We have a few family members in town this weekend and Little M couldn’t be any happier. Who else gives you this kind of attention? Claps when you clap. Says ‘yayyyy’ with you over and over. Just adores the way you make every move. I mean, really, I didn’t even stage that picture. She is in heaven.

Watching how much they love her is so fun for me. I know I love her. {You guys, you should have heard the laugh she was letting out last night because my pony tail was moving around. Melted my heart. And, gave me a small headache because I didn’t want it to stop so I kept shaking my dumb head around.} But, to watch others really enjoy her and to see how she can brighten someones day by exerting absolutely no effort and just being herself is pretty awesome. A lesson in life from a baby for sure.






Her Auntie Jenna and Uncle Derek are here visiting the Emerald City because Derek is in the national tour of Flashdance. Ky and I are going tonight and I can hardly contain my excitement to get to see this guy on stage. Sorry M, we will have to tell you all about it when we get home. Can. Not. Wait.

Don’t worry! I’m sure I’ll have a full recap on Monday. Until then, we are going to enjoy our company and let M soak up all her attention.

Have a great weekend.

Enjoy! Melissa