Wrapping Paper



For some reason, we have quite a few unfortunate people with December birthday’s in our family. I never give them the feared dual Christmas | Birthday present. BUT, I do try to save a little on shipping and ship them together. So, when I went to ship my sisters Christmas | Birthday presents, I wanted her to be able to see which was full of birthday wishes and which contained the holiday cheer. And suddenly, I was decorating wrapping paper. It worked marvelously!


1. Procure a Rubber Stamp and some Acrylic paint, kraft paper and yarn or other fun string.

2. Paint the Acrylic on the stamp and stamp, stamp away on the kraft paper

3.Let dry

4. Wrap

5. Tie away

6. Tu-duh

Next Time: I’m going to use bright neon paint. It just sounds so much more fun! I will also use a stripped bakers twine for a pop of color.


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