updating the walls


I have been working on updating some of the prints in our house and it’s been so much harder then I thought it would be. Not for a lack of art but because there are so many amazing artists out there. As I keep searching, I thought I would share a few of my top contenders.

1. Compass – There’s something about a good arrow print. This would be so strong in my living room.

2. Seattle Space Needle Flare – Gotta’ rep the home town!

3. Family Canvas –  I love that this is totally customizable.

4.You’re The Best And The Mostest – Just too good for a kids room.

5.For Like Ever – I know this print is everywhere but for good reason. This would kill in our bedroom.

6. Stay Humble St – Once we have a desk area, this is the first thing going up.

7.Tapestry 5 – Something about this just calls to me. If only that rug were real.

There are just so many good options! My first priority is a fairly large print in my living room but I haven’t committed to a color scheme. Here’s to a lazy weekend with time to make decisions!

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