c’mon mothers day

PalletmdNot to be like those people who want to hang their Christmas lights November 1st and totally ignore Thanksgiving because I really really hate those people. (Lets not disrespect that scrumptious turkey!) But, I want to get the message out that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. I know, I know, it’s not even Easter but there is no doubt that those lovely women who have spent a good portion of their lives dealing with our shenanigans deserve a little forethought. Right?

I’m so excited that Pretty Wednesday can play a small role in celebrating some fine mother-lovin’ ladies this year. Local Etsy shop owner, Danna Gibson of Pallets I Reckon, came to me weeks ago asking if Pretty Wednesday could provide the gift tags for her awesome Mothers Day special. She had great ideas about the simplicity of the tags and had them attached to her cute gift set within seconds of receiving them.  So, if your mom needs a wall vase, pick one up from Danna. After all, won’t your mom need a place to put that bouquet of flowers you will also be bringing her on Mother’s Day?

Enjoy! Melissa









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