A few weeks ago, I spent the entire weekend repurposing a table for our living room. In an effort to pull off some of our home deco goals without busting the bank, we are using a few pieces from our old house with a new style. We have a huge round table that started off as my in-laws dining room table, then we got ahold of it and covered it in vinyl, spray-painted the legs brown and used it as an end table of sorts in our last house. I was determined to hang on to it for our new space but it definitely needed another update.

Poor table. It’s got to be having an identity crisis by now.

After countless Pinterest hours, I decided on using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Wax. It seemed like it would give the farmhouse / vintage style I was looking for this time around. In the end, it was the perfect choice. I’m smitten with the new look and updating the table from brown to white brightened up our whole space.

I won’t pretend I’m an expert (or anywhere near close) on using chalk paint now but I did learn a few thing along the way that might help if you decide to head down the chalk paint path as well…..

1.This paint choice was spendy but 100% worth it.

I used very little and this was a fairly big project. Also, the look was incredible. Normally, I’m the brains (or just the bossy one) and Kyle executes projects but he insisted that I take ownership on this one. So glad he did because the paint is very forgiving and I actually loved tackling something new.

2. I watched about 20 you-tube videos before touching a brush.

I was nervous nervous nervous before starting because of the different paint strokes and waxing process required. The videos were incredibly helpful and I limped my way through the process while pausing and restarting them over and over.

3. This project took me a day and a half.

One of the best parts about chalk paint is that technically there is no prep work. No sanding, etc. Buuuutttt since we had previously used adhesive to stick the vinyl down, I spent a few hours sanding, scraping and trying to remove the rough texture from the top of the table. That delayed the process a bit. Then, I let the paint dry overnight before waxing the next day. So there you have it….a whole weekend.

4. I didn’t pony up for the expensive brushes. 

From all the videos and research I did, the brushes look amazing and are probably worth it if you plan to tackle multiple projects but when I went into this, I wasn’t sure if I would be wowed at the outcome. I was. Maybe I’ll go back for the ‘good’ brushes before my next project but my Home Depot brushes worked just fine for my first go round.

Here are a few photos that show our process….

IMG_4239 IMG_4248

^^ before

IMG_4281 IMG_4287 IMG_4279

^^ during


IMG_4755 (1)

^^ after