mother's day mini session-285mother's day mini session-292 mother's day mini session-290 mother's day mini session-302 mother's day mini session-295Today my girl turns two.

People tell you time flies when you have a child but if you would have asked me in the first year, I would have whole heartedly disagreed with them. I felt like every day was a new adventure. Life altering decisions were made hourly. Things that shaped the way you were forever going to raise your child were decided in every moment of that year. Now though, with another 12 months under our belts, I would tell you that time does fly with a little one by your side. It feels like days ago that I was planning M’s first birthday and writing about it. This year has been filled with less newness and more of a calm as a family of three. Don’t get me wrong, M has embraced toddlerhood with open arms and is about as opposite of calm as they come, but our family, this way of being, it’s become less frantic and more normal.

To document the shift from months to years with our babe, we had some photos taken last week. Turns out, M was into showing what two is going to mean for her. She wasn’t thrilled about having her picture taken, ran from the photographer, pulled her cute ponytail out and acted as if the flower crown was trying to kill her. It was the perfect moment to step back and watch her take on the world herself, have opinions and show them off wildly.

Looks like two is going to be a fun one.

Enjoy! Melissa


Photos by the talented Stacy Jacobsen







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