Marina Walking


People keep asking me when M started walking and truly, I don’t know. It was so gradual. First one step for a few days, then two for a many more days, then we got to six and seven and now we are just flat out walking everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, there are still a few spills but for the most part, she gets where she wants to go on those two little feet of hers. And well, we thought, ‘lets live dangerously and test out this new skill at the marina.’

But really, we went to visit my parents this weekend and took a walk down the the marina near their house. M held hands with her grandpa {or Tutu as she calls him} and walked her little booty around this floating death trap and loved the heck out of it. And I learned that you can see right through this white skirt of mine. Why, in the years and years that I have owned this has nobody ever bothered to point this out to me? Thanks friends! Guess the marina residents got more then just a show of a cute baby walking around. oops!

Enjoy! Melissa






Children’s Museum Day


The rain has returned here in the great northwest. For a few weeks it was down right hot. Now, now it’s a mildly tolerable temperature with rain. It seems like mother nature taunts us like this every year so it’s nothing new. Just normal that we have returned to indoor activities. {And now that I’ve updated on our riveting weather status…..}

So, last week, in search of a fun indoor activity, Lacie of Leather & Lace  and I took our little girls to the Seattle Children’s Museum. Not only did we set out to conquer a museum which sounded like a feat in itself  but we also set out in one car. Just so you know why you should think that is so great…..I haven’t driven with a friend and their little in a year. It’s just so much work to muscle around the car seats, strollers, etc. We always just meet at our destination. But, we were being frugal {cheap} this day so I made Lacie my honorary husband and she showed me how to move the car seats around and off we went. Getting to actually talk in the car was such a bonus to this trip! It’s the small things right?

Any who, the girls just barely squeaked into the age where they would appreciate this place. It was full of pretend, hands on activity. Under this very mobile age, this place would have been a nightmare but as is, they had a blast.


|| They were so interested in the fish tank. What? We could have taken them to PetSmart for the day? But this was more fun! ||



|| Funny M! She was so into the grocery shopping experience. I was trying to explain her food choices to her but she just wanted to push the cart and bash into things. Whatever floats your boat! ||



|| We got to check out the Three Little Bears house. We tried to test out all the chairs but they only wanted papa bears chair. Seemed most comfy! ||


|| For our valant efforts, Lacie and I rewarded ourselves with dessert for lunch. Let me just tell you that the Skillet Counter’s Pie in a Bowl is to die for. Their description is:

bittersweet chocolate pudding, pie crust, sea salt,
cocoa nibs

Drool over that one for a while! It was as good as it sounds. And, don’t judge. After running after two little ones in a land of pretend wonder all day, you are allowed as many extra calories as you would like. My rules!  ||

Needless to say, it was a good day!

Enjoy! Melissa