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Heart Garland

To follow up on yesterday’s somewhat rambling post about my relationship with blogging, I thought it would be nice to up the mood and focus on sharing some love. Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on us (reminder…get those dinner reservations in!) so I whipped up a few garlands for the occasion. They didn’t quite hit the shop in time for a true Valentine’s Day sale so I figured, lets give one away!

If you would like to win a heart garland please leave a comment below letting me know where your garland would hang in your home. A winner will be selected at random on Friday, January 24th. For an extra entry, please share this post on whatever social media site you prefer and let me know you ‘shared’ in your comment.

CONGRATULATIONS Jenna! YOU WON! Enjoy your garland and thank you to all who entered. If you are interested in purchasing a Valentine’s Garland, there is still time! Shoot me an email and we’ll get one over to you. 

Enjoy! Melissa

*Sorry, limited to US readers only. Please only leave your contact information in the allotted boxes, not in the body of your comment. Winner will be emailed after selection is made. 

Decorating For SC

Favorite Christmas

Normally, I enforce the ‘one holiday at a time’ rule in our house. No decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Some of you may say bah humbug to that but I’m really not scroogy. It’s just that I love Thanksgiving (or not so much the actual day, more like I love the food) and I don’t want to breeze over it. I respect the person who tackles that Thanksgiving meal more then they’ll ever know and plan to NEVER let that duty fall in my lap (unless for some reason everyone would like cold, mistimed food and possible food poisoning…then OK) so lets raise our glasses to them and let Thanksgiving have it’s moment.

This year is different though. The season is shorter and we are heading out of town for a while to celebrate with family. So, this Sunday, it’s decorating day in my house. The lights are going up outside soon and we’ll be all ready to swing into full Christmas mode when we arrive home from our vaca. I thought I would share with you the things I’m most excited to be spending time with for the next month.

1. I bought this awesome print from Hen & Co this year and I am so excited to add it to my wall for the season. I’m finding that being able to change out prints seasonally is my favorite part of having gone through the pain of hanging a collage wall in my family room.  This little deer may sneak up a few days early as I’m being really impatient about getting to hang with him.

2. I’m a little (or a lot) crazy and insist that my Christmas tree only have matching ornaments. No mismatched pickles with sunglasses or dancing elephants on our tree. So, to allow for the fun ornaments, we have a small table top tree in our kitchen that gets all the mis-matchers. (I’m feeling like it sounds like the land of misfit toys, but I swear it’s not.) This year, we are adding our initials to the tree for a little sparkle.

3. In keeping with my crazy, I make a quick trip to Crate and Barrel every holiday season and pick up one or two new silver or gold ornaments for our big tree. These year, I’m into these! Clearly I’m into the silver and gold holiday theme but I think I would like to mix it up next year. What colors do you decorate with? Let me know if you have any recommendations!

4. Costco for the win on this one. I go every year and pick up a fresh garland for our mantel. Something about the fire underneath (burning with care obviously) and the stockings hanging just so make my house feel so cozy during the holidays. This year, I’ll also be stringing a paper garland from our pop-up-shop around the fresh garland for a pop of color.  (Reminder: Only 3 days left before the shop closes!!)

5. Most of the year I’m not a huge fan of personalized items. I just really don’t need to see my name everywhere but these stockings are so traditional that I have to do it. We each have one and Santa fills them along with a pair of pajamas on the side every Christmas Eve. (Thanks SC!)

6. I LOVE TO WRAP PRESENTS! I think it goes with my love for paper products but something about a well wrapped gift makes it that much better. Last year, I made salt dough gift tags  that could be used for ornaments (clearly not on your big tree, only on your misfits tree) as well. If you are looking for a fun punch on your gifts this year, I really recommend these.





PW On Etsy || Pop Up Shop


I have some crazy exciting news!

The wheels have been turning for a while, my sewing machine has been in high gear and my wrist hurts from cutting and cutting because the Pretty Wednesday Pop-Up Etsy shop is OPEN! I’ve stocked it full of some awesome Thanksgiving paper garland and a few previews to a holiday line. We’ll only be open for four days as we have some family Thanksgiving time on the horizon so get your orders in now.

I decorated with these hand crafted garlands for Halloween in my own home and got so many comments from guests that I thought everyone deserved some garland in their life. And away went production!

Oh’ and did I mention that for being amazing blog followers and readers, you are hearing my fun news an hour before anyone else? Next up is a little Instagram announcement, then we’ll shout it from the roof tops. So, if any of the one-of-a-kind items are on your must have list, you have a little time before the crowds come a knockin.

Enjoy! Melissa

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