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We read before nap time, while snacking, before bed and any other time of the day M asks for the same books to be read over and over again. She’s not one for variety but she does like a large dose of literature in her life. Something I can appreciate.

This is what M and I are reading in February.

M ||  Llama Llama Series: These are the only books I know the exact location of in the library. M LOVES them. Like big heart eye emoji loves them. We run straight to the D for Dewey section and I let her pick out just one Llama Llama per library visit. (because, one can only say llama so many times in a day…amiright?)  Her favorites are Llama Llama Red Pajama and Llama Llama Time to Share. She loves them for the rhyming but I appreciate them for the lessons. We reference how Llama learns to share or how he listens to his mama in the store, even when he’s frustrated, all the time.

Mine || Big Little Lies : I have to admit that this book makes me a little worried about M starting preschool in the fall. Nothing to do with her taking off to school, more to do with how apparently cliquish the parents can get. This is the story of a few preschool families who end up involved in a murder.     Que ominous music.     But really….it was a super easy read that keep my mind occupied after the little went to bed at night. I totally recommend it.


6 thoughts on “m and mine || books

  1. baby llama what a tizzy! sometimes mama’s very busy. please stop all this llama drama and be patient for your mama…i am reciting from memory alone here.

  2. Oh I LOVED Big Little Lies!! We read it for my book club and then I became slightly obsessed with Liane Moriarty’s other books too. If you haven’t read “The Husband’s Secret”, it’s also a good one and I’ve heard that “What Alice Forgot” is great too. As far as the Llama Llama series goes, I know nothing but sounds like it would be a lot of fun for a little one :)

    • We read Big Little Lies for my book club too! We have our ‘meeting’ this weekend and I’m so curious to see what everyone thought. I had never heard of Alice but now I’ll be checking it out! Thanks!!!!!

  3. Loved “Big Little Lies” too! I couldn’t put it down (when reading before bed). I also read “The Husband’s Secret) also by Liane Moriarty. It was good too – but I didn’t enjoy it as much as BLL. Hugs! xoxo

    • I liked Husbands Secret also but Big Little Lies just kept you going with the detective interviews at the end of each chapter. You just had to know who did it!!! Also, I think I need to move to Pirowee (sp?) and have coffee at Joe’s. It sounds so wonderful!

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