meet the pw bakers twine

DSC_2134 DSC_2151

Last night I sat down and tackled what had grown into an insane pile of mail. After weeks of coming and going (I’m baaacckkk by the way), I had thrown stack after stack down until it became too intimidating to deal with. Anyway, I was so thrilled that mixed into the annoying number of bills was a delightful number of invitations. Wedding Showers. Baby Showers. Weddings. Bachelorette Parties. Maybe I should open the mail more because, turns out, it was kinda’ fun.

I am already planning which gifts to buy, which new Pretty Wednesday bakers twine to wrap them with and some new gift tags, wrapping and cards to fit each occasion. I can’t wait to have them all in our shop!


DSC_2150 DSC_2140


Also, keep checking back. There are TONS of new products in the works!


Enjoy! Melissa


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