a northwest garden

DSC_2102Truth: I have a black thumb. There isn’t a hint of green sprouting from that thing. Most plants hate my guts and yet, every year around this time, we make trips to suburban heavens like Home Depot or Costco and pick up some plants for me to kill. Last weekend, I got my hands on a few hanging greens, some potted goods and we picked out vegetables for our little raised bed.

Those, I am not allowed to touch. The fear that I will kill them before they even have a chance to produce an ounce of anything edible is too much for Ky so he’s brought in a new gardening assistant. She comes with a load of Hello Kitty gear and stays focused for about two whole seconds but somehow, they got the job done.

Together, they managed to plant tomatoes, edamame, sweet peppers and a little flower that M insisted belonged next to the vegetables. Every year we each take our gardening roles. My job is to nag Ky several times a day making sure he’s watered the plants or checked to make sure rabbits and slugs didn’t devour the garden overnight and Ky’s job is to, well…water and check for pests. M’s role in the whole thing is to taste test. It’s what she is best at.

DSC_2103gardening .jpgDSC_2109

Here’s to hoping I can update you with a bowl of harvested goodness in a few months.

Enjoy! Melissa



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