a [ridiculously] easy spring centerpiece

grass4We all know I love a good table decoration so with company on the way for Easter I wanted to throw together a new centerpiece. While I was running around buying all sorts of tulips, eggs and quiche making goods for brunch, I snagged some wheat grass at Whole Foods. It took about 10 minutes to throw a little centerpiece together and total cost was $5 so you know I had to share…..

grass1 grass2 grass3

What To Do : 

1. Grab any bowl or basket.

2. Line with wax paper.

3. Pull wheat grass apart as you push it down on the wax paper.

For the holiday, we laid a couple of our decorated eggs in the grass. Since we don’t need those smelling up the place, they’ve already bit the dust and Cuties have taken their place. Gotta’ love how easy that is!


boo-boos & popsicles

DSC_1157Yesterday was the most glorious of days in Seattle. By far, our nicest of the year so far. M and I celebrated with a little trip to the zoo then strawberry popsicles in the backyard. I’m sure we can all agree that there is nothing better then an icy treat on a warm day, right?  Anyway, it was all fun and games until she slipped down the cement stairs and got her first toddler scraped leg. Not to worry, Mickey (and a little Neosporin) made everything better.

Enjoy! Melissa

DSC_1158 photo 1 (16) photo 2 (17) DSC_1159

5 Minute M || At The Park


We had a little park lunch date with our friend Kelly and her little one B a few days ago. We both hurried to fit it into our schedules before the rain and clouds came back for the rest of the week {is it weird that I have been enjoying them?} and were both dying for a Jimmy John’s tuna sandwich {yes, we’re gross!}! So, to the park we went, lunch in hand with our littles. M was, of course, on the move the entire time. These pictures, all taken in 5 minutes, show how I chased her around between bites and chatting. Who needs a gym when you have a toddler??

Enjoy! Melissa







Spending our days outside completely and totally changes the mood in our house. I don’t know if it’s because I am an admitted sun seeker {and live in the northwest. total oxymoron.}  or if everyone is just happier when the sun is out and we get to breath in some fresh air. Probably a hybrid of both.

As we were splashing around in a baby pool yesterday with our sunnies on, I was reminded of the beauty of this place that I complain about 300 days a year. And I know {I know} that all the rain we get is what makes these nice days so special. It makes the trees so green, the air so clean and the day I get to put the lawn furniture out for the year unique. The sites of the Northwest on a nice day just unmatched.

Enjoy! Melissa

PS  {No Ky, I’m not going to stop whining unless every day turn this nice.But I promise, I will truly be grateful for the beauty of an outdoor lunch, our little suburban lawn to play in, smelling like sunblock and a baby in ridiculously cute sunglasses every chance I get.}







Explore - New1

Sometimes we just get in a rut. Same five meals on repeat for dinner, take a walk on the same path and nap at the exact same time every day. All probably my fault! I insisted Little M be on a schedule and I find things I like and stick to them. But, lately, I am finding that branching out a bit and shaking up the schedule can be fun {every once in a while. lets not take it to an extreme. still a planner and a scheduler no matter how fun this branching business is.}.

So, when we had to make the dreaded visit to the tax man {where I hold my breath waiting to find out if this was an owe or refund year}, we decided to check out the area around his office. Turned out to be a great afternoon finding some new things. We popped into what ended up being an amazing sandwich shop. I’m a sucker for a good turkey sammy and this place hit the spot! I hate {hate} when I buy a sandwich that I feel like I could have made better at home. This one, I couldn’t have dreamed up. Turkey and brie with some sort of special garlic sauce…yumm! And, to top it off, they served it with popcorn on the side. Who wouldn’t love that? {I know, new healthy eating leaf out the door on this one. Worth it!}

After we successfully filled up, we trotted our way down to the water where we dreamed of one day living in one of the awesome mc-mansions with a view that we passed {ocean view, grand wooden front door, manicured lawns but still out there doing their own yard work, perfection…one day}. Little M loved the ocean breeze and even took a nap in a stroller which, let me tell you, is a miracle in itself. A successful exploration!

Enjoy! Melissa

Explore 2

Explore 3

Explore 4

Spring Knees || DIY Baby Knee Protection


Now that the sun has shown it’s beautiful face a few times, we have been outside playing. For Little M, this means crawling around outside and ruining her pants with holes and stains on her tiny knees. Believe me people, there is not enough stain stick for all these grass stains. We can’t go outside without pants {This is the northwest, not Florida. We are outside sweating in 60 degree ‘heat’} so my solution was to cover up the knees.

I took an old pair of my socks and cut the feet off, slid the tube over her pants and they covered her knees like a charm! We spent the whole afternoon in the yard and not one stain on her knees. Maybe not the most fashionable idea I’ve ever had but it got the job done!

I’ve strategically placed our new knee protection next to the back door as my little sign that we will {fingers crossed} be spending many more afternoons playing in the yard.

Enjoy! Melissa





Spring Snow


I mean, it’s March right? Just checking because when I woke up, there was snow. I looked out the bedroom window, thought I was dreaming, tried to pinch myself or shake myself up from this weird dream where I knew that I was dreaming, decided I must be awake but just seeing things, walked to my bathroom and walked right back out to look outside again and confirm that yes, yes it was snowing in March. Ugh! As I’m thinking about of sandals and skirts, I instead ended up in snow boots.

I have to admit though, after I confirmed that there was indeed snow outside {via my clearly astute detective skills}, I got really really excited to show Little M her first snow {and to wear the snow boots I purchased at the beginning of winter and hadn’t been able to wear yet…yes!}.

M sat in a little tray on a towel in the snow because I also discovered that she did not own any proper waterproof clothing. But, she did scratch her fingers around in the white stuff and eat some all on her own. Oh’ and because her Dada was away playing in Vegas for a few days, we facetimed him in on our adventure. Just an adorable way to spend a morning.

If it’s going to snow in March, might as well enjoy it. {But really mother nature, put a sock in it. Sun, we are looking for Sun. I think you got that mixed up with Snow today. Both S words….not the same!}

Enjoy, Melissa





Weekend SnapShot || Iphone Update

photo 1 (2)

{On Friday, I wore denim with denim. Is this acceptable? Or only for people who actually farm? Still unsure but, I wore it anyway.}

photo 2 (2)

{We went out to burgers on Fri night. Everyone has been telling me the The Ranch has the best burgers. I didn’t believe them. Now I do. Little M was not impressed with how I wolfed down my burger in the time she finished her teething biscuit. It was like she was saying, “Wow, get it together Mama.”}

photo 4 (1)

photo 3 (2)

{Spring showed it’s beautiful beautiful face on Saturday and Saturday only. While I showered a new mama, Little M and Ky went for a sunny walk. M managed to have a blow out and Ky couldn’t find the spare pants in her bag. So, she rode for a bit with a blanket covering her bare legs while her pants dried off in the sun. Yet another reason to appreciate the warm weather. Impromptu laundry line on the stroller. Still, they had a blast together. I can’t help but love the way he loves her. It’s just so incredibly sweet.}

photo 5

{And on Sunday, we paid tribute to my parents belongings that are in the middle of the Pacific now and heading towards their new home in Hawaii. We are sad to lose them but can’t wait for our many visits. Just think, M will learn to play in the sand, surf and appreciate the beautiful smell of the islands. Watch out Hawaii, here come my parents (well, just their stuff for now)!}

Enjoy! Melissa