spring wallpaper freebie



Since all I seem to do is spring clean my house these days, I created some wallpaper to spruce up my iphone as well. I thought I would share in case your tech is also in the market for a new look.

Just click on the links below to download, save image as photo then set as wallpaper on your iphone.

Click to Download: Wreaths

Click to Download: Glasses

Click to Download: Stay Cool 

I had a blast creating these so look forward to more tech freebies coming soon!

a northwest garden

DSC_2102Truth: I have a black thumb. There isn’t a hint of green sprouting from that thing. Most plants hate my guts and yet, every year around this time, we make trips to suburban heavens like Home Depot or Costco and pick up some plants for me to kill. Last weekend, I got my hands on a few hanging greens, some potted goods and we picked out vegetables for our little raised bed.

Those, I am not allowed to touch. The fear that I will kill them before they even have a chance to produce an ounce of anything edible is too much for Ky so he’s brought in a new gardening assistant. She comes with a load of Hello Kitty gear and stays focused for about two whole seconds but somehow, they got the job done.

Together, they managed to plant tomatoes, edamame, sweet peppers and a little flower that M insisted belonged next to the vegetables. Every year we each take our gardening roles. My job is to nag Ky several times a day making sure he’s watered the plants or checked to make sure rabbits and slugs didn’t devour the garden overnight and Ky’s job is to, well…water and check for pests. M’s role in the whole thing is to taste test. It’s what she is best at.

DSC_2103gardening .jpgDSC_2109

Here’s to hoping I can update you with a bowl of harvested goodness in a few months.

Enjoy! Melissa


vitamin d

DSC_1751I just don’t think there is anything that makes my heart skip a beat more then watching M play in the sunshine. I may live in the NorthWest but I am a true blue sun- seeker. I’m guessing that stems from planting my roots here. A place where sunshine is special. Yes, it’s true, there is a cloud-cover that looms over our area for a good 6 plus months a year so when the sun does come out, we follow it.

The temperature has skyrocketed over 80 the past two days and except for naps, M and I have hardly set a toe inside. The dishes are piling up, laundry needs to be done and I’m sure the vacuum would like to see the light of day but I don’t really care. By the end of the day yesterday, we were both sunblock covered sweaty messes.

It’s the best kind of mess to be.

I’ve been watching her water the plants, play in bare feet and run headstrong into the chilly lake and I’m positive this summer with a two year old is going to be one of my favorites.

Vitamin D has been good for my skin and my soul.

Enjoy! Melissa

thinking sun || giveaway

DSC_1644Yesterday was Earth Day, my 200th post will publish this week, the shop is starting to take shape and make moves and, well, I like you guys. So, I guess I didn’t need a reason but there seem to be about four this week that screamed GIVEAWAY to me.

Every year, we plant a little garden in our back yard. Some years, we have included crazy things like corn (never again will I allow huge stalks of corn to take over my suburban fence line), pumpkins (that was a fun one!) and artichokes (complete fail). And other years, we keep it simple with a few flowers and easy veggies like zucchini or squash. We tend to wait until May to plant so our garden is just a big pile of dirt right now but soon enough, we’ll get to planting and I’m already thinking about what we’ll attempt to grow this time around.

To put you in the same spirit, I included some fun summer garden goodies in a little giveaway. To enter, please comment below letting me know what the first thing you are dreaming about doing when summer weather makes an appearance is. Let’s be honest, I expect many many happy hour comments. (or if not, I will be sorely disappointed in you all) The winner will be drawn at random on Monday, April 28th and will receive a set of garden gloves, three packets of pretty flower seeds and an 8×10 of my green grass print (frame not included).

For an extra entry, please share our photo and tag @prettywednesday on Instagram or pin this photo on Pinterest.

Enjoy! Melissa

UPDATE: Congratulations Kari! You won! Thanks to everyone who entered. More giveaways coming soon! 

*Sorry, limited to US readers only. Please only leave your contact information in the allotted boxes, not in the body of your comment. Winner will be emailed after selection is made. 

april showers

DSC_1408Every year, I tell myself that I need to remember to go on vacation next April. There is just something about this month in western Washington. It kind of makes you want to run away. Move. Never return. Escape. Ahhh! The weather is just so finicky. One day it’s sunny and the perfect 75, we are outside in short sleeves, getting a little bit of a tan and splashing around in water. The next, it’s raining, the wind is picking up a bit and my winter coat is once again gracing my body. Or actually, this isn’t true. It’s not day to day. I’m lying to you. It’s hour by hour. All of these things can happen in one day. I’m not kidding. I probably shouldn’t complain, I know some of you east coasters have been hit with much worse weather and even experience the same bi-polar days as we do. But, I get all moody about it and use the excuse that we need to be ‘warm and cozy’ to watch movies under blankets a little too often. Then, we have days like Saturday where you get to see what all that rain does for the area. We drove about an hour out of town to go check out the Tulip Festival. Thank goodness my sister tagged along to help wrangle M. She was more into the puddles then the flowers but, whatever, those were pretty great too. Plus, the burst of color was flat out good for the soul. We jumped in every puddle, bought some fresh cut tulips to brighten up the house and took about 3,472 pictures. A pretty great April day. Go pacific northwest. I’ll stay!

Enjoy! Melissa

DSC_1419 DSC_1445 DSC_1444 DSC_1402 DSC_1434 DSC_1437 DSC_1429 DSC_1414


prints & pops 2 || all around

PWTheGreenGrassSorry for the delayed post this morning. Both M and I have caught a wicked spring bug and can’t breath through our congested heads or stop squinting from headaches forcing our eyes closed. A little dramatic, I know but as someone who rarely gets sick, when I do I reserve the right to act like a baby. Also, since I have little experience with colds, I tend to always do the wrong thing with medicine. Like last night, for example, I took a Sudafed on an empty stomach and spent the next few hours unaware that my head had cleared because I was focused on my new found stomach issues. Way to go me.

As lovely as that all is, the couch time has allowed me to spend a little time working on those graphics I promised you. I know I said it was a #freefridaydownload but I’m breaking the rules this week and it’s a #freethursdaydownload. I’m hoping that this little ditty reminds of you that spring and Easter are right at our doorsteps. Plus, I’m positive you can’t get that song out of your head now.

Click here to download this print for free.

Enjoy! Melissa

boo-boos & popsicles

DSC_1157Yesterday was the most glorious of days in Seattle. By far, our nicest of the year so far. M and I celebrated with a little trip to the zoo then strawberry popsicles in the backyard. I’m sure we can all agree that there is nothing better then an icy treat on a warm day, right?  Anyway, it was all fun and games until she slipped down the cement stairs and got her first toddler scraped leg. Not to worry, Mickey (and a little Neosporin) made everything better.

Enjoy! Melissa

DSC_1158 photo 1 (16) photo 2 (17) DSC_1159


DSC_0869You know you live in the Pacific Northwest if:

||The first hopes of a sunny day any time between October and May send you running out of the house so fast you forget to brush your hair.

||You simultaneously wear sunglasses and a beanie. Or really, just the fact that you call it a beanie might be a sign.

||You allow your daughter to scoop ketchup with a carrot so that you can enjoy the elephants in peace. OK, not a Northwest thing at all. Just me.

||You spend one day in a t-shirt and the next ten in galoshes.

Enjoy! Melissa

DSC_0887 DSC_0879 DSC_0898 DSC_0882 DSC_0902 DSC_0880

first day of spring blues

DSC_0841I had this big plan to sit down today and tell you all about how we are welcoming the first official day of spring with open arms, flowers for our neighbors and hours of outdoor activities. I was going to say how my neighbors smiled so warmly as the sun hit their face and they found little sunflowers on their front porch. And I was so excited to show you M walking through the neighborhood so proud of her little spring delivery to each of them. What a scene that would have been.

But then, none of that actually happened. The truth is it’s raining here (shocker), M has been sick all week and I feel like her little bug has set it’s sites on me. So, instead of spring like flower deliveries, we are going to wait for sunnier days and continue to hunker down for a while, drink hot tea and snuggle under fuzzy blankets.

Today is just not your day spring. Soon. I promise, we’ll welcome you soon.

Enjoy! Melissa

DSC_0851 DSC_0847

a handmade giveaway

DSC_0602You know those things you do instinctively before leaving the house every day? Comb hair, brush teeth, makeup, earrings, etc. You don’t really think much about them. They just happen. For me, the next step is bracelets. I don’t know when it started but I can’t seem to get away with anything under 4 bracelets at a time these days. I am so thrilled that you can win some of my favorite new pieces to join me in my daily stacking habit.

I learned about Wakami on my little trip to Vegas and was so impressed with their vision of socially conscious products that I had to have a few bracelets for myself. I’ve been wearing them every day since and can’t get enough of their beaded handmade goodness.

To enter a  giveaway for two Wakami bracelets visit the their site and comment below letting me know your two favorite pieces of jewelry. Entries must be posted by midnight on March 16th and a winner will be announced on Monday, March 17th.

CONGRATULATIONS Zora! YOU WON! Enjoy your bracelets and thank you to all who entered. Keep an eye out. We’ll have more giveaways coming soon. 

Enjoy! Melissa

*Sorry, limited to US readers only. Please only leave your contact information in the allotted boxes, not in the body of your comment. Winner will be emailed after selection is made. 

DSC_0606 DSC_0612 DSC_0613