried that her portion would be nothing but huge blobs of never drying paint but she did a really good job of keeping her hand moving.

To keep our trend of last minute slacking standing, we didn’t get around to painting until it was too late for our shirt to be worn today but M has a themed day at toddler school on Thursday. Better bet this baby will make an appearance.

st pats shirt2

st pats3 st pat shirt1

from her view


We have been dealing with a plague in our house. That might be a little dramatic but honestly, there is a virus making it’s way around that lasts for weeks. M got it two and a half weeks ago and just kicked it. I got it about a week ago and it’s still rollin’. Just c’mon…all I’m asking is to be able to breathe. To breathe so I can sleep.

This pesky bug is just hanging on and we are taking baby steps to getting back into our regular routine.

In an effort to do just that but avoid infecting any fortunate healthy people we might encounter, I took my crew the dog park a few days ago. I let M take over the photo taking and it was pretty hilarious. She wasn’t so much into action shots and expected every dog she crossed paths with to stand and pose for her. Not happening girl. Instead, we came out with just one friendly dog photo and many more of my dirty dog park shoes.


IMG_4700 IMG_4721 IMG_4709 IMG_4703 IMG_4719