Pasta-licious Play




Go out. Stay in. Go out. Stay in. Spend money. Be frugal. Little M and I go through this debate almost every day. To be honest, both are equal amounts of effort. Getting in and out of the car with the mountains of stuff we schlep around or trying to fill our day with enough stimulation and activity to keep M {and me} from getting cabin fever. I more often then not decide that the mountains of stuff are worth it and we go out and about. But, when we do stay in, I try hard to keep us both busy so she {we} don’t get cranky.

In an attempt to keep her stimulated, I diy’d a little sensory bin earlier this week. I hardly recreated the wheel with this but it turned out to be a huge hit so I thought I would share. To produce our noodle-licious sensory bin I:

  1. Boiled left over pasta I had in the pantry. 
  2. Drained and let it cool.
  3. Put 1/4 of the pasta at a time in a bowl while I added food coloring and stirred until it was all covered.
  4. Placed the colorful pasta in a 9×13 tray.
  5. Buried some bath toys under the noodles.

I put the tray full of a rainbow pasta and toys on a towel, stripped Little M down to her diaper and let her play in all the noodle glory. She was hesitant at first but once she got the hang of it, she loved squishing the pasta around and searching out her toys. The best was putting her feet in it. Kind of like Lucille Ball in the vat of grapes. She had a little gross face at first but then squished her baby toes around.

She played for 30 minutes and besides having to grab pasta from her mouth every two seconds, this was a huge success! Oh, and the dogs got a belly full of pasta since she fed them every piece I wouldn’t allow her to eat. How nice of her.

Enjoy! Melissa

Side Note: If I did this again, I would find more natural food dyes. She really {really} wanted to eat some. Which wouldn’t have been a big deal if I was more confident in the dye. Next time!