st. pat’s apparel + rainy day making

st pat shirt1

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! By this time, I hope you have found the proper place to enjoy a green beer and some corned beef and cabbage. Because corned beef. It’s only good once a year.

I have been slacking on the creative mom front lately (see last post where I whined uncontrollably about being sick) and St. Patrick’s Day snuck up on us. So, in last minute fashion, I grabbed some puffy paint and a $4 tee from Ben Franklin (yes, they still exist). It doubled as a great rainy day activity and our St. Pat’s apparel.

There’s clearly no rules here. Puffy paint until your heart’s content and wear.

Obviously, I helped M a bit. I traced the shamrock and listed about 1,000 phrases for her before she was insisted ‘hello‘ was the message she would like her shirt to send. I was worried that her portion would be nothing but huge blobs of never drying paint but she did a really good job of keeping her hand moving.

To keep our trend of last minute slacking standing, we didn’t get around to painting until it was too late for our shirt to be worn today but M has a themed day at toddler school on Thursday. Better bet this baby will make an appearance.

st pats shirt2

st pats3 st pat shirt1

One thought on “st. pat’s apparel + rainy day making

  1. nice work Little M! and hey…the shirt may not have been ready today, but the little green sprinkled shamrock milks for the girls were perfection :)

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