There are two places that I have sworn off on the weekends completely. Costco and Ikea. {I know. I live in the burbs.} Call me old but the crowds are just too much for me. People fighting to build their own Framsta Shelving Unit or buy a 500 gallon bucket of butter. I don’t get it. That said, I go to Costco regularly to purchase my very own 500 gallon buckets of food. I just make sure to run that joy of an errand on a weekday. But, due to this apparent crowd phobia, I had managed to avoid Ikea for  years.

Finally, it was time. Time to fight the crowds with M in tow. So, I invited a friend to brave it with me and a little weekday trip was scheduled. Who knew? Ikea can be a pleasurable place in the middle of the week. Our girls even seemed to enjoy it for a while. I guess they like things named Syklta and Mala.

First, M rode in her new ‘play pen’ while having a snack. Then her friend joined her for a little play pen action while her mom and I enjoyed the {how they heck are they so good?} meatballs and a drink with a name that I’ll never be able to pronounce but it had a pear on the front so I figured it was probably a 100% fruit juice health drink, right?

I left the store with two kitchen towels and two planters. WHAT? Who leaves Ikea with a total of $5.99 {plus meatballs and a drink for $2. Also an indication that they are probably full of healthful things.}.

Ugh! I’m so suburban.

Enjoy! Melissa




5 Minute M || 2


Morning –

After a heavy hearted yesterday, I thought I would try to start your Tuesday off on the right foot with a little smiling eye candy.

Little M loves this new toy. Check out how crazy she is just in 5 minutes with this mouse. Sometimes, I just have to sit back and soak in a few minutes with her! They aren’t all rainbows and sunshine but sometimes, they are pretty close.

Enjoy! Melissa





Worth It


We had the craziest Saturday.

A little background; Ky and I both went to college in a small town in eastern Washington. We met there, we fell in love there, we adore Washington State University and are raising M to share that passion. So, when Ky had some business to do over the mountains, Little M and I jumped at the chance to join him for a quick day trip to our Alma Mater. It’s such a long story of how this should-be short sweet and easy trip actually turned out, so I’m just going to break it down.

  • We spent Friday night packing a lifetime of supplies up for a one day trip. {This is called going anywhere with a baby.}
  • Our little family got up early, packed it to the airport and passed our mountain of stuff through security in enough time to grab a coffee, banana and an oatmeal.


  • After loading our mountains of supplies onto the flight, we get cozy in our seats and as the plane went up, M went to sleep. Miracle! Amazing! And then, it all began. 20 minutes later {and half way to our destination} the pilot informs us that we have a small mechanical malfunction and will be turning around back to Seattle. WHAT? Didn’t they know, we had the golden sleeping baby ticket?
  • Back to Seattle, wake Little M, wait, reload our mountain of supplies, get cozy again with a wide awake M. Stuff her full of lunch as slowly as possible so as to take the entire flight time with this activity.
  • Arrive in small town USA to a one room airport. The rental car counter employee apparently had a busy day planned and closed 15 minutes before we arrived at NOON! Just left, went home and left us to wander to the only other rental car company and beg for a car. Luckily, he took pity on us.



  • Again, load our mountains of supplies but this time into a car and finally {finally} head to campus where we will now have a total of 3 hours on the ground before our scheduled flight home.
  • Run around in the snow in my flats and spring coat {awesome planning me}. Show Little M where I lived in college and let all the sorority girls shower her with attention. Best part of her day by far. I even squeezed in a little time to grab some souvenirs at the school book store and show M a little bit of campus.
  • 3 whole hours later, we packed up and head back to the airport. Flight delayed. Say a little thank you to the man upstairs that we had not yet returned the rental car keys {only good luck for the day} and go get take out from our favorite pizza place as well as a coffee from our all time favorite drive through coffee place. Oh the memories this food brought back!




  • Finally, back at the airport, load our mountains again and make it home in one piece. Phew!

Craziness I tell ya’. Just craziness. But, can I say that it was the most full circle moment to have my child in the place where I made so many memories. She crawled up the stairs I sat on with the women that are now my best friends and I got to show her the campus that shaped my relationship with her daddy. Worth it!

Totally, worth it!

Enjoy! Melissa

What’s On M’s Plate + Other Randomness



It’s Wednesday! Lets be honest, Monday and Tuesday took their sweet time moving on. No idea what’s up with me but my patience is about as thin as it gets. So, yay, I made it through Monday and Tuesday. Lets just say ,that’s an accomplishment this week.

To celebrate, I told myself I could watch my guilty pleasure Kardashians tonight and I think it might be turning my brain to mush. I have the most random things running through my head.

1. Yesterday, I was sitting next to M while she ate her well balanced lunch and I noticed that I was on my second ‘I deserve this’ brownie of the day. When do you have to start leading by example in your food choices? Because, I’m kinda’ into my pat on the back brownie and not so excited to eat peas for lunch. I mean, she had mango for desert, isn’t that close enough to a brownie?

2. Ugh, the Freshly Picked mocs that Mason wears just slay me. Keep dreaming M. I’ll finally give in and get them one day.

3. Where is the best place to print a file? I am working on putting together Little M’s first birthday invitations {Lets not even talk about how this celebration is so surreal. People keep saying, ‘wow, didn’t that go fast’ and my answer is always, ‘some days really flew by.’} and I just don’t have patience for these printing places. Take my file, print it, make it look nice. I just can’t be responsible to understand paper weights. Lets just go with whatever the standard weight for a first birthday announcement is. Done!

4. How is it spring in part of the country and dumping snow in other parts. This just isn’t fair. Imagine watching the news showing 80 degree NYC while snow falls outside your window. Puke!

5. We are going on vacation in 20 days. I am trying so {so, so} hard not to think about it for many reasons. I don’t want to amp up a palm trees and sunshine trip because I just have a sneaky feeling that I will be seeing less of both now that we will have a baby on vaca with us. And, it makes me feel like the snow people {puke} when I think about that weather then look outside here.But seriously, can’t freakin’ wait. Just picture it…..little baby feet in the sand, no long sleeves so you can see the baby rolls, pool toys and sandals. Can not wait!

6. I am strangely excited for the sewing class I am taking tonight. I don’t own a sewing machine but soon, I should know how to operate one. Also, when I signed up they said you make a little something in the class. I’m secretly hoping it’s similar to the stuffed frog we made in home ec. in high school.

7. Do we have any more brownies?

Enjoy! Melissa

Weekend Snapshot || Iphone Update 3


{Well, we finally gave in and locked up our cabinets. M was too busy grabbing all things she shouldn’t be. Airplane shots, margarita glasses….I’m seeing a theme here. So far, she just goes around testing the strength of the locks. Pulling and pulling. At least this cuts down on the times I say ‘no’ a day by maybe 100 times. Win for me!

Oh and look at my friends cute dog. I think he was bored at work on Friday but I’ll take it! With all the picture texts I bombard my friends with, I think I should expect to receive many more like this {please}!}













{We had Lacie of Leather and Lace, her family and another sweet friend over for dinner last night. Besides the fact that I got to watch our three Little’s play together, one brought these great reminders of spring and the other a new favorite wine. What is there not to like about this?

Sappy moment…..I just don’t know what I would do without all my mom friends. Somehow, I got lucky and had a few old friends and have made a few new that have babies all under a year. Truly, I would not survive without these women. I spent yesterday on a two hour walk with one and then had a great dinner with others. Without them have to have  ‘real’ baby life talks with and to share lunches, play dates and crazy texts with, I would really struggle. Both my and Little M’s life’s are so enriched by having each of them around.

OK …. sap over….look at this attitude M. She goes to this bottom stair and ‘talks’ about once a day. Full hand motions and serious business. I can’t wait until I can actually understand her stoop rant.}

Enjoy! Melissa


5 Minute M

Happy Saturday! Just a little eye candy glimpse into a typical 5 minutes with M. Never a dull moment I tell ya’

Enjoy! Melissa


{No M, you can not open all the cabinet doors and pull the wine glasses onto the ground}


{Humm, so you really wanted to crash all the glassware onto the hardwood floor. Probably would have been a fun morning for you. But, still, I think we’ll pass}


{OK, hop into your chiar and clap for yourself. Yayyyyyyyyyy!}



Easter || Part 2

Easter 3

As promised Easter continues.

{After the grand discovery that the Easter bunny had in fact delivered a basket, we spent the morning playing with {the basket stuffing} all the new toys the bunny had dropped off.}

Easter 1

Easter 2

{After a quick nap, we went on an Easter egg hunt. And by hunt, I mean, crawled between eggs clearly laid out in the yard. M took a long break between each one as she opened it and ate the puffs inside. Smart girl! And, it gave me time to sit in my {very north-westerner outfit where I dress like it’s 90 degrees when it’s only almost 70} yard and soak up the sun.}

Easter 5

Easter 4

{The excitement of being an egg|puffs hunter was just too much for M. She squeezed those eggs until they popped open even after we declared victory over the hunt and went inside. She was so into it that we forgot about an afternoon nap and had to scramble to get into our Easter best and head over to M’s Grandparent’s for dinner. My little crazy girl had a great time digging into another Easter basket at her grandparents {sneaky bunny, he just leaves baskets all over} and hunting down more eggs so everyone could watch. What a ham!}

Easter 6

Enjoy! Melissa

Easter || Part 1

Easter Collage

This was the most beautiful Easter I can remember in years. The sun was shining, the Easter Bunny found our house without getting lost even though it was his first time here, we hunted eggs, wore our Easter best and had a delicious dinner with family. Glorious times! So glorious that the tale of our Easter will continue tomorrow so check back for part two.

We started our day by finding the basket that the Easter Bunny had dropped off for Little M. Side note, I had to brush up on the Easter Bunny tradition. Did this bunny come in the night and just drop things off like Santa or did he allow mom and dad to take credit for the basket? From what I could figure out, he is a sneaky litte bunny and he drops his baskets off in the night to be found by children when they wake in the morning. He is mooching off of Santa’s ways if you ask me. Get your own jam Easter Bunny! Oh well….we followed the tradition so as not to confuse M. Imagine being the only one at school who’s parent’s bring the Easter baskets. Has tragedy written all over it.

But, I must say that that sneaky little bunny left Little M a mighty full basket this year. Even the basket that he left, which {I think} he picked up at Target was great. So great, that I’m sure he’ll leave the same basket next year but he may take it to have Little M’s name embroidered in it sometime before his 2014 drop off.

Inside the basket we found:

1. Kids Hair Clips from LolliPop Kids Boutique. They clip in perfectly with no tugging or pushing like we have had to experience with some other clips.

2. Circo Shorts. Cuffed shorts for babies. I mean, a must have obviously!

3. An EIO Glass Kids Cup. This is for 18+ months but Little M just keeps trying to drink out of my water glass so I thought we would give it a shot. We shall see.

4. A Sea Ship Blue Circo T-Shirt. Because who can resist something called ‘sea-ship blue’.

5. Melissa & Doug Caterpillar. Just so cute. Perfect car toy.

6. A book chalk full of 5-Minute Farm Tales from Costco. After a whole 10 months of gift giving with M it has become a tradition that every holiday must include a book in our house.

7. Little Hip Squeeks Headbands. Maybe the cutest thing I have ever seen. Little M threw one on right away. Her new favorite accessory for sure.

And, after checking out all these well thought out Easter basket essentials, Little M instead played with the packaging and the basket filling. Good thing the bunny spent so much time picking out  her presents. Typical!

Enjoy! Melissa

Easter Part 2 full of our little egg hunter and pictures a plenty will be up tomorrow.

My Favorite Age

Park 1

Park 3

Park 2

Park 4

When Little M was born people kept telling me that the magic baby age was 3 months. That all the sleepless nights would disappear and the interaction with Little M would be so awesome you would melt. But, for me that age came at about 6 months and since then every age|month has been my favorite. Once she could sit up and really play, smile and laugh {The laugh. Baby laughs really do melt the heart.} I just couldn’t get enough of her.

{A small dose of reality: This is all between crying, diaper changing and whining. Those are not my favorite at any age.}

She’s 10 months now and again, it’s my favorite age. You can actually go to the park and play with her. She loves the slide and climbing on the toys. No monkey bars yet but we will work on those! One day, at my favorite age.

Enjoy! Melissa