on baking eggs

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During this week that seems to be all things eggs, I stumbled on what might be the greatest egg dying tip in the history of egg dying tips.

bake them.

I’ve seen this on Pinterest before but hadn’t needed a full dozen hard boiled eggs until suddenly it was Easter week. It worked so well I thought I would leave you with this tiny tip on a Wednesday.

All you do is…

Place eggs in muffin tin

Bake 325 for 30 min

Let cool

We had just one cracked egg in the two dozen I baked yesterday and just for testing purposes, we ate that one. Delicious! Turns out, it would also be a great method for egg salad or keeping hard boiled eggs on hand for snacking. Just so easy.

filling her basket


I have been in hot debate with myself over what the Easter bunny should drop at our house this year. Holiday’s tend to spin way out of control if I don’t put myself in check pretty quickly. I had to remind myself that our basket is pretty small and in years past, it’s been a little too plentiful. I even started annoying my friends with far too many texts about what their bunny brings. The consensus seems to be that our littles are still a little too little for candy and yet, it’s just not an option to totally skimp and miss out on excited faces come Easter morning. Here’s what I came up with for our basket. Hoping it might help your bunny sort out his issues too.

1. Annies Fruit Snacks – We’ll call this candy.

2. Bunny Socks – A little Easter for your toes. Yes!

3. Extra Yarn – I have had this book on M’s Wish List for a while. How cute are the black and white photos with the colorful yarn?

4. Retro Shades – Everyone needs new shades come Spring.

5. Bath Bomb – We are obsessed with Bath Bombs. This one is currently hiding in my closet waiting for Easter and I’m not sure I’ll be able to give it up. My closet smells SO good!

6. Plui Cloud – This was one of those items I annoyed my girls with texts about. I wasn’t sure if M was too old for this but I’ve been assured it’s a bath time favorite.

7. Wooden Half Dozen Eggs – M loves to help cook and her favorite task is cracking the eggs so I can’t wait to see these in action in her play kitchen.

st. pat’s apparel + rainy day making

st pat shirt1

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! By this time, I hope you have found the proper place to enjoy a green beer and some corned beef and cabbage. Because corned beef. It’s only good once a year.

I have been slacking on the creative mom front lately (see last post where I whined uncontrollably about being sick) and St. Patrick’s Day snuck up on us. So, in last minute fashion, I grabbed some puffy paint and a $4 tee from Ben Franklin (yes, they still exist). It doubled as a great rainy day activity and our St. Pat’s apparel.

There’s clearly no rules here. Puffy paint until your heart’s content and wear.

Obviously, I helped M a bit. I traced the shamrock and listed about 1,000 phrases for her before she was insisted ‘hello‘ was the message she would like her shirt to send. I was worried that her portion would be nothing but huge blobs of never drying paint but she did a really good job of keeping her hand moving.

To keep our trend of last minute slacking standing, we didn’t get around to painting until it was too late for our shirt to be worn today but M has a themed day at toddler school on Thursday. Better bet this baby will make an appearance.

st pats shirt2

st pats3 st pat shirt1

my favorite printable valentines

Val PicMonkey Collage

It’s our first official school valentines week!

Last year for valentines we used a cute balloon printable that I found online. It was so much easier then the store bought cards and ended up being a huge hit with our friends and family.

So this year, I went rummaging through Pinterest again to find a printable that would be school worthy. Since we are doing our best to stay away from all things candy, I found some fun options that we could include a little gift with instead. I rounded up a few of my favorites in case you are looking for some fun candy free ideas this valentines as well.

1. Rae’s heart day freebie

2. Allison’s noodle necklace valentine

3. Play-Doh cards

4. Awesome sauce, apple sauce valentine

5. Lip balm tags


metallic colored easter eggs

mceastereggs.jpgLast year M was too little to experience Easter egg decorating so, this year, I was excited to bring the tradition into our house. Although a little messy, it turns out that this is a great activity for a 23 month old. She was able to sort the eggs into color cups and identify colors, then to use metallic markers to help decorate them. I think we’ll still hunt for the plastic version since we had a few egg casualties already but these will make a cute Easter display on our table.

DSC_1253 DSC_1286

What You’ll Need: hard boiled eggs, a typical egg dying kit (we used this Paas kit), metallic permanent markers (we liked these BIC pens)

What You’ll Do: 

  1. Dye your hard boiled eggs using your egg kit. If you use a bit of vinegar mixed with the water, your color will be more vibrant. Also, the longer you let your egg soak, the brighter your color will be.
  2. Put your eggs back in their crate and let them dry overnight in your refrigerator.
  3. The next day, wipe each egg down before drawing on them. There will be a bit of dew that you need to remove.
  4. Draw whatever your little heart desires with your metallic markers making sure not to touch right away. You can see some smudges in mine where I bumped my drawing too soon. They will need to dry for a few minutes.
  5. Display beautifully!


easter outfit planning

EasterOutfit.jpgEaster is kind of a funny holiday to outfit plan for around here. The weather always seems to be going through some emotional issues this time of year and you just don’t know what you are going to get. There have been years where I’m shoving Cadbury Eggs and Peeps into my face while  the sun blazes down and other years where we huddle inside so as not to wash away in a virtual monsoon of rain. Anyway, because of that, the key to planning for Easter around here is layers and, well, waiting until the weather report is available to shop. That means there is no time for shipping and big box stores are where it’s at for finding an outfit for M. Here’s what M is planning on wearing this year.

Side note: I’m still looking for an outfit for me. Another funny thing about Easter…there doesn’t seem to be a standard of dress. I notice some families are dressed to the nines and others call it good when they give the wrinkles in their pajamas a little brush off. Any suggestions?

Easter Bonnet (aka sun hat) 
Jelly Sandals 


Enjoy! Melissa

music is her love language

DSC_0279Give me a musical instrument of any kind and you might get a few plunks, toots or loud untamed sounds. Nothing more. I’m not what you call musically inclined but I’m thinking there is still hope for M. Every few months we make our way downtown for a Tiny Tot’s  concert at the Seattle Symphony and this month it happened to fall perfectly on Valentine’s Day. Once we make our way through the city, find a suitable place to park in the madness and maneuver our way into the concert hall, M gets to try out a few instruments with the help of the patient staff and bang around on some sturdier music making tools in the lobby before the concert starts.

She was pretty mesmerized by the french horn on this trip. She stood next to the kind lady playing and watched child after child take their turn pressing the buttons and playing (don’t you worry, it’s cleaned between every attempt) but she wouldn’t dare give it a blow herself. But me, well I’m a daredevil, so I puckered up and tried. Surprisingly, a loud sound came from the horn and, more surprisingly, my little peanut gallery of one started cheering for me. “yeah mama, yeah” Adorable!

Then we marched her and a few of her little friends into a concert hall where we clapped, learn a little sign language and sang along for a concert that M loved. When we signed up, I wasn’t sure if a musical 30 minutes would hold her attention but it surely does. She bounces up and down and claps when the time comes. I’m telling you folks, we’ve got the musical hope of the family right here. I can’t wait to see what this develops into.

Enjoy! Melissa

DSC_0274 photo (7) DSC_0281 DSC_0289

diy valentine’s

Val Cards1The day of love is tomorrow and M and I are hoping our Valentine’s were mailed out in time. We put these amazing little printable cards together a few days ago and mailed them out to a few of our bff’s and family members. So, Dear Family: If you haven’t received yours, go to the mailbox. Now.

This cute little printable is from The 36th Avenue  and all we did was print, color, cut and washi tape balloons to the front. I just love them and appreciated that they didn’t leave any pieces of candy sitting around for me to shovel into my mouth. You know I just can’t resist those gross little candy hearts. Shameful really.

Enjoy! Melissa

Val Cards 2 Val Cards 3 Val Cards 4