DSC_1738“M, once a week, every week, in 2014″

My girl: She’s spunky and determined and all together fearless. Yet, every once in a while she takes a little moment to breath. In this case, she was using a window sill as a window seat and watching her daddy work in the lawn.

We spent 30 minutes in this spot with endless commentary from her on what was going on outside. We were laughing at Ky fighting a lawn edger and counting the kids in the park across the street. There were three little boys and one of their sisters playing, sliding and climbing. All seemed well until suddenly the boys were throwing rocks at each other by swinging their arms as hard as they could muster. They were aiming for each others heads and I just couldn’t take it. I flung the window open and like some wretch grandma, I yelled at them to put down their rock weapons. (To which the little girl tilted her head in the snottiest I told you so way and said, “See, I tooooolllllld you guys to stop throwing rocks.” You go little girl!) C’mon Melissa. Yelling at the kids in the park. I. Am. So. Old.

Enjoy! Melissa


6 thoughts on “17/52

  1. I love that you did that! When we were in Mexico, this little boy kept swimming with us in the pool and all the sudden he started gulping pool water. Like he was SO thirsty. I died and swam over and was like “Don’t do that!” We still laugh about it.

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