all day wear || ladies in navy

Kelsey2One of the most popular requests on our survey a few weeks ago was that Pretty Wednesday do fashion posts. I’m so flattered but, lets be honest, my mom-iform mostly consists of mint colored converse and boyfriend jeans these days. I’m sure we would all tire of that little combo fairly quickly. So, my first thought was to reach out to a true fashion blogger and my friend/cousin/fellow pacific northwest dweller, Kelsey. I am ecstatic that she agreed to guest post for us today and can’t stop drooling over her photos. Check out her awesome fashion tips…..


I’m so thrilled to be guest posting on Pretty Wednesday today (from I love my cousin Melissa’s blog even though I’m not a mom yet. It is a good peek into the (semi-distant) future of motherhood and the sweet moments (and massive challenges) that come with it. Melissa asked me to share some style today that would be mom-friendly.

It really only takes a few mom-coworkers to understand that being a mom is neither a piece of cake or a walk in the park, though it may literally involve many walks in the park. I am pretty sure that once I become a mom my go-to style choices will revolve around comfort and versatility. There is no mom out there that wants to be chasing a kid through the park in a pencil skirt and heels, but I bet there are quite a few that look longingly to the sweat-pant drawer and shed tears that they can’t just crawl inside.

I’ve put together some tips on versatile style options for a busy mom that don’t take a lot of investment, time or effort. I also pulled these looks together in about 10 minutes with day-old hair, so it shouldn’t be too hard to copy!

1. It’s all about the shirtdress. They’re easy to throw on, perfect for any season (just add legging and boots in the winter with a heavy coat), and readily available in stores for under $60. The shirtdress is a bit short for moms on the go, but I’m also 5’10” and can’t ever find anything that covers enough leg! I got this one at the Gap.
2. For a day to night look, the flats to heels transition is always a killer one. Heels turn any outfit from easy to hot in a matter of minutes. And flats make outfits easy and casual. These cute striped flat/ loafers are from Gap as well. The heels are Guess.

3. The statement necklace was invented for a reason. That reason is last-minute date nights when you have no time to change from your work/home/every-day clothes…



4. Finally, the messy bun is a perfect up-do for a busy day chasing kids about. It also curls your hair into messy waves that are perfect for relaxed nighttime hair.


1, 2, 3, 4. From day…



…to night.


Thanks for hosting me, Pretty Wednesday readers and happy styling!





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