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Just a reminder that I’m still playing along at #showmeyourtable on Instagram.

And also that I need to iron my table runner. Yuck.



A few weeks ago, I spent the entire weekend repurposing a table for our living room. In an effort to pull off some of our home deco goals without busting the bank, we are using a few pieces from our old house with a new style. We have a huge round table that started off as my in-laws dining room table, then we got ahold of it and covered it in vinyl, spray-painted the legs brown and used it as an end table of sorts in our last house. I was determined to hang on to it for our new space but it definitely needed another update.

Poor table. It’s got to be having an identity crisis by now.

After countless Pinterest hours, I decided on using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Wax. It seemed like it would give the farmhouse / vintage style I was looking for this time around. In the end, it was the perfect choice. I’m smitten with the new look and updating the table from brown to white brightened up our whole space.

I won’t pretend I’m an expert (or anywhere near close) on using chalk paint now but I did learn a few thing along the way that might help if you decide to head down the chalk paint path as well…..

1.This paint choice was spendy but 100% worth it.

I used very little and this was a fairly big project. Also, the look was incredible. Normally, I’m the brains (or just the bossy one) and Kyle executes projects but he insisted that I take ownership on this one. So glad he did because the paint is very forgiving and I actually loved tackling something new.

2. I watched about 20 you-tube videos before touching a brush.

I was nervous nervous nervous before starting because of the different paint strokes and waxing process required. The videos were incredibly helpful and I limped my way through the process while pausing and restarting them over and over.

3. This project took me a day and a half.

One of the best parts about chalk paint is that technically there is no prep work. No sanding, etc. Buuuutttt since we had previously used adhesive to stick the vinyl down, I spent a few hours sanding, scraping and trying to remove the rough texture from the top of the table. That delayed the process a bit. Then, I let the paint dry overnight before waxing the next day. So there you have it….a whole weekend.

4. I didn’t pony up for the expensive brushes. 

From all the videos and research I did, the brushes look amazing and are probably worth it if you plan to tackle multiple projects but when I went into this, I wasn’t sure if I would be wowed at the outcome. I was. Maybe I’ll go back for the ‘good’ brushes before my next project but my Home Depot brushes worked just fine for my first go round.

Here are a few photos that show our process….

IMG_4239 IMG_4248

^^ before

IMG_4281 IMG_4287 IMG_4279

^^ during


IMG_4755 (1)

^^ after

the others

It’s probably been way too long since I mentioned our other children around here. Did you even know we had dogs? Poor guys seem to be stuck behind the scenes these days. But as the days get warmer, we’ve gotten to enjoy more time with them outside and I was able to get a few pictures of our furry kids for some introductions…..

jackson1Jackson is our 80 lb goldendoodle. Yes, goldendoodle. Everyone always gets caught up on that. He had a golden retriever for a mom and black standard poodle for a dad. My friend Bree says that Jackson is a person in a dog suit and that’s pretty much all you need to know about him. He’s THE BEST.


And then there’s this one. I joke that Sadie is my step-dog. When I met a six foot five handsome guy named Kyle in college, I was a littler perplexed about his tiny eight pound dog. Then I saw him walking her and girls basically running towards him to pet his tiny companion. Mystery solved.  Anyway, she barks A LOT and is a mix of about every small dog under the sun but she loves us so much and is just pint sized enough for M to run after all day.

So that’s that.

hashtag : show me your table

coffee table1

In our last house, we used an ottoman where a coffee table would have been and an eight foot kitchen island instead of a proper dining table. So when the prospect of moving came up, I got a little giddy thinking about styling tables. Maybe that’s weird. I don’t know. But every time I would go to a friends house and their table had just the right feel, I was a tiny bit jealous.

We needed an odd sized table for our space so Kyle built our coffee table using Thimble & Cloth’s DIY with few of our own personal touches. We used 14″ hairpin legs and distressed the wood to help it fit in with our modern farmhouse angle. Then it was my turn to decorate it.

With a two year old running around, you can’t go too crazy but I think we got the job done. I found the basket at a local antique shop and threw the rest together with a few things I had around the house plus one or two new items.

Now the fun part! I want to see your coffee table action. Follow the #showmeyourtable on Instagram and add your photos in. I’ll be posting my table styling and want to see what you have going on as well.

So, c’mon …#showmeyourtable.

Table DIY

Bowl (old) Vera Wang from Macys

Mosaic Pieces (old) from Pottery Barn

Kinfolk Magazine

West Elm Terrarium w/ Air Plant

home deco


This past week has been dedicated to making my living room a more livable space. When we first moved in, furniture was on the back burner and structure was at the forefront. Five months later, structure is pretty well laid out and it’s time to focus on what the place looks like. From the beginning, I have kept a Pinterest board for inspiration. It ended up very white (bye bye old brown house), open and with lots of natural accents. Not every detail of my board has come to life (because hellooo it’s Pinterest) but some things are starting to take shape. More on the house later but I wanted to share some of what I’m thinking about as I have been working on the living space this week.

Thoughts on these?

Pinterest2 Pinterest3



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pictures of the market

market1On Saturday, I hosted my book club for brunch. We chatted about Big Little Lies but mostly, we marveled over the yogurt my good friend Laura showed up with. Words just can’t explain how amazing this stuff is. So good that Lacie and I schemed up a Sunday outing for our families at Pikes Place. We were pretty amazing tourists checking out the gum wall, fish throwing and doing all the things that would have made it a legitimate outing but mostly, we were there for the yogurt.


Actually, the gum wall was really a highlight for the girls. All of us adults crammed some gross Big League Chew in our mouths and handed it over for M & G to add to the masterpiece (parent things.).


We thought about buying vegetables but took the really logical path and bought bouquets instead.


I forgot how exciting and iconic Pikes Place feels. Out of curiosity, I looked it up when I got I got home and learned that it opened in 1907. Say Whhhaaaa??? Learning things about my own city. Gotta’ love that!

in my neighborhood || favorite coffee shops


By default, being from the Pacific Northwest makes me a coffee lover. My first real job was in the mall coffee shop, my second was at Starbucks and now I couldn’t live without my Nespresso and local coffee haunts. No matter where I go, my order is always the same. double tall mocha. I made it my first day at that first real job and have clung to it since. 14 years of double tall mochas later and I’m not sure if I’m pathetic or a true expert in the category.

Anyway, I will go out of my way to snag my favorite vice from any of these coffee shops. If you also happen to be a mocha (or just coffee) fan, I wholeheartedly recommend you try them out.

1. Espresso Vivace : The Best! They are a little too serious about the true Italian espresso vibe for me in Vivace but it absolutely works for them. If you don’t get fancy with your drink order, this is THE PLACE!

2. Urban Coffee Lounge: A new favorite of mine. They serve Stumptown Coffee and do it oh-so-well. The tall comes standard as a double (a true way to my heart) and the Totem Lake location has a small kids corner which makes it an A++ for me.

3. Deru Market: I love Deru for so many things (hellloooo best turkey sandwich eva’) and the coffee is one of them. Although practically the price of gold ($6 for a drink), it’s served in bowl that fits right in my little hands and is sweetened just enough with house made chocolate. Can’t ask for much more.

4. Mercury Coffee Co.: This is my go-to drive thru. My only tip here is to order half the chocolate. Then. Enjoy!

5. Whole Foods Market: I juuuuussst started picking up coffee here. We moved right down the road from Whole Paycheck Foods and although reallllllyyyyy slow, the coffee is great! If you can wait, it’s totally worth grabbing a mocha to help keep your sanity while you grocery shop.

If you have any other local recommendations, I would LOVE to hear them!

Photo By Lora Grady Photography

m and mine || books


We read before nap time, while snacking, before bed and any other time of the day M asks for the same books to be read over and over again. She’s not one for variety but she does like a large dose of literature in her life. Something I can appreciate.

This is what M and I are reading in February.

M ||  Llama Llama Series: These are the only books I know the exact location of in the library. M LOVES them. Like big heart eye emoji loves them. We run straight to the D for Dewey section and I let her pick out just one Llama Llama per library visit. (because, one can only say llama so many times in a day…amiright?)  Her favorites are Llama Llama Red Pajama and Llama Llama Time to Share. She loves them for the rhyming but I appreciate them for the lessons. We reference how Llama learns to share or how he listens to his mama in the store, even when he’s frustrated, all the time.

Mine || Big Little Lies : I have to admit that this book makes me a little worried about M starting preschool in the fall. Nothing to do with her taking off to school, more to do with how apparently cliquish the parents can get. This is the story of a few preschool families who end up involved in a murder.     Que ominous music.     But really….it was a super easy read that keep my mind occupied after the little went to bed at night. I totally recommend it.

in whistler


For the first time in maybe ever, I agreed to go on a cold weather vacation. Typically, I would argue that the term ‘vacation’ is used exclusively in scenarios where sun and sand are involved and ‘trips’ are weekends that include the cold white stuff. But, this weekend turned out to be a true vacation. We met our friends Bryan and Natalie in Whistler for a little out of town escape. For me, ski was more of code word for eating, shopping and ice skating but everyone else got a little time on the slopes.

The true highlight for me was the ice skating. It was a first for both myself and M and by the end, we thought we were regular Michelle Kwans out there.

IMG_4063 IMG_4203 IMG_4177

We ate, we drank, we played in the little bit of snow that was on the ground and we put that record on repeat for three days. It was perfection.

IMG_4060 IMG_4072 IMG_4197