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IMG_3672I bought this online….found these great internet services…..things I do on the computer….I don’t know. Whatever you want to call it, I’ve been turning to the internet lately for so many things that I previously would have ventured to a store for. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised (it’s the way of the world right?) but these services have totally blown me away so I thought I would share.

Let’s start with Serial. I think I’m a little late to the podcast party but O.M.G (I HATE omg but it’s just so appropriate here. Read it with a teenage squeal if you must) was I glued to this. I had to have my younger (and much cooler) cousin show me where to even find these ‘podcast things’ on my phone but once I was there, I was stuck. I finished the Serial series yesterday and am truly sad it’s over. I’m still milling over what I think of Adnon’s guilt or possible innocence. If you haven’t listed yet, it’s like listening to a real life law and order and the hosts voice somehow captures you. I listed on my phone, in my car, every nap time and basically as much as I could until I finished. Then, this morning, about 12 hours after finishing Serial, I started Invisibilia. Hooked again.


Another online service I would have never dreamed I would love is Warby Parker. I’m not a glasses wearer but Kyle is and he hates picking out a pair on his own. So, rather than drag the whole fam to the store, we ordered five pairs to try for five days from Warby Parker. Kyle modeled them all for me and we eliminated three immediately. A few days later, while over for brunch, his family helped him narrow it down to one awesome pair. We sent in his prescription, mailed back the trial pairs and his new glasses arrived a few weeks later. SO EASY!


I’ve made a lame attempt on keeping a baby book for M. I’ve written a few things here and there, mostly when she was first born and I hadn’t included any photos. I finally decided I better get on top of it before I totally lost the project to the years so I ordered some prints of my Instagram photos from Print Studio not really knowing what to expect. I was blown away when they arrived. The quality of the photos is amazing and the square shape just kills me. I think I’ll try to Prinstagram my photos every six months or so just to make sure M has some hard photos to look back on.

I know there are a million other online services waiting for me to find. If you have any you love, send em’ my way!

4 thoughts on “online lately

    • I only got part way through but i cant wait to hear more. Who would have ever thought this talk radio hating girl would love these podcasts so much? Something about them!

  1. Mel- Try Strangers or This American Life. Agreed…never into podcasts until Kyle had me listen to Serial. We finished it in one weekend!

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