Randomness || Round 3

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Lately…well, just so much and yet not so much has been happening at the same time. The weather is changing, M’s nap schedule is changing and there is really just all out confusion. And, to top it off, I just haven’t felt like being the lady with the camera these days. Kind of a problem when you are also the lady who writes a blog. So, what we’ve been doing….

We’ve been making play dates in the mornings. As someone who hasn’t left the house much before noon for the past year, this is weird. I actually have to get up at a decent hour, shower and maybe (just maybe, if I’m really feeling into it that day) wash my hair.A treat for all I’m sure.

We took M on a five hour road trip (turned 6.5 hour trip with all her stops) to the other side of the state. We cheered on our WSU Cougs in their home opener football game. Man that was fun. I even got to spend a little time in my favorite bar in the whole world, drinking classy things like Coors Light and eating amazingly gross things like corn dogs and fries. The Best! Also, M loved the people watching. And, can I just say, that I would like to think I was classier in college then some of the ladies I saw walking around. Am I old or is a XL shirt that you cut and tied to your body as a dress just not acceptable anywhere?

Oh and I ordered M’s Halloween costume yesterday. She’ll just be the cutest damn lamb on the planet, I know it. Now if I can only teach her to say ‘trick or treat’ so she can collect the candy that I’m going to eat. Halloween really made a dramatic turn once a child was in the picture. So full circle. You start by innocently collecting candy, then come the years of the small ‘costumes’ crafted from who knows what and now we are back to candy collecting.

So, now you know.

Enjoy! Melissa

M’s Rash Guard/ Shirt: Campus Pride Sportswear