“M, once a week, every week, in 2014”

I always enjoy when I open some of my favorite blogs and they are posting to the 52 week project . They usually write something short, sweet and share an image that puts my photography skills to shame. None the less, I decided I wanted in this year. So, a week late, I am jumping on board in hopes to be able to look back and watch my M grow up in front of our eyes at the end of the year.

She’s starting the year off on the same fast track she spends most of her days on. Even almost three weeks of various illnesses haven’t slowed her down much and her newest obsession is this doll, aptly named ‘baby’. She asks for baby several times a day and has a little fixation with her shoes coming off. Then, as she usually does, she tempts fate and tries to hold the dogs paw while she shoves “babies” shoe on her foot.  {And I run around like a clucking chicken screaming “we don’t hold the dogs leg up in the air. her leg doesn’t bend that way. she doesn’t like that.”}

I’m so happy to welcome 2014 and all it’s craziness. I feel like time just keeps a tickin’ and we just move with the flow. Nothing wrong with that!

Enjoy! Melissa

The Tale of the Sting


Over the past week we have been to park almost every day. Somehow, outside in the 90 degree heat is cooler then inside my house and it gives M a chance to run free. Also, I’ve mentioned before that I could not make it through my days without M’s friends and their mamas. We have had little pals with us at the park every day keeping us company and damn it’s cute to watch these kids play.

And I could blab on and on about how it’s so great to spend our time outside but really I’m getting to the point of when it was just tragic to be at the park. This tale is from Friday afternoon and I have no pictures of it as who can document in the middle of panic but these nice happy pics from the last few days will do.

And the tragedy unfolds like this; M and I had a day with no plans and were planning to just get errands done and tidy up the house etc but little fussy pants was in a mood that required some time to let energy out and run around so I took her to the nearest little beach park. We ran around on the beach, we frolicked in the water, we played a little ‘soccer’ with a new friend and right before it was time to go, I decided I couldn’t let a nice day pass without adding a little fat kid time in. So, we hustled off and grabbed some sorbet, planted our happy butts down under a tree and started slurping our treat down.

Then it happened. A bee made an unusually loud appearance buzzing around us as madly as he could. Now that I think about it he apparently wasn’t happy about our choice in seating areas or wanted a taste of our sorbet. I gave him a little shew and yet he stayed. He buzzed around a bit while we ignored him and continued eating until M let out a giant shrill and started rubbing her face with a vengeance. Turns out that crazy, manic bee had landed on her eyebrow and decided to give her a sting!

I reached down, grabbed her , vacated all of our belonging and started running. We ran through the park like crazies. M crying in my arms, me shewing and flailing about until I got stung as well and the bee moved on to the lunch the people next to us had brought.

I mean really. What a bastard. Just sting a baby in the face, make me leave my sorbet behind marking the scene of the crime and move on to annoy some other park dwellers who are minding their own business.

Turns out, M’s a real trooper. Her eye was all red and swollen for a little while and into the next day a bit but she got over it quickly and the biggest scar is my newfound fear and hatred of bees.

Oh and if your wondering, my arm is ok too.

Enjoy! Melissa

Park8 Park7 Park2 Park6 Park4

Dog Days


Before M, our dogs were our furry children. They went all over with us, sat on couch in the lap of dog luxury enjoying pets in the evenings and were fed like clockwork breakfast and dinner. Now, well, I hate to admit it but they are sadly learning to adjust to more of a dog type role in the house.

Our little dog, Sadie, is by far the alpha between the two and she is having a harder time adjusting to M being around. She just doesn’t love being swatted, tugged and chased all day long by a rambunctious toddler. Some relaxation is what that little lady is looking for and who would blame her? But, Jackson, our big Goldendoodle has a bit more patience for M and is learning to enjoy that she wants to pay attention to him all day long. It’s pretty much exactly the type of relationship he is looking for. Someone who constantly wants to pet, love and hug him.

So, M has learned ‘nice pets’ and now she is working on throwing the ball for him. What a cute pair! I can just see years of friendship forming with every little throw of the ball.

Enjoy! Melissa





Memorial Day Weekend


Happy Tuesday after Memorial Day Weekend! Isn’t there just something about a long weekend that makes Tuesday feel so refreshed and special? It’s like after all your running around, you actually got a moment to rest and breathe.

So, thank you Memorial Day Weekend for a little time to spend with my family, just spending!

We did our share of running around. We ran a 5K together, quickly made an Ikea stop, sold my little car and updated to a mom vehicle, ate some yummy food truck goodness, attended one of M’s best little friends birthday parties, ran errands and watched 3 whole movies. I would say that’s a total success for a stay-cation. More on some of this later but for now, I’m still basking in the moments we got to play together.

And, check out this saucer swing. Amazing, right? M didn’t know what hit her with this crazy contraption and, I couldn’t let her have all the fun so I jumped on too.

Enjoy! Melissa






Pasta-licious Play




Go out. Stay in. Go out. Stay in. Spend money. Be frugal. Little M and I go through this debate almost every day. To be honest, both are equal amounts of effort. Getting in and out of the car with the mountains of stuff we schlep around or trying to fill our day with enough stimulation and activity to keep M {and me} from getting cabin fever. I more often then not decide that the mountains of stuff are worth it and we go out and about. But, when we do stay in, I try hard to keep us both busy so she {we} don’t get cranky.

In an attempt to keep her stimulated, I diy’d a little sensory bin earlier this week. I hardly recreated the wheel with this but it turned out to be a huge hit so I thought I would share. To produce our noodle-licious sensory bin I:

  1. Boiled left over pasta I had in the pantry. 
  2. Drained and let it cool.
  3. Put 1/4 of the pasta at a time in a bowl while I added food coloring and stirred until it was all covered.
  4. Placed the colorful pasta in a 9×13 tray.
  5. Buried some bath toys under the noodles.

I put the tray full of a rainbow pasta and toys on a towel, stripped Little M down to her diaper and let her play in all the noodle glory. She was hesitant at first but once she got the hang of it, she loved squishing the pasta around and searching out her toys. The best was putting her feet in it. Kind of like Lucille Ball in the vat of grapes. She had a little gross face at first but then squished her baby toes around.

She played for 30 minutes and besides having to grab pasta from her mouth every two seconds, this was a huge success! Oh, and the dogs got a belly full of pasta since she fed them every piece I wouldn’t allow her to eat. How nice of her.

Enjoy! Melissa

Side Note: If I did this again, I would find more natural food dyes. She really {really} wanted to eat some. Which wouldn’t have been a big deal if I was more confident in the dye. Next time!