a pretty wedding feature

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I’ve talked about my sister and brother-in-law’s stunning wedding before but now you have the chance to really see it. Thanks to her hard work, DIY efforts and flawless eye for detail, they were featured on Style Me Pretty yesterday. As someone who loves a pretty celebration, this was one of my favorite days of last year. Not only did I get to see Ky’s baby sister marry the man of her dreams, but I also got to see my little girl take the most perfect toddler trot down the aisle.

Enjoy! Melissa

Photographs by Alante Photography

Other details can be found on the SMP post

a birthday & a break

Suncadia 1

20 months ago we were blessed with the arrival our little girl. It was stunning and beautifully fulfilling all at the same time. It was also the last time that Ky and I have spent a night alone. We’ve gone to dinner, movies and have had our (small) share of date nights but until now we (read: ME) hadn’t felt comfortable leaving M for the entire night. It was time. So, in celebration of Ky’s big 3-0, we scheduled a mountain getaway and left M for a play-dough playing, banana bread eating good time at her grandparents. Turns out, it’s shockingly quiet and relaxing without a toddler to play with all evening. We went to the spa, ate dinner out and drank wine like we owned the place. We also talked about M all night and made a few phone calls to tell her we missed her. It was hard and it was fun and it was fantastic all balled up into one tiny trip.

Side note to this; Isn’t it so wonderful to have a spouse? It’s like you gain a birthday. ‘Oh, you want to dinner for your birthday? Darn, I guess I’ll come too’ ‘Wait, you want a massage? Sign me up as well’ I’m such a good wife.

Enjoy! Melissa


Labor Day || Forever Love

Rehersal1 Rehersal2 Jenna

You know those couples that you just look at and think, ‘this is the forever kind’? The forever kind of love. They look at each other and it just oozes from their bodies. That’s my sister-in-law and her now husband. Love just seeps from their souls and finds each other somehow. And if you think I am being dramatic, you just scan the faces of those who have the pleasure to be around these two. Everyone sees it. Everyone catches the infectious joy. And it leaves everyone in awe.

And this weekend, we had the honor of witnessing their wedding. Their forever moment that finally came true with nothing but perfection. The top photos were taken on our way out the door for their rehearsal. Ms M was the flower girl {a job of which she fulfilled so much better then I could have ever hoped for} and she dressed in the same outfit her aunt wore for her {again, love oozing, ridiculously amazing} engagement photos {lower photo}.

I will share more about their wedding soon {there are stories to tell and perfection to be sought after here folks} but for now, I leave you with these images of what was a joyous weekend for our family. We skipped naps, stayed up late, danced a night away together and witnessed a fairy tale.

Enjoy! Melissa

Date Day


Just a note to self; selfies do not work with a large lens on your camera. But solid try on our parts! Instead of our usual late evening/ dinner date, we took off for the afternoon this past weekend. Maybe my new favorite date time. I know it’s not a romantic, candle burning night time setting but we got to enjoy the day together and still had some QT with M at dinner and before bed. Best of both worlds really! Is this what having a nanny would be like? Where do I find one of those. Joking. Kinda’.

DateDay1 DateDay8 DateDay2

|| I mean really guys. That picture is from a major freeway. Ky was driving and I snapped a few shots out the window. I couldn’t help but think that we are lucky to have these views. Some people would drive hundreds of miles or hike up mountains to see the things I can see from my freeway. Plus, just look at that stadium. The game could have brought you to tears it was so boring but the people watching was top notch. You probably don’t care but I’m going to tell you about the ‘young lady’ sitting one row in front of us. Not only did we comment on the way she draped her legs over the seat in front of her while wearing a dress and removing her shoes {keep in mind, this is a baseball game, not a Vegas pool} but she proceeded to ‘hint’ at the gentlemen who were a good 30 years her senior in the seats next to her to buy her a beer. Such subtly in her hinting too. ‘Hey, I’m going to get a beer. Want one?’ ‘No Thanks’ Girl doesn’t move as her hint was clearly not caught. Try again. ‘What kind of beer is that you are drinking? Looks good.’ This time, caught, hook line and sinker. Said gentleman buys her a beer and not five minuets later off she went to never return to that seat. But, like I said, the people watching was awesome.

DateDay4 DateDay5 DateDay7

|| Again, selfies do not work. But, whatever, I was in date day goofy blissdom.

Enjoy! Melissa

4 Years


Just a little #TBT to feast your eyes on this morning! Today is my anniversary and well, I’ll look at pictures of my family and feel proud if I want to!

To some who have been married 30, 40, 50 years, a 4 year anniversary probably seems like it should slip by with unnoticed ease. But, to me, I think this is the most momentous anniversary we have yet to celebrate  We have been married for one full year with a baby included in our clan. That my friends, is reason to give each other an extra kiss, high five, whatever today.

My man is the most caring, hard working and loving husband I know, {pat on back to me….good job showing up to that dirty house in college and positioning yourself right where that tall handsome guy would have to talk to you. Probably, the best decision ever made after 9PM in college.} and this year, he showed everyone that he is also an amazing father.

So today, we are going to celebrate us in us style. I already got a text this morning that let me know my favorite coffee was pre-paid for at my favorite coffee stand whenever I was ready for it {coffee = the way to my heart} and we are going to cook a huge feast filled with our favorite foods tonight after M goes to bed.

So, cheers, Happy Thursday and more importantly Happy Anniversary hubs! I couldn’t love anyone more!

Enjoy! Melissa

Weekend Snapshot || iPhone Update 4











I know, I know…we are half way through this week and I’m just now blabbing about last weekend. But, it was just so great. I can’t let it go. So, update you get!

|| On Friday, we got to see a dream come true. My soon-to-be brother-in-law was in the Broadway Tour of Flashdance at the Paramount. If you are familiar, he played the role of Nick. Let me tell you, it was amazing. Amazing to watch him on stage. Amazing to watch his loved ones get a glimpse of his talent. And Amazing to feel his happiness after the show. {I’m hoping he doesn’t mind my gushing. Sorry Derek!} AND on top of all that… because ya’ ya’ he’s great…..we got a date night! We had an awesome tapas dinner before the show {side note, why aren’t all meals served like this? I would far prefer to eat a few bites off small plates then have a 4lb chicken slabbed on my plate like most restaurants do.} and a few drinks after. Love this man I’m married to. It was so nice to spend some time with him and our friends.||


|| On Saturday night, I really got crazy and went to yoga. No, but really, it was pretty fun. Lululemon put on a yoga event inside the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit in Seattle. There were about 300 people mat-to-mat doing yoga while the Beatles played and the Space Needle shined above us. Not too shabby.||



|| And we are to the end of the weekend. Sunday was pretty special. Little M went to her first baby birthday party. She played with some small friends while I attended my sister-in-laws bridal shower. Folks, that guy in Flashdance and my sister-in-law have been dating for longer then I have even known my husband. High school sweethearts that have made it through college in different states, pursuing dreams in NYC and now a wedding right around the corner. Let me tell you…wedding of the year around here for sure! So, she basked in bridal shower glory and opened all things kitchen while we oooed and awwed. And, the funniest, her friends in NYC got in their ‘shower’ best and joined us via Facetime. Clever! Very Clever! ||

And that’s it, I won’t blab about the past any more.

Enjoy! Melissa

Just Saying || Breakfast Date


Passing Ships. Sometimes, I joke with Ky that we are passing ships on a busy day. I’m with M all day then, if I have plans {which, lets be serious, I will do anything to avoid exercising so I just don’t mention it and stay home most nights} , I get to see him for about an hour once he gets home and run out only to come home to a sleeping household. Yesterday was one of those days.

So, we decided to have a breakfast date this morning. Just saying, this was a great idea. Even though I had to pry myself out of bed a little earlier then normal {notice the wrinkly, slept in pajamas}, it was totally worth it. We didn’t eat anything fancy but it was nice to spend a few early morning minutes making plans for the rest of the week and having coffee together. Quick, simple and comforting.

Now, time to actually shower so as not to scare people throughout the day!

Enjoy! Melissa