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We have been dealing with a plague in our house. That might be a little dramatic but honestly, there is a virus making it’s way around that lasts for weeks. M got it two and a half weeks ago and just kicked it. I got it about a week ago and it’s still rollin’. Just c’mon…all I’m asking is to be able to breathe. To breathe so I can sleep.

This pesky bug is just hanging on and we are taking baby steps to getting back into our regular routine.

In an effort to do just that but avoid infecting any fortunate healthy people we might encounter, I took my crew the dog park a few days ago. I let M take over the photo taking and it was pretty hilarious. She wasn’t so much into action shots and expected every dog she crossed paths with to stand and pose for her. Not happening girl. Instead, we came out with just one friendly dog photo and many more of my dirty dog park shoes.


IMG_4700 IMG_4721 IMG_4709 IMG_4703 IMG_4719

Dog Days


Before M, our dogs were our furry children. They went all over with us, sat on couch in the lap of dog luxury enjoying pets in the evenings and were fed like clockwork breakfast and dinner. Now, well, I hate to admit it but they are sadly learning to adjust to more of a dog type role in the house.

Our little dog, Sadie, is by far the alpha between the two and she is having a harder time adjusting to M being around. She just doesn’t love being swatted, tugged and chased all day long by a rambunctious toddler. Some relaxation is what that little lady is looking for and who would blame her? But, Jackson, our big Goldendoodle has a bit more patience for M and is learning to enjoy that she wants to pay attention to him all day long. It’s pretty much exactly the type of relationship he is looking for. Someone who constantly wants to pet, love and hug him.

So, M has learned ‘nice pets’ and now she is working on throwing the ball for him. What a cute pair! I can just see years of friendship forming with every little throw of the ball.

Enjoy! Melissa





Gentle Giant


{Here, Share my lunch Jack.}


{Actually, I think I would just rather eat it. Give it back!}


{Ugh, get away from lunch Jack.}

Just a little Saturday eye candy! Little M is really starting to understand that if you don’t want to eat your lunch, you can just share it with the dogs. You guys, IT’S SO CUTE! She holds her little hand out and Jack nibbles the food so gently out of her hand. He’s really such a gentle giant. I know I should stop this craziness but I just can’t.

Enjoy! Melissa

A Sun Celebration

Sunny Day

OK Whatever So Cal peeps. We live in Seattle. When the sun comes out in February, you celebrate! Not that it was warm or anything but the sun did finally show it’s face for one whole day here. It was glorious. Little M, Sadie and I (sorry Jackson, you are just too big for some adventures) went to the little park across the street to celebrate. Of course, we had to layer up first.  {Side Note: M’s North Face fleece bunting has been the most amazing thing this winter. If you live somewhere chilly, I totally recommend one. Less fighting when you zip her than a jacket and it’s full body warmth.}  We also had to lay down multiple layers of towels so the damp grass wouldn’t soak us. But none the less, we sat outside for a full hour, soaked up the sun and ate chopped up mango and avocado. M even got some in her mouth and shared lots with Sadie. It’s the little things folks, if the suns out celebrate it!

Enjoy! Melissa