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I know, I know…we are half way through this week and I’m just now blabbing about last weekend. But, it was just so great. I can’t let it go. So, update you get!

|| On Friday, we got to see a dream come true. My soon-to-be brother-in-law was in the Broadway Tour of Flashdance at the Paramount. If you are familiar, he played the role of Nick. Let me tell you, it was amazing. Amazing to watch him on stage. Amazing to watch his loved ones get a glimpse of his talent. And Amazing to feel his happiness after the show. {I’m hoping he doesn’t mind my gushing. Sorry Derek!} AND on top of all that… because ya’ ya’ he’s great…..we got a date night! We had an awesome tapas dinner before the show {side note, why aren’t all meals served like this? I would far prefer to eat a few bites off small plates then have a 4lb chicken slabbed on my plate like most restaurants do.} and a few drinks after. Love this man I’m married to. It was so nice to spend some time with him and our friends.||


|| On Saturday night, I really got crazy and went to yoga. No, but really, it was pretty fun. Lululemon put on a yoga event inside the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit in Seattle. There were about 300 people mat-to-mat doing yoga while the Beatles played and the Space Needle shined above us. Not too shabby.||



|| And we are to the end of the weekend. Sunday was pretty special. Little M went to her first baby birthday party. She played with some small friends while I attended my sister-in-laws bridal shower. Folks, that guy in Flashdance and my sister-in-law have been dating for longer then I have even known my husband. High school sweethearts that have made it through college in different states, pursuing dreams in NYC and now a wedding right around the corner. Let me tell you…wedding of the year around here for sure! So, she basked in bridal shower glory and opened all things kitchen while we oooed and awwed. And, the funniest, her friends in NYC got in their ‘shower’ best and joined us via Facetime. Clever! Very Clever! ||

And that’s it, I won’t blab about the past any more.

Enjoy! Melissa

28 Hour Mini-Mom-Vaca


I mean, I can’t be the only mom who needs a break every once in a while. I love {love, love} my Little M but this last week, I could feel my patience wearing thin. It’s been months since I took an entire day ‘off’ from my little one and actually got away and it was TIME!

Truth is, M was having some digestive issues and Ky and I talked about poop more last week then I ever wanted to in a life time. People, I even texted him a picture of a dirty diaper. Sick. {Don’t worry, I sent a disclaimer first that let him know the grossest most inappropriate text he has ever received was about to come through. Nice of me I think.} And a clear sign that maybe I needed to step off the merry-go-round for a little while to talk about more fragrant topics. So, I took a little mini-mom-vacation to visit one of my best friends, Lindsay of My Ties and Piper Teal, on the other side of the mountains.

My 28 hours away was refreshing. I drove the 2 hour drive to her house on my own and really, the time in the car where I could turn everything from Eric Church to Dr. Dre up as loud as I wanted was so glorious. I grabbed a coffee and my water and just jammed out the trip.

We spent our day lunching, wine tasting, tasting more wine, playing with her cutie little pup, dinnering {Yea, I know that’s not a word but you get it.},  watching a movie and talking each other’s ears off. We kept busy but I didn’t have one of those Disneyland type days where you are more tired after your trip then before you left. I rested and enjoyed the good food {which I ate a bit too much of} and company.  It was pretty close to girl time perfection.

Oh and since I was road tripping alone, I also took the liberty to stretch my legs a few times and take photos. Pretty sure the truckers thought I was a nut job. {Pretty sure they are right.}

Enjoy! Melissa







Weekend SnapShot || Iphone Update

Weekend 1Weekend 3

{Phew….we made it! Ky was out of town for part of last week and Saturday and Little M and I made it! To all you ladies who’s husbands travel for work, my hat is totally off to you. {See me tipping my hat here} Adding a few extra hours a day where my energy level needs to be at level bubbly and entertaining is, well, exhausting. I was so tired by Little M’s bed time that instead of the cleaning I intended to do, I ended up spending my evenings watching way too much Downton Abbey. I made it through the first two seasons. Do Not {I repeat DO NOT} tell me what happens in season 3 because right now I’m busy being so proud of Lady Mary for the first time since I started this bloody show. Lets not ruin that. But really, my days with Little M were great. We had play dates, dinner dates and lots of mom | baby dates to pass the time. We also had crazy mother nature to entertain us. Friday morning it was snowing and Saturday we were playing in the back yard in the sunshine. Whatever ‘spring’!}


Weekend4Weekend6 2

{Ky made his triumphant return from Vegas on Sunday! I couldn’t believe it when he jumped right up when Little M woke in the morning. It was the longest he has ever been away from her and he must have missed his little peanut. We spent our day back together doing such suburban things. We went out for lunch, stopped by an appliance store {IF only I could explain how much I hate, hate, hate my oven. Plastic knobs are just not a wise idea on something that heats up. Who in the world thought of this?} and grocery shopped because we are turning over a new ‘healthy eating’ leaf that will probably last about 10 more minutes before I find a girl scout to sell me a box of Thin Mints. But, the highlight of the day was meeting a very new baby. Baby Bryce was just 5 days old when we went to bug him and his parents. We came bearing freshly baked cookies {I may have known that this ‘healthy leaf’ was right around the corner so I just may have eaten a few dozen bites of cookie dough} and snuggled little Bryce as much as he would let us. It was so great to smell a new baby, listen to his little noises and bounce him when he was a little fussy. It was also so so crazy to see where Little M was only 10 months ago. In that time, she has learned to sit up, stand, cruise around, babble away, smile and be the little girl that completes our suburban family life! And for those who are going to ask, no this did not make me want another baby yet. But, it did make me want to visit Little Bryce’s parent’s as much as they will let me! A huge Congrats to them!}

Enjoy! Melissa

Weekend SnapShot || Iphone Update

Fri 1

{On Friday, Little M and I were out and about when we ran into a L&L . It’s like Hawaiian fast food but really, I just couldn’t resist. I ordered some greasy goodness and saved the amazing mac salad for my hubby. Score for everyone!}



{We had a pretty low key weekend around our house but full of some good ol’ family fun. Saturday started out with the most adorable book reading and then some lunching with Little M’s aunties {aka my best friends}. We ate pizza and salad, blabbed our life updates and laughed at Little M gobbling up ‘cookies’ like a monster. We even got a little shopping in after. Successful Sat if you ask me! Side Note; M is pictured above with Lindsay of My Ties and Piper Teal. She’s my awesomely talented and creative friend. Check out her shops!}



{Sun was one of the best family days we have been lucky enough to have in a long time. We spent the day at a local Farmers Market. We wandered through the booths, bought a huge bouquet for $5, enjoyed the sun shining on us and I found the cutest little fabric store. More on this outing later! We had so much fun it deserves it’s own post! Oh and little M turned 10 months old! I just can’t even believe she’s 10 months already. Time seems to fly and, some days, drag all at the same time. Guess it’s time to start planning the big first birthday!}

Enjoy! Melissa

Weekend SnapShot || Iphone Update

photo 1 (2)

{On Friday, I wore denim with denim. Is this acceptable? Or only for people who actually farm? Still unsure but, I wore it anyway.}

photo 2 (2)

{We went out to burgers on Fri night. Everyone has been telling me the The Ranch has the best burgers. I didn’t believe them. Now I do. Little M was not impressed with how I wolfed down my burger in the time she finished her teething biscuit. It was like she was saying, “Wow, get it together Mama.”}

photo 4 (1)

photo 3 (2)

{Spring showed it’s beautiful beautiful face on Saturday and Saturday only. While I showered a new mama, Little M and Ky went for a sunny walk. M managed to have a blow out and Ky couldn’t find the spare pants in her bag. So, she rode for a bit with a blanket covering her bare legs while her pants dried off in the sun. Yet another reason to appreciate the warm weather. Impromptu laundry line on the stroller. Still, they had a blast together. I can’t help but love the way he loves her. It’s just so incredibly sweet.}

photo 5

{And on Sunday, we paid tribute to my parents belongings that are in the middle of the Pacific now and heading towards their new home in Hawaii. We are sad to lose them but can’t wait for our many visits. Just think, M will learn to play in the sand, surf and appreciate the beautiful smell of the islands. Watch out Hawaii, here come my parents (well, just their stuff for now)!}

Enjoy! Melissa