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It’s probably been way too long since I mentioned our other children around here. Did you even know we had dogs? Poor guys seem to be stuck behind the scenes these days. But as the days get warmer, we’ve gotten to enjoy more time with them outside and I was able to get a few pictures of our furry kids for some introductions…..

jackson1Jackson is our 80 lb goldendoodle. Yes, goldendoodle. Everyone always gets caught up on that. He had a golden retriever for a mom and black standard poodle for a dad. My friend Bree says that Jackson is a person in a dog suit and that’s pretty much all you need to know about him. He’s THE BEST.


And then there’s this one. I joke that Sadie is my step-dog. When I met a six foot five handsome guy named Kyle in college, I was a littler perplexed about his tiny eight pound dog. Then I saw him walking her and girls basically running towards him to pet his tiny companion. Mystery solved.  Anyway, she barks A LOT and is a mix of about every small dog under the sun but she loves us so much and is just pint sized enough for M to run after all day.

So that’s that.

Weekend Snapshot || Round 5

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Still working on that collage wall. I bought this awesome print on PS I Adore You and couldn’t be happier with it. || Also for that wall, I have been going through old pictures to have some framed. Just 14 months ago my baby fit on our forearms. P.S. This was right before she pooped all down me during this photo session. Ahhh the memories caught on camera. || I wore dots today. If Kate can pull it off, then I shall wear it too. Oh and lets talk about how mad we should all be at her. Who looks that great, walks in heels and has not a strand of hair out of place 24 hours after birth? Super woman I tell ya’ || Why I think these candles make a suitable bouquet, I have no idea but there they lie all grouped together like they belong. || This guy gets a hair cut tomorrow. You can’t tell but he’s thanking me between pants under that heavy coat of fur. Sorry bud, should have made the appointment sooner. || And the pièce de résistance is this potted plant that was dead, dead, dead just a few weeks ago and is now flourishing. Lets just say that for once, this black thumb turned green. Miracles can happen folks!

Enjoy! Melissa


Dog Days


Before M, our dogs were our furry children. They went all over with us, sat on couch in the lap of dog luxury enjoying pets in the evenings and were fed like clockwork breakfast and dinner. Now, well, I hate to admit it but they are sadly learning to adjust to more of a dog type role in the house.

Our little dog, Sadie, is by far the alpha between the two and she is having a harder time adjusting to M being around. She just doesn’t love being swatted, tugged and chased all day long by a rambunctious toddler. Some relaxation is what that little lady is looking for and who would blame her? But, Jackson, our big Goldendoodle has a bit more patience for M and is learning to enjoy that she wants to pay attention to him all day long. It’s pretty much exactly the type of relationship he is looking for. Someone who constantly wants to pet, love and hug him.

So, M has learned ‘nice pets’ and now she is working on throwing the ball for him. What a cute pair! I can just see years of friendship forming with every little throw of the ball.

Enjoy! Melissa






Jackson - Blog

Sadie - Blog

Besides Little M, we have two other babies in our house. Jackson and Sadie are Little M’s best friends and the protectors of our humble abode. Jack Jack is an 80 lb. goldendoodle. He is possibly the most loving and patient GIANT dog I have ever met. Little Sadie is a 7 year old mix. She is the ruler of the roost and gets to sleep at the foot of the bed. When we first brought Little M home, these two didn’t want much to do with her. They seemed to be waiting for her to leave actually. BUT, now that she is a little older and can laugh and tug at them, they seem interested in giving her a little lick whenever we aren’t watching. Best of friends, I tell ya’!