vacation ready cutoff shorts

FDS.jpgWe have filled May with some serious plans this year. M and I are headed out for a little vacation this week, I’ll be doing some alone traveling (yipee!) and we will also be celebrating M turning two in May. In preparation, I went shopping a few days ago for summer wear and was appalled at the cost of good pair of cutoff shorts. I’ll pony up for the perfect summer tank or even for some sandals but it seemed silly to pay for shorts when I had a huge pile of old jeans hanging out in my closet.

Until last summer, I hadn’t been brave enough to take scissors to a pair of jeans. But, I figured the worst that could happen is that an old pair of pants would find it’s way to the trash pile. Didn’t happen though. The shorts turned out to be my favorite pair of the season. So, yet again, I found myself chopping away at my jeans a few days ago.

If you are scared to try it, don’t be. I promise that the hardest part is the fringe and I think I’ve developed a few tricks to help  you out on that.


What You Need || 

An old pair of jeans


Scissors or Rotary Cutter

A pair of shorts in your desired length


Sand Paper


What You Do||

1. Lay a pair of shorts with your desired length on top of your old jeans.

2. Use chalk to copy the outline of the bottom of your current shorts. Notice that they slant down, toward the thigh.

Note: I wanted my new shorts to be just a bit longer then my current pair. So, I used a ruler to measure one inch below the line I made (in three spots) and created a new cut line. 

3. Cut line.

Note: IF you have a sewing machine or know how to hand sew, you can sew a few stitches into the side of each leg to keep the sides from splitting. Go right over the current jean stitching. If not, don’t worry, they will split a little with wear but it blends right in with the frayed look. 

4. Use sand paper to rough up the cut line. You will get a lot of fray and will need to trim the long pieces later.

5. Use the sharp point of your scissors to create scuff marks or holes wherever you desire in the legs of your shorts. Sandpaper around the edges for a more frayed look.

6. Wash, wash again and wash again.

7. Trim the fray.

DSC_1795 DSC_1798 DSC_1805 DSC_1811


Enjoy! Melissa


P.S. A little house keeping note….. As May is super busy and we’ll be traveling A LOT, posts may be a bit spread out this month. I am going to try my hardest to post daily but I’ll promise you just three times a week. So, keep stopping in!


One thought on “vacation ready cutoff shorts

  1. Totally did that last summer too, fav pair of shorts. .. but I like the tips you have, took me awhile to get mine just right. Thanks! Have fun this month! ♡

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