filling her basket


I have been in hot debate with myself over what the Easter bunny should drop at our house this year. Holiday’s tend to spin way out of control if I don’t put myself in check pretty quickly. I had to remind myself that our basket is pretty small and in years past, it’s been a little too plentiful. I even started annoying my friends with far too many texts about what their bunny brings. The consensus seems to be that our littles are still a little too little for candy and yet, it’s just not an option to totally skimp and miss out on excited faces come Easter morning. Here’s what I came up with for our basket. Hoping it might help your bunny sort out his issues too.

1. Annies Fruit Snacks – We’ll call this candy.

2. Bunny Socks – A little Easter for your toes. Yes!

3. Extra Yarn – I have had this book on M’s Wish List for a while. How cute are the black and white photos with the colorful yarn?

4. Retro Shades – Everyone needs new shades come Spring.

5. Bath Bomb – We are obsessed with Bath Bombs. This one is currently hiding in my closet waiting for Easter and I’m not sure I’ll be able to give it up. My closet smells SO good!

6. Plui Cloud – This was one of those items I annoyed my girls with texts about. I wasn’t sure if M was too old for this but I’ve been assured it’s a bath time favorite.

7. Wooden Half Dozen Eggs – M loves to help cook and her favorite task is cracking the eggs so I can’t wait to see these in action in her play kitchen.

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