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We are home from just over a week in Hawaii and although I miss my family, the palm trees and the whole toes in the sand thing, there is just something about your own bed that is so inviting. Am I right or am I right?

Anyway, while we were there, we moved between my parents house, an ocean front rental cottage and a hotel. I must have packed and unpacked my suitcase 20 times. I’m guessing that I left a piece of us at each location because man, M has lot of a stuff to keep track of. But, before I left anywhere, I checked and double checked that I had these five things with me. I couldn’t have made it a single day without them.

Babyganics Natural Insect Repellent : The bugs just eat M and I up on vacations. Last trip, I was unprepared and spraying her with any bug spray I could get my hands on. I felt so guilty about the chemicals while I was doing it but in the heat of the moment it was bug bites or bug spray. Spray won. This trip, I was ready for those blood suckers with this and it totally helped. We each ended up a with a few bites but nothing like last trip.

Neutrogena Sunblock Stick : Not only does this make sun blocking M’s face quick, it distracts her while I lotion up the rest of her body. She likes to apply this to her face herself. Wait until you see how white her face is in all of our pictures!

Rash Guard : Like I said, applying sun block to a toddler can be tricky. This helps so I can shield her from the sun and avoid a fight. Win!

Puddle Jumper Floatation Device : It is so funny to watch M walk around in these. She can’t put her arms down to her side so she’s like a little robot waddling around. But, when she’s in the water, these are a awesome. She swam like a fish with very little help from me.

Elastic Hair Ties : Vacation hair is sometimes not the best hair. Humidity is not my or M’s friend. So, both of us had our hair up using these ties almost the entire trip. Lifesaver.

Enjoy! Melissa


all day wear || ladies in navy

Kelsey2One of the most popular requests on our survey a few weeks ago was that Pretty Wednesday do fashion posts. I’m so flattered but, lets be honest, my mom-iform mostly consists of mint colored converse and boyfriend jeans these days. I’m sure we would all tire of that little combo fairly quickly. So, my first thought was to reach out to a true fashion blogger and my friend/cousin/fellow pacific northwest dweller, Kelsey. I am ecstatic that she agreed to guest post for us today and can’t stop drooling over her photos. Check out her awesome fashion tips…..


I’m so thrilled to be guest posting on Pretty Wednesday today (from I love my cousin Melissa’s blog even though I’m not a mom yet. It is a good peek into the (semi-distant) future of motherhood and the sweet moments (and massive challenges) that come with it. Melissa asked me to share some style today that would be mom-friendly.

It really only takes a few mom-coworkers to understand that being a mom is neither a piece of cake or a walk in the park, though it may literally involve many walks in the park. I am pretty sure that once I become a mom my go-to style choices will revolve around comfort and versatility. There is no mom out there that wants to be chasing a kid through the park in a pencil skirt and heels, but I bet there are quite a few that look longingly to the sweat-pant drawer and shed tears that they can’t just crawl inside.

I’ve put together some tips on versatile style options for a busy mom that don’t take a lot of investment, time or effort. I also pulled these looks together in about 10 minutes with day-old hair, so it shouldn’t be too hard to copy!

1. It’s all about the shirtdress. They’re easy to throw on, perfect for any season (just add legging and boots in the winter with a heavy coat), and readily available in stores for under $60. The shirtdress is a bit short for moms on the go, but I’m also 5’10” and can’t ever find anything that covers enough leg! I got this one at the Gap.
2. For a day to night look, the flats to heels transition is always a killer one. Heels turn any outfit from easy to hot in a matter of minutes. And flats make outfits easy and casual. These cute striped flat/ loafers are from Gap as well. The heels are Guess.

3. The statement necklace was invented for a reason. That reason is last-minute date nights when you have no time to change from your work/home/every-day clothes…



4. Finally, the messy bun is a perfect up-do for a busy day chasing kids about. It also curls your hair into messy waves that are perfect for relaxed nighttime hair.


1, 2, 3, 4. From day…



…to night.


Thanks for hosting me, Pretty Wednesday readers and happy styling!





DSC_0869You know you live in the Pacific Northwest if:

||The first hopes of a sunny day any time between October and May send you running out of the house so fast you forget to brush your hair.

||You simultaneously wear sunglasses and a beanie. Or really, just the fact that you call it a beanie might be a sign.

||You allow your daughter to scoop ketchup with a carrot so that you can enjoy the elephants in peace. OK, not a Northwest thing at all. Just me.

||You spend one day in a t-shirt and the next ten in galoshes.

Enjoy! Melissa

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2 photographers, 1 day || part II

IMG_7059As promised, part II of my day of photography fun on Capitol Hill is here. Lora Grady Photography did nothing short of blow my mind with the photos she turned out. Lora is a recent Seattle transplant from Utah and her love for our fine city shows. She was able to see every parking lot crack, ivy covered wall and partially drank mocha with a such a fresh eye and appreciation.

I can’t wait to follow her through wedding season and craft up a few new projects with her (helloooo paper garlands. you make awesome photo backdrops). Check out Lora’s blog for updates on her work and some fun tips for you budding photographers.

Enjoy! Melissa

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a skirt + a few friday things


|| This fabric is practically yelling spring at me. Yelling. Loud and clear.

|| It’s sunny. That’s right. Sunny and warm-ish in February. Mark it down in the record books folks.

|| Back to the skirt….I MADE THIS! I guess that’s sort of a ‘cough cough’ humble brag but whatever. I made it. Kind of a fun skirt fact to share. Right?

Happy Weekend!

Skirt making class and fabric from Drygoods Design

Enjoy! Melissa

stepping out with myties

mytiescollageI’m frantically pulling together outfits, scrambling to leave a clean house and typing up toddler schedules because next week, for the first time, I’ll be leaving M behind for a few days. I’m heading to good ol’ Las Vegas with MyTies to help at their AccessoriesTheShow booth. That’s right, I’m stepping out into a little bit of working heaven. Vegas, great company and a whole show room full of fashion. I’m equal parts excited and nervous at the same time.


My Ties is an awesome company (that happens to be owned and operated by one of my BFF’s) and I can’t wait to see what their booth has in store for me. As well as showing their no tangle hair ties, they will be debuting some new products that I’m pretty excited to strut around Vegas in. I mean, a gold headband. Yes please!

So, more on this next week when I can update you on all sorts of Vegas revelry and fashion show exhaustion. And please, I will also be whining about missing my girl and my guy. Just fair warning.

Oh’ and if you live in the area, please come see us!


Enjoy! Melissa

gifting valentine’s love


I feel like the sweetest day of the year shouldn’t be reserved for fancy dinners and adult fun (although those are good too…wink wink). I’m hoping the day of love is exciting for M as well and that she feels the mushiness that fills the air on Feb 14th every year. Anyway, Ky and I have decided to pass on the Valentine’s gifts this year but we thought that M deserved a few little things to start the day out. Here are a few of the toddler themed things she’ll be receiving.

1. Chalk Marker: Thanks Target dollar bin! M has a small chalkboard she loves to color on but always ends up breaking about 100 pieces of chalk in half instead of writing. Here’s to hoping this solves the problem. More coloring, less mess.

2. Melissa and Doug Make-a-Face Sticker Pad: M is so into pointing out noses, ears, eyes (or more like stabbing you with her little finger in your nose, ears and eyes) these days. I’m hoping this small kit will let her channel that into a learning activity.

3. Felt Heart Stickers: Again, Target dollar bin score! She is obsessing over stickers these days and who could pass these up?

4. Dragons Love Tacos: I keep reading great reviews about this book but what actually drew me to it that I just have to know. Do dragons love tacos?

If you have any other ideas for Valentine’s Day gifting, send your wisdom my way!

Enjoy! Melissa

a few friday things


1. Lets not sugar coat it, this week has been the least energetic and down right lazy I’ve had in a while. It might be from my little baby sized cold. (People, I have a small cough and a little scratch in my throat and I’m convinced this is taking me down to the depths of can’t move, can’t clean, can’t do much of anything-dom.) It might be from my spirited child who spends her days acting like I’m giving her Pepsi on an IV drip. Or it might just be laziness. Pure laziness.

2. Several people have asked what my weekend plans are and all I can of is that I have three episodes left of the entire series of West Wing to watch and it MUST get done. Ky and I started watching when there was no new programming in the summer. We decided we needed something we could commit to and West Wing it was. I’m so weirdly attached to these characters and this show. Adults of the early 2000’s, I get it. This was THE BEST and I’m sorry I didn’t watch it when it was on because if it had a fan club or could have had a Facebook group, I certainty would have been president or administrator or whatever. Aaron Sorkin, you are a genius!

3. Those two things just made me seem like a sorry sap who does nothing but watch TV.

4. I keep forgetting to mention that I got a new camera for Christmas and all the feeble photography attempts you’ve been seeing are me trying to work it. The first time I used it, I accidentally took every picture on a setting that captured five images every time I snapped what I thought was one photo. Clearly, I’m still in training.

5. Watching the rest of the US get hit with snow right now is either disheartening or exciting. I can’t decide. Disheartening because it’s so incredibly cold here yet we have no snow. Generally I go with, the cold is worth it if it’s accompanied by some white stuff. But then, I see the winter that just doesn’t seem to be ending for those out east and think that maybe I’ll keep the cold. I mean, this is totally worth spending my time thinking about.

The end. 

Enjoy! Melissa