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DSC_1644Yesterday was Earth Day, my 200th post will publish this week, the shop is starting to take shape and make moves and, well, I like you guys. So, I guess I didn’t need a reason but there seem to be about four this week that screamed GIVEAWAY to me.

Every year, we plant a little garden in our back yard. Some years, we have included crazy things like corn (never again will I allow huge stalks of corn to take over my suburban fence line), pumpkins (that was a fun one!) and artichokes (complete fail). And other years, we keep it simple with a few flowers and easy veggies like zucchini or squash. We tend to wait until May to plant so our garden is just a big pile of dirt right now but soon enough, we’ll get to planting and I’m already thinking about what we’ll attempt to grow this time around.

To put you in the same spirit, I included some fun summer garden goodies in a little giveaway. To enter, please comment below letting me know what the first thing you are dreaming about doing when summer weather makes an appearance is. Let’s be honest, I expect many many happy hour comments. (or if not, I will be sorely disappointed in you all) The winner will be drawn at random on Monday, April 28th and will receive a set of garden gloves, three packets of pretty flower seeds and an 8×10 of my green grass print (frame not included).

For an extra entry, please share our photo and tag @prettywednesday on Instagram or pin this photo on Pinterest.

Enjoy! Melissa

UPDATE: Congratulations Kari! You won! Thanks to everyone who entered. More giveaways coming soon! 

*Sorry, limited to US readers only. Please only leave your contact information in the allotted boxes, not in the body of your comment. Winner will be emailed after selection is made. 


15 thoughts on “thinking sun || giveaway

  1. So looking forward re-doing our large backyard with a firepit area (lots of at-home happy hours) and BBQ parties to come!!!!

  2. Ok, so we can’t have a garden because we back up to the golf course and the deer roam freely:( They eat anything and everything! But we are putting in a new stamp concrete backyard so we can have more happy hour evenings next to our fire. I am planning on planting potted plants that I hope to remember to bring in every evening…we shall see. Our neighbor forgot to and all of her hard work planting was nothing but green stubs after the deer got to it. Anywho, I love looking at your pictures of M and seeing what you guys are up to so I decided to enter.

    • Thanks for entering Erinn! I am in charge of the potted plants at my house and somehow, I can NEVER keep them alive for a whole season. Total black thumb! I wish you luck!

  3. We just got a TON of mulch and sun flower seeds…I am so excited to plant them with my 2 year old this weekend, we both love flowers (well she loves to jam her little nose in them and smell them). I am excited for all the flowers to start blooming, picnics, shorts, sandals, sun, and BBQs!

    • Amy! I took M outside to help weed a few days and was totally shocked at how much she loved gardening. I am also so excited to get to work with her in the yard this year! Thanks for entering!

  4. How adorable! Just stumbled across your site through a Facebook ad and I love it! Hmm…summer, let’s see – weekend trips to Cali to enjoy some beach time with a margarita by my side!

  5. Poolside margarita and Harper in her first babykini. Can’t wait. Well, I guess it’s technically already summer in AZ so I’m not sure what I’m waiting for. Guess we better get to it!

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