pictures of the market

market1On Saturday, I hosted my book club for brunch. We chatted about Big Little Lies but mostly, we marveled over the yogurt my good friend Laura showed up with. Words just can’t explain how amazing this stuff is. So good that Lacie and I schemed up a Sunday outing for our families at Pikes Place. We were pretty amazing tourists checking out the gum wall, fish throwing and doing all the things that would have made it a legitimate outing but mostly, we were there for the yogurt.


Actually, the gum wall was really a highlight for the girls. All of us adults crammed some gross Big League Chew in our mouths and handed it over for M & G to add to the masterpiece (parent things.).


We thought about buying vegetables but took the really logical path and bought bouquets instead.


I forgot how exciting and iconic Pikes Place feels. Out of curiosity, I looked it up when I got I got home and learned that it opened in 1907. Say Whhhaaaa??? Learning things about my own city. Gotta’ love that!

in my neighborhood || London Plane

FullSizeRenderWhen you see a place enough on your Insta feed, your expectations are high.high.high. London Plane has been showing up all over Seattle social media lately and the tall white walls, flowers for purchase plus unique food scream ‘photograph me’ so yep’, I get it. We finally found time to brunch there this weekend and I was blown away. I have to admit that I’ve never been into the whole avocado toast thing but I was totally in love with LP’s version.  But, my favorite thing was the cold brew coffee. They brew it in house with bunch of unexpected spices. Kind of makes it a coffee/tea combo.

It was really fun to have a date with Kyle where we could actually enjoy a few daylight hours together. We could see a life sized chess match going on across the street and a bus of tourists dropped off right in front of our window while we ate.  And, on a really random note, the staff wore these amazing chambray aprons. I think I might just need one…..

IMG_3860 FullSizeRender (1)


this old house


errr or not really old at all. We purchased our first home five days before our wedding. At the time, it was a patch of dirt in what would eventually be a 100ish home neighborhood. As first time home buyers, we had the perfect opportunity with this gem. We didn’t build from scratch ourselves but instead had our hand held buy the builder and picked all the finishes, floor plan and wall colors from a few options. We lived in this space for five years, made two job changes, brought a dog baby home to it and later our real baby made a home there.

And then, it was time to go.

It took a while but once I finally accepted that I was doing the adult thing by moving (the Seattle area market was crazy this summer) and the for-sale sign went up, it was suddenly easy to let go. I would return home after a potential buyer showing and my house would smell like someone else. Like when you step into an elevator after an exceptionally potent man has just left.  People had been poking around, viewing all my belongings and judging my decorating choices (I’ve seen enough home shows to know they ALWAYS comment on the paint color. amIright?). I was disconnected almost immediately. As we packed, I happily watched furniture walk out the door to new homes and car fulls of stuff go to GoodWill.

It wasn’t until we had everything out and I was deep cleaning that my emotions finally took me down. Actually, it was M’s room that got me. And stupidly enough, it was a tiny coffee stain that literally brought me to my knees. On the shelf next to her changing table, there was a tiny ring from my coffee cup practically burt into the wood. Instantly, the routine I had for almost two years flooded over me. Wake, Shower, Coffee, Get Baby, Place Coffee on Shelf, Change Baby. I just laid on the floor and finally let myself feel the change.

The thing is, it was like pulling off a bandaid. We have taken our new place from house to home in a matter of four months and are still charging ahead. I haven’t looked back once or really even thought about the house we sold. I am certain that the same powerful feelings will imbed themselves in these new walls, that there will be coffee rings to cry over when we leave this place and that I never NEVER want to see that brown shag carpet again (WHAT was I thinking?).



06 07 14

Side note: I know people move ALL the time and I’ve talked about this a few too many times already. Last one. Promise.

Builder: Pulte Homes

Design Direction: Laurie Schwartz

when spring comes to january


When the headlines are full of blizzards, juno and the word feet mixed with the word snow, I almost hate to talk about the weather. But, the weather. We pay our dues in the Northwest with enough gloom to make us notorious for it so when the sun shines in January, you talk about it. It’s been 60 here the last few days. 60 in January is some sort of miracle. And we did what any good Pacific Northwest dwellers do when the big ball of light shines. We got outside.

I’ve “hiked” (you can hardly call what we did hiking. it was glorified mountain walking) Evans Creek Preserve a few times in the summer but it was almost better in the winter. Very Twighlight-esc with moss stretching across every surface and tiny traces of wildlife at your feet. It was really a January morning at it’s finest.

**Remind me to look back at this when I’m complaining about the spring that hasn’t yet arrived in April.

IMG_3530 IMG_3560 (1) IMG_3577 IMG_3550 IMG_3575 IMG_3570 IMG_3555



frozen parade goers

Parade6This might be beating a dead horse with the Super Bowl champs thing but I’m just going to go ahead and think that you still care. Just a little. Maybe. Anyway, last week we stood out in 20 degree temperatures with 700,000 other Seattleites to watch the Seahawks in their victory parade. The news had warned us of both the crowds and the temperatures but lets just say I severely underestimated both. All told we spent three hours on 4th Street to watch about 20 minutes of parade action. Worth it? I’m still on the fence but we made some memories, that’s for sure.

Enjoy! Melissa

Parade2 Parade7 Parade3 Parade5 Parade4 Parade8

Seattle Family Photos

View More: View More: View More: were over the top excited when Project Thursday snapped some photos for us just in time for Christmas card season. Candice chose to start our photo session at the Seattle Public Library which I am ashamed to admit I had never visited before. It was amazing! The children’s section was perfectly set up for my not so quiet child and the breezeway outside screamed Seattle streets. Now, just to address and stamp all those cards! View More: View More:

On The Great Wheel


My parents are officially packing it up and moving across the Pacific to Hawaii. Right now, my stepmom has already made the trek but my dad is here waiting for their house to close before he is gonzo. So, we are taking advantage of him being in the Northwest with little to no furniture in his house and a bit of time on his hands. Because really, we will miss them! Even though I don’t see my parents too often, there is something to be said about knowing they are able to drive on over any time I need them. Now, we will be an ocean and a plane ride apart. But that ok, right, because I’m sure they are planning to fly me to Hawaii ALL THE TIME (hint, hint parents).

Anywho, we drug my dad into downtown over the weekend to send him off from Seattle with a few memories. None of us had been on the Great Wheel yet so we ponied up for our three spins around to check out the awesome views. And let me tell you, these may look like this gentle giant of a ferris wheel was a happy smiley time but I was so terrified. I even sat in the middle of our car for part of the ride while M ran around like a crazy person attempting to scare the crap out of me at any chance she got. Just look at her plotting her next move in the photo above.

Anyway, I totally recommend it if you are looking for a view of Seattle. Just don’t panic like me and look down for 99.9% of the time while yelling at anyone who came within a foot of the glass doors.

Enjoy! Melissa


GreatWheel1 GreatWheel3 GreatWheel2 GreatWheel4 GreatWheel8 GreatWheel7 GreatWheel9 GreatWheel6 GreatWheel5

Date Day


Just a note to self; selfies do not work with a large lens on your camera. But solid try on our parts! Instead of our usual late evening/ dinner date, we took off for the afternoon this past weekend. Maybe my new favorite date time. I know it’s not a romantic, candle burning night time setting but we got to enjoy the day together and still had some QT with M at dinner and before bed. Best of both worlds really! Is this what having a nanny would be like? Where do I find one of those. Joking. Kinda’.

DateDay1 DateDay8 DateDay2

|| I mean really guys. That picture is from a major freeway. Ky was driving and I snapped a few shots out the window. I couldn’t help but think that we are lucky to have these views. Some people would drive hundreds of miles or hike up mountains to see the things I can see from my freeway. Plus, just look at that stadium. The game could have brought you to tears it was so boring but the people watching was top notch. You probably don’t care but I’m going to tell you about the ‘young lady’ sitting one row in front of us. Not only did we comment on the way she draped her legs over the seat in front of her while wearing a dress and removing her shoes {keep in mind, this is a baseball game, not a Vegas pool} but she proceeded to ‘hint’ at the gentlemen who were a good 30 years her senior in the seats next to her to buy her a beer. Such subtly in her hinting too. ‘Hey, I’m going to get a beer. Want one?’ ‘No Thanks’ Girl doesn’t move as her hint was clearly not caught. Try again. ‘What kind of beer is that you are drinking? Looks good.’ This time, caught, hook line and sinker. Said gentleman buys her a beer and not five minuets later off she went to never return to that seat. But, like I said, the people watching was awesome.

DateDay4 DateDay5 DateDay7

|| Again, selfies do not work. But, whatever, I was in date day goofy blissdom.

Enjoy! Melissa

Children’s Museum Day


The rain has returned here in the great northwest. For a few weeks it was down right hot. Now, now it’s a mildly tolerable temperature with rain. It seems like mother nature taunts us like this every year so it’s nothing new. Just normal that we have returned to indoor activities. {And now that I’ve updated on our riveting weather status…..}

So, last week, in search of a fun indoor activity, Lacie of Leather & Lace  and I took our little girls to the Seattle Children’s Museum. Not only did we set out to conquer a museum which sounded like a feat in itself  but we also set out in one car. Just so you know why you should think that is so great…..I haven’t driven with a friend and their little in a year. It’s just so much work to muscle around the car seats, strollers, etc. We always just meet at our destination. But, we were being frugal {cheap} this day so I made Lacie my honorary husband and she showed me how to move the car seats around and off we went. Getting to actually talk in the car was such a bonus to this trip! It’s the small things right?

Any who, the girls just barely squeaked into the age where they would appreciate this place. It was full of pretend, hands on activity. Under this very mobile age, this place would have been a nightmare but as is, they had a blast.


|| They were so interested in the fish tank. What? We could have taken them to PetSmart for the day? But this was more fun! ||



|| Funny M! She was so into the grocery shopping experience. I was trying to explain her food choices to her but she just wanted to push the cart and bash into things. Whatever floats your boat! ||



|| We got to check out the Three Little Bears house. We tried to test out all the chairs but they only wanted papa bears chair. Seemed most comfy! ||


|| For our valant efforts, Lacie and I rewarded ourselves with dessert for lunch. Let me just tell you that the Skillet Counter’s Pie in a Bowl is to die for. Their description is:

bittersweet chocolate pudding, pie crust, sea salt,
cocoa nibs

Drool over that one for a while! It was as good as it sounds. And, don’t judge. After running after two little ones in a land of pretend wonder all day, you are allowed as many extra calories as you would like. My rules!  ||

Needless to say, it was a good day!

Enjoy! Melissa

Flowers, Carts and Packs || Pikes Place


Ms M and I ventured out to Pikes Place Market for some flowers a few days ago. It was a mix of an amazing adventure and a poor decision on my part. Every time we head to a crowded location I debate which carrying system will be the best for M. Pack or stroller. {Riveting, huh?} This time, I went with stroller thinking that my hands would end up too full of M supplies and market goods if she was in the pack. And really, it was probably the worst/ best decision.


I was able to hide my amazing Beechers Mac & Cheese and two giant bouquets of flowers in the stroller and still somehow maneuver it through the crowd with only a little staring at my craziness.

However, M was also able to grab the handle of the stroller and throw the stroller to the ground sending puddles of water and flower bits all over the floor of the nice little coffee shop we were in. {Nice, right?} So, I immediately scrambled to pack up all of our goods and head back up to the car. Flowers, mac & cheese and giant diaper bag were left behind and back to the market we went with M in her Bjorn. {I’m hearing that Young Gunz song, “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop…” in my head right now. What? I just referenced Young Gunz while blabbing about a Baby Bjorn….I know. I know.}


So, I guess I did the market twice that day! And both times, it was amazingly stimulating. We saw hordes of tourists lined up and taking photos outside the original Starbucks, fish flying through the air, abundant flowers, fresh veggies lining the market edges and we took home some colorful french macarons. Yumm!



I’m pretty sure my girl had something similar to the time of her life. So much color and excitement to keep her little eyes on and it was fun to show her the beauty of Seattle in one hurried trip. I can’t wait for her to be old enough to walk through and help me pick out fresh dinner supplies and blooms for our house. Wait, never mind, I’m going to leave her one forever and have harried debates over pack or stroller. It’s worth it!

Enjoy! Melissa