pictures of the market

market1On Saturday, I hosted my book club for brunch. We chatted about Big Little Lies but mostly, we marveled over the yogurt my good friend Laura showed up with. Words just can’t explain how amazing this stuff is. So good that Lacie and I schemed up a Sunday outing for our families at Pikes Place. We were pretty amazing tourists checking out the gum wall, fish throwing and doing all the things that would have made it a legitimate outing but mostly, we were there for the yogurt.


Actually, the gum wall was really a highlight for the girls. All of us adults crammed some gross Big League Chew in our mouths and handed it over for M & G to add to the masterpiece (parent things.).


We thought about buying vegetables but took the really logical path and bought bouquets instead.


I forgot how exciting and iconic Pikes Place feels. Out of curiosity, I looked it up when I got I got home and learned that it opened in 1907. Say Whhhaaaa??? Learning things about my own city. Gotta’ love that!

in my neighborhood || favorite coffee shops


By default, being from the Pacific Northwest makes me a coffee lover. My first real job was in the mall coffee shop, my second was at Starbucks and now I couldn’t live without my Nespresso and local coffee haunts. No matter where I go, my order is always the same. double tall mocha. I made it my first day at that first real job and have clung to it since. 14 years of double tall mochas later and I’m not sure if I’m pathetic or a true expert in the category.

Anyway, I will go out of my way to snag my favorite vice from any of these coffee shops. If you also happen to be a mocha (or just coffee) fan, I wholeheartedly recommend you try them out.

1. Espresso Vivace : The Best! They are a little too serious about the true Italian espresso vibe for me in Vivace but it absolutely works for them. If you don’t get fancy with your drink order, this is THE PLACE!

2. Urban Coffee Lounge: A new favorite of mine. They serve Stumptown Coffee and do it oh-so-well. The tall comes standard as a double (a true way to my heart) and the Totem Lake location has a small kids corner which makes it an A++ for me.

3. Deru Market: I love Deru for so many things (hellloooo best turkey sandwich eva’) and the coffee is one of them. Although practically the price of gold ($6 for a drink), it’s served in bowl that fits right in my little hands and is sweetened just enough with house made chocolate. Can’t ask for much more.

4. Mercury Coffee Co.: This is my go-to drive thru. My only tip here is to order half the chocolate. Then. Enjoy!

5. Whole Foods Market: I juuuuussst started picking up coffee here. We moved right down the road from Whole Paycheck Foods and although reallllllyyyyy slow, the coffee is great! If you can wait, it’s totally worth grabbing a mocha to help keep your sanity while you grocery shop.

If you have any other local recommendations, I would LOVE to hear them!

Photo By Lora Grady Photography

in my neighborhood || London Plane

FullSizeRenderWhen you see a place enough on your Insta feed, your expectations are high.high.high. London Plane has been showing up all over Seattle social media lately and the tall white walls, flowers for purchase plus unique food scream ‘photograph me’ so yep’, I get it. We finally found time to brunch there this weekend and I was blown away. I have to admit that I’ve never been into the whole avocado toast thing but I was totally in love with LP’s version.  But, my favorite thing was the cold brew coffee. They brew it in house with bunch of unexpected spices. Kind of makes it a coffee/tea combo.

It was really fun to have a date with Kyle where we could actually enjoy a few daylight hours together. We could see a life sized chess match going on across the street and a bus of tourists dropped off right in front of our window while we ate.  And, on a really random note, the staff wore these amazing chambray aprons. I think I might just need one…..

IMG_3860 FullSizeRender (1)


when spring comes to january


When the headlines are full of blizzards, juno and the word feet mixed with the word snow, I almost hate to talk about the weather. But, the weather. We pay our dues in the Northwest with enough gloom to make us notorious for it so when the sun shines in January, you talk about it. It’s been 60 here the last few days. 60 in January is some sort of miracle. And we did what any good Pacific Northwest dwellers do when the big ball of light shines. We got outside.

I’ve “hiked” (you can hardly call what we did hiking. it was glorified mountain walking) Evans Creek Preserve a few times in the summer but it was almost better in the winter. Very Twighlight-esc with moss stretching across every surface and tiny traces of wildlife at your feet. It was really a January morning at it’s finest.

**Remind me to look back at this when I’m complaining about the spring that hasn’t yet arrived in April.

IMG_3530 IMG_3560 (1) IMG_3577 IMG_3550 IMG_3575 IMG_3570 IMG_3555



april showers

DSC_1408Every year, I tell myself that I need to remember to go on vacation next April. There is just something about this month in western Washington. It kind of makes you want to run away. Move. Never return. Escape. Ahhh! The weather is just so finicky. One day it’s sunny and the perfect 75, we are outside in short sleeves, getting a little bit of a tan and splashing around in water. The next, it’s raining, the wind is picking up a bit and my winter coat is once again gracing my body. Or actually, this isn’t true. It’s not day to day. I’m lying to you. It’s hour by hour. All of these things can happen in one day. I’m not kidding. I probably shouldn’t complain, I know some of you east coasters have been hit with much worse weather and even experience the same bi-polar days as we do. But, I get all moody about it and use the excuse that we need to be ‘warm and cozy’ to watch movies under blankets a little too often. Then, we have days like Saturday where you get to see what all that rain does for the area. We drove about an hour out of town to go check out the Tulip Festival. Thank goodness my sister tagged along to help wrangle M. She was more into the puddles then the flowers but, whatever, those were pretty great too. Plus, the burst of color was flat out good for the soul. We jumped in every puddle, bought some fresh cut tulips to brighten up the house and took about 3,472 pictures. A pretty great April day. Go pacific northwest. I’ll stay!

Enjoy! Melissa

DSC_1419 DSC_1445 DSC_1444 DSC_1402 DSC_1434 DSC_1437 DSC_1429 DSC_1414


a pretty wedding feature

Jenna1 Jenna2

I’ve talked about my sister and brother-in-law’s stunning wedding before but now you have the chance to really see it. Thanks to her hard work, DIY efforts and flawless eye for detail, they were featured on Style Me Pretty yesterday. As someone who loves a pretty celebration, this was one of my favorite days of last year. Not only did I get to see Ky’s baby sister marry the man of her dreams, but I also got to see my little girl take the most perfect toddler trot down the aisle.

Enjoy! Melissa

Photographs by Alante Photography

Other details can be found on the SMP post


DSC_0869You know you live in the Pacific Northwest if:

||The first hopes of a sunny day any time between October and May send you running out of the house so fast you forget to brush your hair.

||You simultaneously wear sunglasses and a beanie. Or really, just the fact that you call it a beanie might be a sign.

||You allow your daughter to scoop ketchup with a carrot so that you can enjoy the elephants in peace. OK, not a Northwest thing at all. Just me.

||You spend one day in a t-shirt and the next ten in galoshes.

Enjoy! Melissa

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