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Yesterday, I sat down for coffee with a dear friend and savvy entrepreneur who’s ideas I respect so much. (More on her later….she is launching an AMAZING child friendly business that I can’t wait to fill you in on) Our topic was Pretty Wednesday and specifically, this here blog. I asked her to poke around a bit and critique anything and everything. Just throw it at me. I’m open to change. She had great things to say and ideas that I will be implementing soon. She also got me thinking that I should be asking you, the dear friends and readers who stop in daily, what you would like to see.

So, a survey was born. It’s only 8 questions. Think 25 seconds of your day. I’ll collect the results and report them to you as well as use the ideas to drive content that you actually want to read. If you are going to stop into my little place on the web, why not love every second?

Click here for the survey. Many XOXO’s in advance for the feedback.

Enjoy! Melissa


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