easter outfit planning

EasterOutfit.jpgEaster is kind of a funny holiday to outfit plan for around here. The weather always seems to be going through some emotional issues this time of year and you just don’t know what you are going to get. There have been years where I’m shoving Cadbury Eggs and Peeps into my face while  the sun blazes down and other years where we huddle inside so as not to wash away in a virtual monsoon of rain. Anyway, because of that, the key to planning for Easter around here is layers and, well, waiting until the weather report is available to shop. That means there is no time for shipping and big box stores are where it’s at for finding an outfit for M. Here’s what M is planning on wearing this year.

Side note: I’m still looking for an outfit for me. Another funny thing about Easter…there doesn’t seem to be a standard of dress. I notice some families are dressed to the nines and others call it good when they give the wrinkles in their pajamas a little brush off. Any suggestions?

Easter Bonnet (aka sun hat) 
Jelly Sandals 


Enjoy! Melissa


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