in whistler


For the first time in maybe ever, I agreed to go on a cold weather vacation. Typically, I would argue that the term ‘vacation’ is used exclusively in scenarios where sun and sand are involved and ‘trips’ are weekends that include the cold white stuff. But, this weekend turned out to be a true vacation. We met our friends Bryan and Natalie in Whistler for a little out of town escape. For me, ski was more of code word for eating, shopping and ice skating but everyone else got a little time on the slopes.

The true highlight for me was the ice skating. It was a first for both myself and M and by the end, we thought we were regular Michelle Kwans out there.

IMG_4063 IMG_4203 IMG_4177

We ate, we drank, we played in the little bit of snow that was on the ground and we put that record on repeat for three days. It was perfection.

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when spring comes to january


When the headlines are full of blizzards, juno and the word feet mixed with the word snow, I almost hate to talk about the weather. But, the weather. We pay our dues in the Northwest with enough gloom to make us notorious for it so when the sun shines in January, you talk about it. It’s been 60 here the last few days. 60 in January is some sort of miracle. And we did what any good Pacific Northwest dwellers do when the big ball of light shines. We got outside.

I’ve “hiked” (you can hardly call what we did hiking. it was glorified mountain walking) Evans Creek Preserve a few times in the summer but it was almost better in the winter. Very Twighlight-esc with moss stretching across every surface and tiny traces of wildlife at your feet. It was really a January morning at it’s finest.

**Remind me to look back at this when I’m complaining about the spring that hasn’t yet arrived in April.

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frozen parade goers

Parade6This might be beating a dead horse with the Super Bowl champs thing but I’m just going to go ahead and think that you still care. Just a little. Maybe. Anyway, last week we stood out in 20 degree temperatures with 700,000 other Seattleites to watch the Seahawks in their victory parade. The news had warned us of both the crowds and the temperatures but lets just say I severely underestimated both. All told we spent three hours on 4th Street to watch about 20 minutes of parade action. Worth it? I’m still on the fence but we made some memories, that’s for sure.

Enjoy! Melissa

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a birthday & a break

Suncadia 1

20 months ago we were blessed with the arrival our little girl. It was stunning and beautifully fulfilling all at the same time. It was also the last time that Ky and I have spent a night alone. We’ve gone to dinner, movies and have had our (small) share of date nights but until now we (read: ME) hadn’t felt comfortable leaving M for the entire night. It was time. So, in celebration of Ky’s big 3-0, we scheduled a mountain getaway and left M for a play-dough playing, banana bread eating good time at her grandparents. Turns out, it’s shockingly quiet and relaxing without a toddler to play with all evening. We went to the spa, ate dinner out and drank wine like we owned the place. We also talked about M all night and made a few phone calls to tell her we missed her. It was hard and it was fun and it was fantastic all balled up into one tiny trip.

Side note to this; Isn’t it so wonderful to have a spouse? It’s like you gain a birthday. ‘Oh, you want to dinner for your birthday? Darn, I guess I’ll come too’ ‘Wait, you want a massage? Sign me up as well’ I’m such a good wife.

Enjoy! Melissa


indoor months

Art Day 6

I have so many goals for the year but near the top of the list is for M and I to successfully spend more days at home without wanting both cry in a corner by the end of it. Winter was so nostalgic when it started. A little cloud cover, a little snow and some rain but now is the time when we start to itch for the easy outdoor activities that we won’t be able to do for a few more months. I’s just plain hard (I mean hard) to continue to come up with ways to entertain ourselves for entire days that don’t include hours of Sesame Street or running off to a play space.

I’m trying to combat those bored to death, want to scream days with new indoor activities. I searched Pinterest and came up with only a few ideas so far. We started this week with an art kit. I filled it with finger paint, stickers, a coloring book and markers. We pulled out the paint first and even though it was beyond messy, it occupied almost an hour of our day between setup, play and clean up and M was pretty proud when she discovered she could coat her hand in paint and make a little handprint.

If you have any ideas for indoor activities, send them my way. Otherwise, cross your fingers we make it to May (ahem July, thanks Seattle) in one piece.

Enjoy! Melissa

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