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A week turned into a few months and when all is said and done, it’s been almost six months. This little blogging absence was both ‘oops!’ and ‘ahhhhh!’ all at once. I never meant to step away for so long but once I was away, it just hurt so good. Slowly though, little by little, it didn’t feel so great any more and the itch to put my fingers to keyboard started to come back to me.

Truth is, I really love this space. I love the comments and the freedom to use my own my mind to create and craft and it shouldn’t be as hard as I was making it out to be. So, anyway, I think a simple what the heck I’ve been doing lately (because we all know it hasn’t been blogging) is in order…..

IMG_0681 IMG_0613 IMG_0494

^^ First things first. Most of my time has been spent with THIS! I finally stopped crying like a baby and ponied up to selling our house. I won’t bore you with the crusty details but we bought in a totally different area then we were originally looking and fell in love with this total fixer. We’ve spent our time demoing walls, creating new walls, ripping out that wonderful 1970’s wood burning stove, pulling up and replacing all the flooring, creating an entirely new kitchen, painting like crazy and decorating where the budget allows. We aren’t completly done (and I don’t imagine we will be for a few years) but we aren’t having ‘picnics’ on the floor any more and the wires dangling from the celing have been tucked away. #remodelsarenojoke


^^ In October, we left the house in a mid-reno mess and went to Disney with Kyle’s entire family. For the second year in a row, we partied at Mickey’s Halloween shin-dig and, as only Disney can do, it was magical. Little Mady wore a bee costume and when she met Minnie Mouse, my heart just about melted all over that pristine Disney sidewalk. She got all red and nervous but couldn’t hold back from throwing her arms around the tiniest Minnie I’ve ever seen.

I imagine I would act in a similar style if Oprah appeared on the streets offering hugs.

IMG_1151 IMG_1487

^^Oh you know, just fall and about 29 different pumpkin patch visits happened.


^^ I think I’ve had somewhere around 218 cups of coffee since my last post. (Riveting stuff right….)

Jamie+Troy Wedding 77

^^ I also took a solo trip to Florida to be in the wedding of one of my longest friends (friends since the 4th grade!). I can’t remember the last time I stayed in a hotel room alone or flew without someone to chat with. It was a mix of strange and wonderful all wrapped into one.

IMG_2207 IMG_2267

^^ Practically right off the plane from Florida, I hopped on another (this time with my trusty companions) to spend Thanksgiving with my family in Kauai.


^^ And just like that, it was Christmas. This was our holiday card photo this year. We intended to all be in it but Kyle and I are just not as photogenic as this little peanut. She nailed the whole day of cookie making and perfect photo location scouting so a solo card was well deserved.

Six months summed up in a few photos hardly does it justice but I think that’s the big stuff. To really catch up, find me on Instagram — @prettywednesday.


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