comfort trending

1.jpgThere is no style I can get behind more then the comfort trend that seems to be taking over. A strong applause from me to whoever started this. The problem is, I’m just not sure how far I can go before I’ve taken it too far. Like Birkenstocks for example. I want them so badly and have tried them on at least three times but  just can’t quite get myself pull the trigger. As a compromise, I picked up these MTNG ‘earthy’ sandals and have been living in them lately.  I’ve also added a few other comfort items to my wardrobe and always seem to grab for them before anything else. I don’t know, what do you guys think….can you have too many comfortable pieces or is it all about what you do with them?


Enjoy! Melissa


MTNG Originals ‘Taylor’ Sandal (here) || Brooks ‘Vanguard’ Sneaker (here) || Twill Pant (here) || Messy Top Knot (on my head)

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