Vintage Adventure || Snohomish


In a mad quest to find cake plates to use at Ms. M’s birthday party, her and I headed out to do some vintage shopping. We’ll call her party theme ‘pastel vintage’. It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that. But, since I don’t have any proper cake plates, I thought this would be a good time to get my hands on some beautiful vintage pieces.

I would like to report that M and I had a great time checking out this amazing little town and bobbing in and out of the vintage shops. But, really, the report is that I had a great time. M…not so much. This beautiful, perfect day was just not her day. She wanted out of her stroller, reached her little paw out to grab all sorts of {expensive} vintage goodies and basically had me running through these stores like a mad woman.



Now that I think about it, maybe vintage shopping isn’t on the top of ‘things babies love to do list’ {I’m going to use the word baby as many times as I can today. Her birthday is tomorrow. To-freikin-morrow and I feel like she’ll somehow instantly be a toddler. So baby it is today. All day.}



Just look at that salty look I got when I tried to cheer her up by showing her the cutest little pie shop. Nothing. Apparently, vintage or pies aren’t her thing.



So, to round out my desperate attempt for a M mood changer, I asked the kind pie shop girl if there was a park near by. M got to remove herself from her stroller cage and stretch her little legs. It worked! We played in the grass and had a little snack before trying one last shop. Maybe not her favorite day but I sure loved that little town. I walked out with three awesome plates to use and visions of so many other things I ‘need’ from those shops. Can’t wait to go back {maybe on a baby free day}!


Enjoy! Melissa

What’s On M’s Plate


M is days away from turning one and not only can I not believe it but I can also see her palate changing. She knows what she likes now and picks through her meals eating mounds of the goods she wants and leaving behind entire plates of broccoli or green beans. {See a trend here? Something about green food isn’t doing it for her lately. Starting to sound like a toddler. Ahhhh!} But, this lunch was a hit a few days ago. I think the colors tricked her into eating her veggies!

|| Turkey Scrabble ||

Fully Cooked Ground Turkey

Steamed and Diced Squash

Steamed and Diced Zucchini

 A Sprinkle of Cheese

Served with Cooked Pears for Dessert

Enjoy! Melissa

Traveling With A Little


As Promised, a week after arriving back to the Pacific Northwest and all it’s glory, I am going to stop looking at vacation pictures now. But, lets wrap it up with some things I learned while traveling with an 11 month old.  Our trip was maybe a little different because we were visiting family which comes with certain luxuries.

|| Borrow what you can! My sister-in-law let us confiscate her stroller, car seat and high chair for the week. Amazing! It cut down on the stuff we were schlepping through the airport and gave M her own personal conveniences. With the amount of stuff we already had with us, I don’t think we could have handled adding these additional items to our load and we used all three items daily on our trip. Then, when we were leaving, we just nicely packed them all up and left them behind. Couldn’t ask for a better system! ||



|| Take Time For Yourself! Again, I know that we were awarded this time because we were visiting family but I feel like most of my friends are taking trips either with their family or to see family these days. So, use them. They want nothing more then to spend time with your little and you want nothing more then a moment to breath. To do this we booked a few adventures through Hawaii Adventure Center. Ky and I took off twice on our trip. The first was a sunset cruise and the second was an adventure filled ATV tour. It was a nice chance to hang with my hubby for a few hours and it gave our family some quality time with M. Win Win! ||


|| Ship Ahead! With the cost of checked luggage and the limited number of hands we have to move all our stuff onto the plane, I decided to ship a few items ahead of us to my parents house. A few weeks before we left, I got on good ol’ Amazon and shipped our beach tent, M’s float-mobile and a travel crib. Best thing I did for us! These heavy items arrived there and were waiting on the doorstep for us. I just wished I had used this same foresight to ship diapers. I tried fitting them into our suitcase and they just took up too much room. So, I ran to the store when we got there only to find that just one brand was available in M’s size. Next time, I’ll be putting together a box from home and shipping these type of items {diapers, M’s snacks, etc} ahead of us. ||


|| Enjoy! It’s VACATION! I had to tell myself that it was OK to be off our typical schedule. M would survive! And, she did! She actually was more relaxed there then I have ever seen her. She got flexible. Naps were mostly on the go. In the car, in the stroller, etc. and she slept through some crazy noise at night. It worked! And, we got to enjoy ourselves because we didn’t chain ourselves to the house for her schedule. It’s vacation! ||

Now, that song keeps playing through my head….”Back to life, back to reality….”. But, that’s OK. Vacation is vacation and it has to end sometimes. Plus, your own house is somehow such a luxury after you travel. My bed feels like new and I could stand in my shower for hours. So, until next time Hawaii. Alooooooha!

Enjoy! Melissa

Mothers Day

Mamas Day

It was still a little strange when people wanted to wish me a Happy Mothers Day yesterday. I have to admit that every time someone said it, I took a little glance over my shoulder to see who they were talking to. It’s only been a year since I’ve been a mama so really, yesterday was like a secret little ‘welcome to the club’ party for me. But more then a celebration of my year full of new feelings, massive love and a new station in life, I realized I have gained so much respect for the fabulous examples of mamas I have in my life.

So, to all those women, we love you! Thank you to the amazing women in my family, my friends who are new moms with me and my friends who are a bit more seasoned moms. You are all so important to my family. You have shown me how to have great love in the most challenging and rewarding job I could imagine.

I hope each of you got to put your feet up for a few minutes, took in the goodness in your children and are starting your week feeling as appreciated and special as you should.

From my family to yours….Thank you!

Enjoy! Melissa

Oh’ and as much as I want to keep looking at them, tomorrow will wrap up our vacation posts. See you then for a little warm vacation breeze!

5 Minute M || Hawaii Style


One night we caught the sunset just right as we enjoyed our high class vacation meal of burgers and fries in the lawn at a little outdoor shopping center. It was so random and so unexpected. M loved it. We loved it. My camera loved it. These 5 minutes are what I want all vacations to feel like.

Enjoy! Melissa







Aloha || Airplane Lap Child

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

We’re Baaaack! I know. I ditched out. Didn’t even say good bye. And hopefully didn’t have you thinking I was gone for good. I wasn’t too far away and I didn’t run way {promise!}. I was just enjoying some time in Hawaii with my family!

So, Aloha! We’re back from a week of spending some quality family time, beaching it and eating way too many delicious meals. The trip provided so much eye candy and so much greatness that I’ll be updating you all week long! First things first though, we had to get to over the Pacific to our little island getaway.

Let me tell you, we are NOT travel experts with a child. Don’t let all those ‘tips for flying with a child’ on Pintrest fool you. It’s hard work to entertain an 11 month old for six hours. I followed all the ‘rules’. We had new toys she had never seen, Sesame Street loaded on the iPad and enough food to last her a good three months if needed. Some of that helped. The new toys provided about ten minutes of entertainment each {woo hoo!!} and I let her stuff herself full of food which occupied time until she spit up and we had a entire outfit change and ruined blanket saga {go me}.

The only thing that saved us was the miracle of all miracles. The only empty seat on the entire plane was between Ky and I. M used that seat like her parents had ponied up for it! She crawled through it, colored in it and laid down in it. After not having this luxury on our way home, I know how spoiled we were with this seat. Maybe ‘lap child’ isn’t in our future. It’s a bit much! My arms are sore from all the passing of M between us on the way home and I’m still feeling sorry for the very kind older gentleman who we made get up from the aisle seat about 1,000 times on the way home. Poor, poor man. He just wanted to read his Ernest Hemingway book and instead had M pulling his arm hair like a monkey and me constantly bashfully asking him to let us out from our seat cage once again.

Very tricky airlines. You have now convinced us that on top of paying for our overweight checked luggage and carrying a million pounds of baby gear through the airport we should purchase yet another seat on our next trip. Very tricky indeed.

Enjoy! Melissa

Love You Back


Every day I watch Little M learn something. Some days she learns to make a new sound. Some days it’s a new gesture. And others it’s just the taste of a new food. However, nothing has been as special as her recent new recognition of love.

In the last few weeks Little M has really learned what it means to show affection. She has been toddling right up to us, throwing her little arms around our neck and squeezing. A giant baby sized bear hug. Then, she leans in {often with her mouth wide open} and gives us a smooch. And, if I wasn’t sure that she was aware of the kind of love she is showing, she has turned her love onto her favorite baby doll as well. Same actions; hugs with a little shake the way you do when you are really into a hug, kisses on the forehead and a little hand holding.

It’s melt your heart cute. It’s start your Monday on the right foot cute. It’s momentous.

Enjoy! Melissa

Weekend Snapshot || iPhone Update 4











I know, I know…we are half way through this week and I’m just now blabbing about last weekend. But, it was just so great. I can’t let it go. So, update you get!

|| On Friday, we got to see a dream come true. My soon-to-be brother-in-law was in the Broadway Tour of Flashdance at the Paramount. If you are familiar, he played the role of Nick. Let me tell you, it was amazing. Amazing to watch him on stage. Amazing to watch his loved ones get a glimpse of his talent. And Amazing to feel his happiness after the show. {I’m hoping he doesn’t mind my gushing. Sorry Derek!} AND on top of all that… because ya’ ya’ he’s great…..we got a date night! We had an awesome tapas dinner before the show {side note, why aren’t all meals served like this? I would far prefer to eat a few bites off small plates then have a 4lb chicken slabbed on my plate like most restaurants do.} and a few drinks after. Love this man I’m married to. It was so nice to spend some time with him and our friends.||


|| On Saturday night, I really got crazy and went to yoga. No, but really, it was pretty fun. Lululemon put on a yoga event inside the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit in Seattle. There were about 300 people mat-to-mat doing yoga while the Beatles played and the Space Needle shined above us. Not too shabby.||



|| And we are to the end of the weekend. Sunday was pretty special. Little M went to her first baby birthday party. She played with some small friends while I attended my sister-in-laws bridal shower. Folks, that guy in Flashdance and my sister-in-law have been dating for longer then I have even known my husband. High school sweethearts that have made it through college in different states, pursuing dreams in NYC and now a wedding right around the corner. Let me tell you…wedding of the year around here for sure! So, she basked in bridal shower glory and opened all things kitchen while we oooed and awwed. And, the funniest, her friends in NYC got in their ‘shower’ best and joined us via Facetime. Clever! Very Clever! ||

And that’s it, I won’t blab about the past any more.

Enjoy! Melissa

Randomness || Round 2



Happy Tuesday! I have so many things running through this crazy brain of mine that I can’t pick just one to write about. So, lucky you, here are all my thoughts of the moment:

  1. My girl is on her way to walking. She takes her little mouse toy on wheels and pushes it around my kitchen. Her little legs take tiny step after step as she carefully conducts every move. Then, she thinks even harder as she maneuvers her way around the mouse to push him out of a corner and continues..step, step. Those little legs moving might be the cutest thing I have ever laid eyes on. And, on one hand, I’m so proud of her. You can tell every fiber in her is concentrating and that she’s pretty proud of herself. On the other, wait stop. M. You can’t be old enough to walk. 
  2. On the same token, I’m planning her first birthday. So far, I’ve sent out the invitations. That’s it. Nothing else. So, if you are coming be ready for a ‘surprise’ because I don’t even know what’s going down yet. So unlike me. Maybe it’s because I feel like M turning the big o-n-e has to be eons away. Not in a few weeks.
  3. Who knows where I can get a good swimsuit? I have tried on every acceptable ‘mom’ suit in the greater area with no luck. I think I’m just hoping that a miracle happens in the next week and I can somehow walk around in a pre-pregnancy bikini and nobody will notice my not so tight, not so un-steretchmarked stomach. Not happenin’. So, again, I ask…where do I find the perfect ‘I’m still young enough’ but also an ‘I had a baby’ swimsuit? Help!
  4. I went to Barre class last night for the first time in a while. Typing hurts. Moving hurts. In a good way.
  5. Today is the day I go get the filling they didn’t have time for last week at the dentist. Last time was better. Before I knew what getting a filling entailed. Now, I’m just hoping they lost my appointment. I’ll have to call later to confirm that they don’t in fact have me on the books {hopefully}.
  6. This picture has nothing to do with this post but I just thought it was so fitting. M is my little gift. To me, to her family and to anyone she meets. Once her little eyes smile at someone, I swear they can do nothing but smile back and act a tad bit goofy. A gift.

Enjoy! Melissa




We have a few family members in town this weekend and Little M couldn’t be any happier. Who else gives you this kind of attention? Claps when you clap. Says ‘yayyyy’ with you over and over. Just adores the way you make every move. I mean, really, I didn’t even stage that picture. She is in heaven.

Watching how much they love her is so fun for me. I know I love her. {You guys, you should have heard the laugh she was letting out last night because my pony tail was moving around. Melted my heart. And, gave me a small headache because I didn’t want it to stop so I kept shaking my dumb head around.} But, to watch others really enjoy her and to see how she can brighten someones day by exerting absolutely no effort and just being herself is pretty awesome. A lesson in life from a baby for sure.






Her Auntie Jenna and Uncle Derek are here visiting the Emerald City because Derek is in the national tour of Flashdance. Ky and I are going tonight and I can hardly contain my excitement to get to see this guy on stage. Sorry M, we will have to tell you all about it when we get home. Can. Not. Wait.

Don’t worry! I’m sure I’ll have a full recap on Monday. Until then, we are going to enjoy our company and let M soak up all her attention.

Have a great weekend.

Enjoy! Melissa