a [ridiculously] easy spring centerpiece

grass4We all know I love a good table decoration so with company on the way for Easter I wanted to throw together a new centerpiece. While I was running around buying all sorts of tulips, eggs and quiche making goods for brunch, I snagged some wheat grass at Whole Foods. It took about 10 minutes to throw a little centerpiece together and total cost was $5 so you know I had to share…..

grass1 grass2 grass3

What To Do : 

1. Grab any bowl or basket.

2. Line with wax paper.

3. Pull wheat grass apart as you push it down on the wax paper.

For the holiday, we laid a couple of our decorated eggs in the grass. Since we don’t need those smelling up the place, they’ve already bit the dust and Cuties have taken their place. Gotta’ love how easy that is!


hashtag : show me your table

coffee table1

In our last house, we used an ottoman where a coffee table would have been and an eight foot kitchen island instead of a proper dining table. So when the prospect of moving came up, I got a little giddy thinking about styling tables. Maybe that’s weird. I don’t know. But every time I would go to a friends house and their table had just the right feel, I was a tiny bit jealous.

We needed an odd sized table for our space so Kyle built our coffee table using Thimble & Cloth’s DIY with few of our own personal touches. We used 14″ hairpin legs and distressed the wood to help it fit in with our modern farmhouse angle. Then it was my turn to decorate it.

With a two year old running around, you can’t go too crazy but I think we got the job done. I found the basket at a local antique shop and threw the rest together with a few things I had around the house plus one or two new items.

Now the fun part! I want to see your coffee table action. Follow the #showmeyourtable on Instagram and add your photos in. I’ll be posting my table styling and want to see what you have going on as well.

So, c’mon …#showmeyourtable.

Table DIY

Bowl (old) Vera Wang from Macys

Mosaic Pieces (old) from Pottery Barn

Kinfolk Magazine

West Elm Terrarium w/ Air Plant

home deco


This past week has been dedicated to making my living room a more livable space. When we first moved in, furniture was on the back burner and structure was at the forefront. Five months later, structure is pretty well laid out and it’s time to focus on what the place looks like. From the beginning, I have kept a Pinterest board for inspiration. It ended up very white (bye bye old brown house), open and with lots of natural accents. Not every detail of my board has come to life (because hellooo it’s Pinterest) but some things are starting to take shape. More on the house later but I wanted to share some of what I’m thinking about as I have been working on the living space this week.

Thoughts on these?

Pinterest2 Pinterest3



click on photos for sources

washi tape frames

Washi Tape 2

As the house starts to come together, I’m finally getting a few things on the walls. I am so.tired. of buying frames so in M’s room, I went for taping prints to the wall. I kind of love the way it turned out and thought I would share in case anyone else is looking for some frame-spiration (see what I did there?).

It’s so easy.

1. Tape one style of washi around the outside of the print to hold it in place. Overlap corners and leave a few strips longer then others.

2. Use a different style tape to angle and highlight at the corners.

I chose a really simple frame type but there are so many ways you could hang prints with washi. I pinned a few ideas if you are in the market for something a little crazier.

Spot Print: DIY

Lip Print: printable by The Motivated Type

this old house


errr or not really old at all. We purchased our first home five days before our wedding. At the time, it was a patch of dirt in what would eventually be a 100ish home neighborhood. As first time home buyers, we had the perfect opportunity with this gem. We didn’t build from scratch ourselves but instead had our hand held buy the builder and picked all the finishes, floor plan and wall colors from a few options. We lived in this space for five years, made two job changes, brought a dog baby home to it and later our real baby made a home there.

And then, it was time to go.

It took a while but once I finally accepted that I was doing the adult thing by moving (the Seattle area market was crazy this summer) and the for-sale sign went up, it was suddenly easy to let go. I would return home after a potential buyer showing and my house would smell like someone else. Like when you step into an elevator after an exceptionally potent man has just left.  People had been poking around, viewing all my belongings and judging my decorating choices (I’ve seen enough home shows to know they ALWAYS comment on the paint color. amIright?). I was disconnected almost immediately. As we packed, I happily watched furniture walk out the door to new homes and car fulls of stuff go to GoodWill.

It wasn’t until we had everything out and I was deep cleaning that my emotions finally took me down. Actually, it was M’s room that got me. And stupidly enough, it was a tiny coffee stain that literally brought me to my knees. On the shelf next to her changing table, there was a tiny ring from my coffee cup practically burt into the wood. Instantly, the routine I had for almost two years flooded over me. Wake, Shower, Coffee, Get Baby, Place Coffee on Shelf, Change Baby. I just laid on the floor and finally let myself feel the change.

The thing is, it was like pulling off a bandaid. We have taken our new place from house to home in a matter of four months and are still charging ahead. I haven’t looked back once or really even thought about the house we sold. I am certain that the same powerful feelings will imbed themselves in these new walls, that there will be coffee rings to cry over when we leave this place and that I never NEVER want to see that brown shag carpet again (WHAT was I thinking?).



06 07 14

Side note: I know people move ALL the time and I’ve talked about this a few too many times already. Last one. Promise.

Builder: Pulte Homes

Design Direction: Laurie Schwartz

Pop Up Shop Final Hours

Coupon Code


Dear Dear Friends. The time has come for the pop-up to un-pop until we come back for good in mid-December. We’ll be closing our virtual doors at 2PM this afternoon. The great news (so you don’t have to go through your day feeling a cloud of gloom over our closing) is that we are offing a coupon code for the final countdown. It applies to all orders, including custom, so message away with all your requests.

Enjoy! Melissa

A Little Bit


In an attempt to blend a newly green wall into my house, I have been searching for unique and more fun accessories for around the house. So far, I’ve found a few and am loving the more personable vibe my house is showing. Here’s just a little bit of the updates I have made. Oh’ and don’t judge, I haven’t been able to wipe the chalk board I made for M’s birthday {over a month ago}. Still up and I don’t see it changing any time soon. We’ll just call it a birthday memorial at this point.

Enjoy! Melissa







Vase Update

Vase - Before

Vase - During1

Vase - During2

Vase - After

In an attempt to start slowly and cost effectively update the decorating I did when we moved into our house three years ago, I started with an easy project in my entry room {don’t get me started on how everyone needs a foyer. Who wants to walk right into a room? Next house.}. This Ikea vase is sitting in my entry with wheat grass in it but it was just cream and boring. For a little sprucing I just grabbed some gold metallic acrylic paint and updated away. To update your own boring vase:

  1. Measure evenly spaced sections, marking numerous times as you turn the vase. 
  2. Tape off the sections. This is harder than it looks on a round object so be sure to pull and smooth the tape as you go. Any bubbles will let the paint seep under and create an uneven section.
  3. Apply acrylic paint using a sponge brush. I ended up with four coats of paint to get the desired look.
  4. Let dry completely.
  5. Slowly Remove tape.
  6. Tuh-Duh!

It’s not perfect but the gold did at a small touch of updated flair to my entry | front room | reading room | room that won’t exist in my next house.

Enjoy! Melissa

Round And Round We Go

Pinwheels!! They are such a cute addition to any celebration. I recently used about 200 pinwheels for a bridal shower. We decorated with large pinwheels, placed small sizes on the cake and in with the food and used medium pinwheels for the gift and drink tables.  I ordered these multicolored bits of fun from the amazing Paper Polaroid. They have worked with big name clients like Ralph Lauren and really were the most responsive and caring Etsy partner I have ever encountered. Check out her shop!

Up Go the Lights









Little M was so impressed with her daddy’s Christmas light hanging skills last night. Mr. K was up on the roof with all sorts of ropes and pulleys for safety. Poor Little M could not figure out how he got up on that roof or why she could hear him talking from way up there. Total confusion! And get used to the drool, she’s 6 months old and it’s never {never ever ever} ending. Just keeps coming like a flood. But it’s pretty cute in pictures!