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A few weeks ago, I went to visit my aunt in Arizona. I had no idea that she was in fact the Martha Stewart of summer entertaining. Over the course of a weekend, I learned so much from her about sharing your home with a group of people. First was that she had classy plastic utensils for everything. Wine glasses, plates, beer glasses….all plastic. No broken glass and easy clean up. Smart move. The second has changed the way I prep for my own family to eat over the course of the summer.

After a trip to the store, she took all the produce out, threw it into a bowl, washed it with produce wash then did the prep for eating (cut the strawberries, watermelon, etc) and put the produce in tupperware to grab at will from the fridge. Why have I never thought of this? Since then, I’ve been prepping all of our produce as soon as I get home from the store and we have been wasting less. The ease of grabbing it ready to eat means we reach for it more often.

The other thing I took in from all this was the way she washed her fruits and vegetables. I’ve always rinsed my produce in water before I ate anything but produce wash was new to  me. I was skeptable until she rinsed her strawberries then threw them in produce wash. Even after they had been rinsed off, the bowl had a layer of dirt on the bottom at the end of the soak session. I was so sick that I had been eating this and feeding it to my family. Makes total sense. It’s been in the ground, handled by who knows how many hands then placed in the store for you to go after. Anyway, I was totally convinced and have been using produce wash since. I also bought several bottles for friends and handed them out like candy.

It’s the easiest thing. Rinse your produce, add a squirt (or one tbs) of  wash to a bowl, drop in your produce, fill with water. Let it soak for about 2 minutes then give it another good rinse.

Try it!


Enjoy! Melissa

DSC_2343 DSC_2345


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