wine weekend

10452693_10101346207725993_1887839498_oLast Saturday, 5 girlfriends and I headed to Yakima to visit one of my very best friends who calls Washington wine country home. Lets just say that when you put sunshine, girlfriends and wine tasting together, your cheeks will hurt from laughter for about the next week. The wine is a good plus for me on these trips but the best part is getting to catch up with my friends. As the years roll on (helloooo 30, you are staring me right in the face), marriages, kids and jobs have lessened the time we get to spend with each other. As they should really. It would be strange if I still lived on Greek Row rooming with my friends, and drinking from fish bowl sized containers we shamefully called cups. But, no matter how normal, it’s still so surreal to watch our lives branch out and take on new meaning. In the midst of all that, it’s refreshing to take a break and listen to each other, talk about silly things and maybe a few important topics and just laugh. We don’t take these trips nearly often enough but when we do I feel just a tad younger, energized  and, well, ill from the wine.

10467660_10101345767508193_129199909_o DSC_2238

I think that’s all I’ll share about girls weekend here. They call Yakima, ‘Yaka-Vegas’. It’s a joke really but we’ll just stick to the good ol’ Vegas montra. What happens in (Yaka-) Vegas, stays in (Yaka-) Vegas!

10360744_10101345871270253_675457196_o DSC_2239


Happy Friday and Enjoy!


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    • Mollie! I totally agree. Can’t wait to hear what you think about the mousse. I have made it three times now. It’s becoming a dessert staple in our house :)

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