It’s been a really (REALLY) long time since I’ve done an iPhone update but I was flipping through my pictures tonight and was reminded that although I’ve felt like M and I have battled it out this week, we’ve had some deliciously cute times as well. Am I the only one that does that? Browse my own photos. It just sounds so narcissistic. Gosh! But really, it’s not as horribly sick as it appears. It’s just sometimes nice to be able to look at these moments instead of stay in the heat of a tantrum. Know what I mean?

photo 1This girl! We had a good day so I treated her to a little Red Robin for lunch. The clucks and fries were just as good as I remember from those teenager days spent ordering food in huge groups and insisting we each needed our own bill.

photo 2 photo 3Easter! The Easter Bunny left M a chicken themed basket. She was thrilled and right away spent about 5 minutes trying to comb the hen’s hair out of it’s face.

photo 4The Tulip Festival flowers are still going strong on my counter.

photo 5I guess we’ve been grabbing some snacks on the go lately??? We stopped for a green smoothie at Jamba a few days ago and M has never acted so sweet as she did while she bribed me to give her the rest of my drink after hers was gone. I’m such a sucker!

Enjoy! Melissa


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